"Binding spirits"?

Having trouble wrapping my head around the act and purpose of “binding” a spirit. Seems disrespectful to say thanks for your help now I bind you to the brass urn or whatever. Or am I just that ignorant to the process and purpose. I mean I know they don’t physically “live” there after binding- but what is the intent? To circumvent the evocation process so they’ll be ready for you the next time? Just having some trouble understanding the process and purpose. Nothing I’ve read as far as goetic works speaks of bindings but I’ve only read more modern interpretations

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I feel the same way about the disrespectful nature of the term “binding”, so I don’t use those kinds of practices.

I just ask the spirit to add it’s own energy to the object as I add my energy to the object. The object becomes a link between us.


But what if I bind an object, let’s say, a box to a spirit, is this disrespectful towards the box?


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~Back to the topic:

Well my opinion is may not as veryfied as an practioner’s,
but i think that you are giving something to that entity
-because they wanna be on this plane -and you are giving them an anker
in this world,


I think Anchor is a good term for it, much better than bind or bound. But you can actually trap a spirit that is certain and that would be a real bound spirit.


You have bound spirits to objects?

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I went through a phase, and at some point I had so much haunted or bound entities items that I had to start selling them off to sorcerers and ghost hunters because they were causing too much Poltergeist activity and shadows lurking about that my family was getting upset about it so they had to go.


Thats a very interesting point and another thing I wondered- poltergeist activity and what not- sounds to me like that would certainly piss them off- so that rears back to the original question- what is the purpose and goal of binding- to expedite future evocations as they’ve been envoked and bound to a vessel? That would piss me off. I know E.A has made several references to his painted goat skull collection in his temple affixed to the steel pentagram but I can’t remember the verbiage in the video- I seem to remember the skulls were symbols- tributes if you will to pacts made with various entities. Could be wrong.

It’s just enslaving spirits. Since I’m amoral I don’t care if someone actually does it.

I think Adam’s term “anchor” is very accurate.

My goal is simply to utilize that spirit’s energies in a co-working. We’ve already agreed to work together for an extended period toward a specific purpose at that point.

The two areas I use this technique the most:

  1. creating a talisman for a specific purpose (healing someone, protecting someone, etc.)
  2. creating an object to make an evocation quicker and more powerful

This isn’t an exhaustive answer with what you can do with it, just my answering your question from my own practice.

After catching them in a spirit trap, or bottle laden with sigils and a wax cork afterwards, how do I use their power?

Tickled you? While I know that’s sarcastic I ask the purpose behind while maintaining respect for them. If I where worried about banishing out of fear I would not be wondering- however banishing is another topic I wish to discuss at another time- mainly as to why to do so. The grimores I’ve read simply speak of thanking them and “realesing” them. Not sure if that falls under the banner of banishing

They call that the “License to Depart”. Some traditions tell you to command them to leave. I don’t do that because I want them to bring their energies and forces into my life.

A banishing ritual clears the area you banish of all energies and entities. The purpose is to get back to a clean slate.

In other words, if I’ve just done a baneful ritual, I don’t want that same energy carrying over into my ritual to find my soulmate.

Here’s a link to one of the more powerful banishing rituals I’ve used:
Solar Banishing Ritual

And I don’t banish after an evocation because I don’t want to clear my space of those energies. I want them hanging around, building, and growing until I’m done with that purpose.

Besides, calling a spirit over to your house to hang out and then yelling at them to “get the hell out of my house” is just rude. :slight_smile:

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Your right that’s exactly what is says. The exact verbiage escaped me at the time of writing

No worries, my friend. We’re all learning, all the time. No one person could possibly know everything.

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On another note the more I think about your comment these interests me quite a bit. The baneful magick I’ve used don’t seem to call upon a specific entity so I’m curious- out of ignorance and serious inquiry- where the license to depart comes into play

It’s only at the end of evocation rituals.

I only perform a banishing ritual when I’m done with one goal and I’m ready to start working on another goal. I “clean the slate” before starting the new goal because I don’t want the energies from the previous goal to combine with the energies from this goal.

If I find a spirit was sent to attack me by another magickian, I do a more targeted form of banishing on the spirit or just turn the spirit against the magickian who sent it with a little added “oomph”.

Again, I want to make it very clear: this is only what I do. I’m not saying this is “THE ONE TRUE WAY” or anything like it.

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You could always just ask the spirit if it will give you a portion of it’s energy to anchor, that way you have a direct link to said spirit.

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