Birth chart readings

Hello. Im offering birth chart readings free for anyone interested. Im a student of astrology and I want to gain experience with reading charts. I want to read charts of people that i dont know anything about, that way im unbiased. Anyone interested send me a message with your date of birth, time of birth(this is important), place of birth(country, state, town, or close to it if you dont know it), include in the message any questions you have and specific topic(s) you want to focus on. I am still learning so i may be wrong on some things and feedback is important so i can learn from my mistakes. You will get your reading via personal message or email if you prefer that. At the current moment i dont have other ways to do the reading. Thank you.


I’m interested

I’m also interested. PM will go.

I am interested as well


Wonderful ! I’m interested as well :smiley::+1:t4:

I’m interested

I’m in.

Anyone interested send me a message with all your birth info as explained above.

My details are sent to you ~

I’m really interested just dm me thanks :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t5:

I will take it. Damn im learning how to do full blown astrology myself right now. This shit is no joke

It is not. I’m actually try to learn financial astrology for FX, i see some interesting things, but need to confirm it with history.

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I’m interested :grin: can’t send pm yet as I’m a new memeber

You can leave it in this space, but it`s public, if you got no problem with that.

Yay to new astrologers! :grinning:

i’m interested but i don’t know how to PM

If you click on my name or picture a page comes up, somewhere there should be a message written, just click that, and you may type in your details, or just leave it here.

i’m using mobile so maybe that’s why i cant find it, could you PM me and then i will send
u my info

Don- 01/22/00
Time - 3:36 am
Place- Juarez, Mexico

100% accurate. :blush: