Birth chart readings

From what i know there is some translations between the two such as what houses are what, and some with the signs. Depending on the school of thought there are differences in context with aspects and views on how the planets interact with signs and houses.

Eh Kinda, the sun represents the body, ego on the microcosm and the soul on the macro.

While the moon represents the mind and the ascendant represents the personality. This is why it is the first point on the chart considered instead of the sun in western astrology.

Vedic astrlogy goes from the earth relative to the horizon(sidereal) while western goes from the earth relative to the sun (tropical).

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Hi i PM’d you my birthday and time but you never got back to me?

Depending on how many people are getting charts it could be a bit. Regardless of which system ya use a good charge interpretation can take awhile as there are Alot of factors to check and compare.

Yes of course im sorry. I do have lots of requests, i do take them in order and i do have to do other things like sleep and eat and stuff lol. I wish i could do this non stop. Since im new it does take me a while to take lots of factors into consideration. You should get yours in about 3 days roughly, give or take.

How about me? How long will it take to get to me?

I do take into consideration the state of the Moon in a chart, it is important to me. I usualy try to put the Sun, Moon and rising together to see the themes in ones life. These 3 points do matter greatly. I don`t see the Sun as a malefic, the way i see it the Sun is center of everything. It can be malefic but only in certain situations.

Oh don’t rush! i was just curious because i was in the first handful of people to ask for one so i wasn’t sure if you hadn’t received my direct message or not!

Hard to say right now, depends on how much free time i can have in the next week, and how fast i do the people before you. I would say a week maybe.

How come it’ll take 3 days to get to @Killua but a week to get to me?

I responded as the 6th person.

Dude, their giving you a reading free of cost. If you are impatient then go and pay for one to be done in a certain time frame. Besides this is just to expand their knowledge and gain experience. It is not a service therefor you wait or you don’t.

You were one of the last people i got, the rest send private requests, not in this post. I have about 27 requests so far.

No, I just thought I was before you.

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This is common with western astrology as it uses the sun as its main comparison point for the rest of the chart. While vedic astrology uses the horizon as its starting point this aligning the rest of the chart with what is directly influencing the person at the time and location of birth.

With a good astrologer i have seen both systems yield powerful insights but for my purposes vedic astrology aligns more with what i need right now and seems to have more tools available for it.

I consider everything to be of importance in a chart, that of course depends on the persons needs at the time as you put it. I do not use the Sun as the main focus of the chart, quite different from that. Every planet has importance as it governs a certain area of life that the person is interested in, and how the whole chart looks in general. Vedic astrology does interests me, im discovering more about it, find it very useful for certain things.