Beyond Possibility- Ryce's Journal

Personal update:

Mom is out of the hospital and is going to be fine as long as she addresses her weight and begins to get serious about being healthier. She can’t die at 55 years >.>

I talked at length with her about starting simple and doing easy things. Start by walking, moving a little more, etc. I am not a fitness expert but I do make sure I get my heart moving and blood pumping every week.

I even suggested she start qi gong, as there are a lot of forms of it and a lot of elderly people do it for its light cardo. It might even help her in other ways as well. She seemed unsure, so I gave her a book and told her to read it.

I wanted to tell her about the Elixir of Life/Golden Flower, but I wasnt sure that was the right time. Baby steps.

In other news I started a working today to help my friend get back his former living situation. Long story short, he showed up at my doorstep last night, broken arm and black eye. Now he has no place to go, so he is on the couch right now. I told him, made it very clear, that this arrangement is temporary and unsustainable. That he needs to clear up misunderstandings with his family and open a dialogue with them. Though Mercury Retrograde…

I did a few workings to expedite things, and the moment I lit the candles, his mom called. A good sign I think. Just get through to your brother and gtfo of my house.

Its only been a day and already his energy is bothering me and his presence is interfering with my normal writing habits. Its hard to write when he is sitting around the place bored all day. The sooner he leaves the better. Which is why I invoked the energies of specific tarot cards to help deal with this situation.

The Eight of Wands
Six of Swords
The Sun

I suppose I should have done something for communication, but I just wanted to get the ball moving forward and out of place. >.>

I may do more work still!

I just hate being imposed on, and he is lucky that I’ve known him since Elementary else I would have laughed him out already.


So, my spell got almost instant results.

The situation went from 'I dont know where I am going, Ryce. I don’t have to be an awful guest… Mom wont talk to me, my brothers suck, etc."


“Mom called, we went out to eat, talked over the situation. Uncle is going on a business trip, and while I am not allowed home, I can stay at his place and house sit and feed the cats.” And it sounded like when his mom gets back from the trip with the uncle they will talk about him going back home.

Thank goodness for the power of invoking Tarot archetypes directly into someones life. Go 8 of Wands! Go Sun! Go six of swords for clearing the path to allow for a talk to happen!

I am satisfied with the result. All the while I don’t have to be the ‘bad guy’ and kick him out after a week.


Been feeling weird. Just moody lately. I blame RL stress - AKA Mom and Psych Ward Friend. Beyond is just a rant and rambling. xD Fair warning. Yay for the Retrograde?

I fail more often than I succeed in magic.

I get distracted during meditation. I have been staring at the psi wheel for some time now. No movement. I get too relaxed and fall asleep while trying to soul travel. I have dreams, but I don’t write them down as often as I should. When I have a busy day, I can easily put off cultivation or qi gong until the end of the day, then be totally drained by the time I get around to it; therefore not getting the most out of my practice. I too doubt myself sometimes. Doubt is an easy beasty to acknowledge.

I do ‘things’ daily: like meditation and qi gong mostly. I read and write and think about magic daily. I mostly do energy work, commune with elements, and do a lot of my magic on the fly and ‘tool less’.

I get laughed at, told that my beliefs are fake. I get sneers, and jeers, and even when explaining something as simple as the energy palm test I get ‘Look, Ryce is doing magic. Oooh better watch out. Ryce is a scaaarrry black magician.’ Little do you know, man, how right you are. People don’t even know your path judge you and assume the worst. I don’t even talk about magic at work xD but was asked by some co-workers if I could feel ‘energy’ to which I was like ‘yeah, and you can too with a bit of practice… and when you get really good you can do x, y, and z.’ All of which points (x, y, and z) backed up by personal experience.

I am stupidly human.

