Binaurals and subs for magick power

So ive been wondering…can one proform magick or increase magick powers buy using bins and subs? I mean if meditation is a way to infulence change and evocation… then could the same results be acomplished…if someone made a bin or sub…that help the summoning rights,posession,influence reality, shapeshift, cause im kinda thinking that i could almost like useing chaos magick…i mean the didnt have headphones and bins or subs in the time that most grimores were written
I mean whats your guys appionions on the matter?


Supposedly, yes. There are plenty of such things available on YouTube that purport to help acquire magical abilities.

The problem is, they often require months of listening for hours on end before you will even know if they are working or not, and something to keep in mind is that they don’t work for everyone, so they are completely hit or miss.


I use one all the time. I can’t speak for increasing power, however to bring my mind into the desired state fairly easily when I’ve had a fucked up day is where I hold its value.

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They CAN work, and are at least helpful for meditation purposes. Finding good ones can be hard, however. I wouldn’t trust the ones that appear on the same youtube channels as “grow real angel wings” for example :sweat_smile:


Nope, not the case for good ones. It is the case though with poorly made YouTube ones.

They work for everyone, if they are properly made.


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I first learned to astral travel using binaurals. Meditation would just not cut it. Drugs and sex work better for me when it comes to quickly shifting consciousness, even music. I’m sure it’s probably my environment though.

Completely disagree with this, because my experience proves otherwise. I have tried “properly made” ones and they did not work for me at all. Nothing works for everyone.

I find this sort of things works best only for psionic and psychic abilities. For best results total sense deprivation with white noise will force the brain into a state where it starts rewiring itself and increasing the parts of the brain responsible for those abilities to compensate for the lack of senses and stress that causes.

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how would you suggest differentiating the “good ones” ? is there any signs of a video being poorly made

Very possible that you either did not notice the effects or you tried the wrong proper ones.

Don’t do YouTube ones, hah.

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Highly unlikely.

There is absolutely nothing that will work for everyone and anyone. That just isn’t possible due to the variety in human neurobiology. Even the most successful drugs ever created don’t work for everyone, so why would binaural beats be any different? There are always outliers, those for whom there is either no effect or sometimes even a reversed effect.

binaurals and subliminals made by others seem cool, but i feel like you can accomplish the same thing to the same or greater effect with less time investment by making a self-empowerment sigil or petitioning a spirit or somethin similar :woman_shrugging:


thanks for the advice ! :>

do you have any links or suggested websites with reputable videos?

I’d love to give you a few links, but I can’t due to forum rules.

But I will provide you with a guide I wrote on how to find them yourself:

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Fire is on fire! Ok, sorry…

But he’s right! It’s very difficult to know what’s really good on YT. A lot of them have progs that are geared towards making you addicted in their videos.

A lot of them are lame. There are a few ones really good but is very difficult to know what is good and what isn’t. So always doubt on YT.

That said I truly believe that you have a lot of rituals that awakens power within you. Like Vine, for example, that grows your magickal power to their top and beyond. Just call and call and call…

Subs are great as complementary stuff. You do a magickal operation to feel like a boss and go for subs to get your mind prepared for it.

But it alone, in my case, didn’t make any substantial effect.

Ive never noticed any difference when listening to those. Some can be calming but a good lofi hip hop track does the same thing better.

Do you find this does so in a healthy way?

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I find it varies with people. I have heard some people could get really messed up by it if over done but at the same time my best friend has probably done close to 200 hours in one month using sense deprivation with great results so I think it very much depends on the person in question and whether it is taken too far or not. For me I find it only works to a certain threshold and past that it only becomes useful as a training aid once that threshold is reached. In which case you would spend the time in deprivation to practice skills such as remote viewing or mental projection etc.

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