Though, I forge on. I practice and observe, and cultivate my mind, body, and spirit. I do it, not for others, but for myself. My failures are my own, by my own mind, in my own head. In the same vein that my success is there too. It is easy to break the world into black and white, success and failure, good and evil, light and dark magic. To focus wholly on the most transcendental parts of the journey, instead of taking it as the whole. Its not a balancing act with ticks on the board: ||| Success - ||||||||| Failure.

It is easy to get discouraged and give up. To just quit…

Ok, now what?

I am going to keep on moving on, and take the result as the path.


So I have been helping a few ‘baby witches’ (as they call themselves) find their feet in the unnervingly vast occult world. I have been careful not to influence their path too much with my own ideals or models of the world, but instead suggesting sources of information and answering their questions as directly as I can.

They are mostly into what you would think beginners are into. They like the candles and moon phases and the artsy stuff. They have altars and really just cool Books of Shadows. One of them is a very visual learner and so makes note cards and draws everything. I am forever inspired by how she presents information in graph form while making it visually appealing with color and doodles. It is very neat.

They have actually been really inspiring to me, even if they are very ‘Pintrest Witch’ right now. They have a lot to grow and creativity and curiosity. Ill help them out however I can without being Edgelord Black Magician Ryce xD

All they know is that I have been practicing for a while now and that I know a lot of stuff. I want to keep it that way. No specifics about my own path unless it calls for it.

IDK I have been feeling really just BLAH lately, and they have been a revitalizing influence. I actually enjoy talking to them about their simple candle magic, what crystals are good for what, color associations, etc. Its like I can finally open up in real life about some of the things that I find ‘very interesting’ and am kind of passionate about. It has been a good stress relief among all the bull shit that has been happening to me lately with friends and family.

The amount of gratitude and general curiosity I get from them is amazing. I am grateful for them because it has made me stop and forced me to look on how I view things before explaining things to them. I have been hyper-vigilant about what I tell them, and it has gotten me to think deeper on a few subjects that I have been avoiding.

I have been alone for the most part, with only a single friend who ‘‘dabbles’’ but doesnt really take it seriously. Like with how inconsistent he is about the work, he will never get anywhere. It is just that simple. I never thought that I would be a teacher figure, but it is kind of nice.

I wont let their continuous streams of ‘thank you!’ or ‘thank you so much for your help’ get to my head.

I was thanked like 3 times in a short 15 min text back and forth with one of them today. I did not count how many times I was thanked, but it seemed excessive. I sort of like want to be humble and don’t really respond well to ‘thank you’. I say things ‘your welcome :D’ or ‘Anytime!’ but the last time I was like ‘now you can go drink to your newfound power!’

It started with a joke. I was telling one of them about a spell to grab attention and keep it, so that she will stand out in an interview. One of them chimed in, ‘Do you know how to find a lost object? I lost my license and now I can’t get a drink anywhere.’ I laughed because I thought they were joking. I have not really done ‘lost object’ spells before, but I told them I’d think about it.

I knew she was into rocks, crystals and stones. So it just came to me while I was at work. Lodestone. So I find her later on, and tell her that I have been thinking about her situation and that I was drawn to lodestone. I told her how to program it to draw her license back to her and left it at that.

Well today, she texted me with a picture of her license and said something like ‘good call on the lodestone’.

Wins all around. It is a shame she already ordered a new license xD and went to the SoS and everything.

Eh, I guess it sums up to: it is nice to feel appreciated.


This is a rant. . . Fair warning

I Can’t Summon/Don’t Know If… Spirit X! Can you do it for me?

I’ve been getting a lot of PMs lately about spirit communication and how to achieve it, and while I will answer questions I don’t necessarily want to confirm or deny messages from spirits or if they have ‘accepted’ such and such pact or working you did. I don’t think people understand what they are asking when they ask this of other members. When you do so, you are giving away your power and putting it in the hands of someone who may or may not have your best interest at heart. It is how you get played, putting a middle man between you and your work.

I understand the lust for ‘can he hear me’ the creeping doubt, but that is something all magicians have to wrestle with. It is YOUR battle, not mine. I have absolutely zero interest in checking in with being X, Y, or Z for you. Doing so would take time out of my day, and I have enough problems to worry about, and my own to do. Personally if I don’t know your username at a glance or we haven’t interacted at all, and you come out of the blue asking for something offering nothing in return, it comes off as rude and entitled like you don’t respect my time, even if you ask nicely with please.

There is a TON of information on this forum about interacting with spirits and what to offer and how to deal with offerings. Different opinions on offerings and how to contact who and for what reasons are valid, etc. Honestly, a lot of the good topics are buried under heaps of 'I CANT DO X!" and the same advice is peddled out, over and over and over again. Seriously people, the bare minimum is being able to achieve some sort of calm and altered state of mind. It is not too difficult, it just takes practice and persistence.

I am above checking in on Spirit X for you. I won’t do it. Though I will give you advice on how you can achieve contact yourself. I have sent many, many PMs with the how to and various links, etc. The full enchilada. Most of the time, I get nothing back. I assume they go and look for another who might be willing to check in on Spirit X for them instead of doing the work themselves.

A lot of people fixate on contact, but actual contact means nothing. If you are getting results, that is all that matters. If you are constantly doubting yourself, your abilities, and therefor the pact that you made with Spirit X, then you are taking away from your own abilities and hindering the spirits impact on your life. These forces are indeed separate from you, but they still have trouble manipulating your environment if you get in the way. I am not talking about Lust for Results, but rather the plague of doubt that hinders and locks away your own power more than any Lust could.

A common thing on here is not to make a pact with a spirit until you can communicate with them. I understand the logic in that, but also, I understand that spirit communication takes time and practice. There is a lot of advice on here that says you shouldn’t summon X because it is ‘disrespectful’ to do unless you have a goal or purpose. This is where I disagree.

Newbies, go ahead and summon Spirit X for practice, but before you go crazy summoning every spirit in the book, do it with a mindful intent to make contact. Not, well, I tried for five minutes got nothing, so done! No. That is the wrong way to go about it.

Instead if Spirit X interests you, go ahead and read about them. Read as much as you can. As you read, do you feel anything? A shiver of excitement? Does their seal/sigil pop into your head throughout the day? Does something someone say strike you as words that ‘are not their own’? As you immerse yourself in knowledge of Spirit X, thinking about Spirit X, ect. you are building a psychic/energetic connection to the being in question. Take it and run with it. You can use and will use those feelings later when you get to the actual summoning.

That is a good first step! I usually take forum posts and whatnot with a grain of salt, until I can confirm the gnosis myself. I try not to influence what they may look or act like, and my structuring of the spirit is always loose and I allow their energy to fill in the mental blanks. This is probably why I cannot describe to you spirits in great detail, but more so know them by how they feel energetically.

Idk… I am not going to rewrite the book on spirit summoning here. I dont have anything unique to add. :fox_face:

I am not sure how many newbies do this, which is why I am going to mention it, but it will help your results greatly if you take some time to calm down, unwind, and do a void meditation before you try your conjuration.

Before every magical work I do in my temple, I take some time to calm my mind and center myself with meditation. I sit on my pillow, and just get comfortable, sink into my body, myself, that inner darkness when you close your eyes, and I just breathe. I watch my breath and make sure I take good full breaths, and that is it. Ill start to feel a warmth, tingling throughout my body, and then lose sensation of it, melting into that darkness. Just breathe. Just exist. Calm the thoughts. Reach a state of non-thought. Let the breath guide you until you reach that state. From there, I can more directly and easily access my own powers. With my thoughts quelled, I can step out of normal everyday reality, unburdened by the everyday, and come into a space of magic where I can suspend my disbelief and focus entirely on the work. I become Ryce.

Its from that meditative state that I can then summon forth spirits, or do what I will. Its only then, do I shift focus on the spirit. The power of breath and taking a few moments to calm yourself, to attune yourself with the most subtle of things, can be the difference between having actual spirit contact and being too dense to hear a word that they are saying.

If you can’t control your own thoughts and discipline yourself a little, good luck having a spirit manifest before you in any discernible way.

If you’re having trouble with spirit contact, start with the basics and follow your breath. You’ll be surprised where it will lead you. Seriously. It IS ‘that easy’.


yeah this is a common problem around here with newcommers not wanting to do the bare minimum for themselves, but wanting you to do everything for them for nothing, not realizing the wealth of information that’s on here if you just take the time to use the search function. The main thing I spend doing while im on BALG is reading. When i created the BALG Repository…i didn’t really set out to make that thread. It really was the natural culmination of months of reading other peoples success stories, mining them for information, and bookmarking them for later reference. After a few months, it grew so massive that I figured that I may as well amalgamate the info into a single thread, which has now become one of BALG’s most viewed topics. The point of all this is to say that you, if you are new, really shouldn’t underestimate the power of self study. There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice, but you’ve gotta be mindful of other peoples time…or you’ll find yourself locked off from accessing them in the future…and you’ll sit there wondering “what happened?”


I absolutely love that thread. The BALG Repository xD It is very uplifting and I find myself scrolling through it when I need a reminder of how real this is. There is something about outside confirmation of other peoples success stories that cements the reality of your own experiences.

All in all, that was a good call creating it :slight_smile:

I just wish more self proclaimed magicians and seekers would do the baby steps first before jumping head first into advanced practices, then claiming because it did not work for them it is FAKE. Oh and you’re a fake too. Yeah… Just yeah, so much flawed with that line of logic.

Ah well, they weed themselves out.


So its been a few months since I posted to this journal. Its not that I have nothing to add, but rather I am busy with my own work and being pulled in so many directions that it is hard to really catch my breath.

I am in an odd spot in practice, I feel. I have been doing meditations solely on ‘stillness’ and that has unfolded a lot of mysteries for me. By that, some questions I have had for a long time have been answered UPG wise, but has only left me with more. The rabbit hole is deep. It leaves me exploring more and more and more, becoming more disciplined and striving to develop myself more.

I am revisiting currents that, a few years ago, I honestly was not ready for. I know the 72 demons of the goetia are popular on here, but I have been working with them, one spirit at a time, with the concept of ‘stillness’ in mind.

It has left me pondering are they separate beings? At first glance, when you do your evocations, the answer seems to be yes. They are. BUT is that an illusion created by yourself? Are these beings a part of the psyche?

My not so astute answer is that, it can be both in the same way physical reality is both in your head and a part of you. If that makes any sense xD

It may change in the coming workings, but that is a part of the process. You got to be open enough to accept that some of your notions may be ‘false’, ‘wrong’ or ‘slightly off the mark’, and that is OK. I am learning. I am growing, and through that growth my practice and my opinions on subjects, like angels and demons, will change as well.

Anyway, I am in a weird and jumbled stage of development that is hard to put into words xD that is why I have been a bit quiet on here. I am processing, reading, exploring, and doing. Rinse and Repeat.


Ryce I have to say that I am low-key a fan of your journal of beyond possibility and have been reading from stat to now… Insipring

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So I have been working to get out of my dead end job for quit some time now.

In fact I’ve even consulted @DarkestKnight about it.

I am here to report that all the efforts put forth have paid off. I now make like 6 dollars an hour, and have way less responsibility/stress. I did not realize how toxic the environment I was in was until I stepped out of it. I was nervous at first, accepting the job, because that would lead me to a new place, a place that I knew nothing about, and would be a complete beginner again.

I had to swallow my pride, tell myself its for the best, and leave what doesnt serve me (my old job) behind.

Boy. The difference a fresh environment can make. I am now happier, have energy to actually do things AFTER work because I don’t feel like I NEED to go to bed straight away (I was that drained after a day there), and I make more money to boot. Which means I have more time, energy, and motivation to pursue my hobbies and interests.

My next goal is to get a new car by the end of the year.

I’ve been worried a while about losing my room mate. I don’t want to search for another one, but I wasn’t ready for this one to go, because, ya know… You get used to rent LOL but now, with this new job, I don’t have to worry anymore because I will be making more than enough.

This has gotten me thinking about time and the nature of magic, and how most all of my intent, cast forward, has manifested itself in some way or form. Just not always in the timeframe that I would have liked, but it always come forth when I need it.

A spell I cast years ago is seeming like it is going to spark pretty soon. It was a curse specifically to burn down a persons house. Because, you know, younger me liked the thought of using mental projection to manifest something that horrid into reality.

The energy has been building there, in that location, for years. The energy of the house, before I even touched it with my magic, was horribly toxic to begin with. The owner of the house though has been getting threats, day and night, for the past week or so that ‘the house is going to be burned down.’ and ‘if I have to come back here, Im going to burn the fucker to the ground.’ (said by angry tenant being kicked out xD) By, you guessed it, equally toxic people that were living there (before they were kicked out). They must have picked up on the vibe I set. I just don’t think its a coincidence.

Magic needs a conduit to pass through, to manifest itself by, and I think it finally found someone stupid and susceptible enough to channel through. IDK. We will see.


Magic has been a success. All the job and prosperity magic for the win. Old curses are manifesting as well. Its been a week for Ryce.


I’ve had two very strange dreams all in one day.

The first dream I was being eaten alive by a giant snake. It was super realistic. Like I felt the flexing of the snakes muscles around me as it slithered up and swallowed me realistic. I tried calling for help, and I heard a voice. It shushed me, and said not to be scared. This is part of the process. You will come out stronger…

Well that did not help with the fear and I struggled the entire time until I woke up. I woke up when the snake swallowed my head. I couldnt breathe for a moment.

The second dream happened when I fell asleep during meditation.

It started out with me reading a book. It was published by BALG, and it was specifically E.A.'s contribution. There was a passage of the book that was inverse on the page, and upside down so you had to flip the book completely over and read the text backwards to get the message.

It had a picture of a beautiful Asian lady, with the number 38 (?) below her image. The book talked about the Waters of Life, and not to travel to China fruitlessly to meet this lady because the chances of having a real audience with her are slim to none.

Though as I was reading the passage my dream suddenly transitioned to China. I was in the middle of a small village in the mountains (?) and there she was: the lady from the picture in the book. She was helping the villagers, specially the shopkeep, wading away insects from the place. I walked around the place and nobody noticed me but this lady turned her head my way and smiled. It was a short smile.

When she did I got flashes of her life and path. She is recognized as the 38th Immortal who drinks tea made from the ‘waters of life’ as referred to in India. Idk why India popped into my head, I just heard that like a fact someone was explaining to me. I also heard that she suffers from shoulder pain, specifically the right (?) shoulder. She could heal herself from it, surely, I was reassured, but she keeps the feeling so that she can remember humanity or something like that.

After she acknowledged me, I followed her into the shop and she poured herself some tea. The tea was noticeably, uh, ‘milky’ and seemed to be thick.

I got the feeling that someday, I might drink tea with her.

She sat down, and I woke up from the dream.

The question (?) marks are there because the details are fuzzy and I might be mistaking the details. Right could be Left. 38 could be 39, etc.

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So I do my best to practice Astral Projection/OBE/Soul Travel daily. My progress has been slow, so so slow, and most of the time I don’t even ‘launch’. Half of the time I do manage to get out of my body, I only go as far as my room and then bam, I am back in my body. Needless to say I have a lot of practicing to do, but everyone has room to grow. It is just something that I have been working at steadily for a few years now. I fail more often than not xD but I don’t give up trying. I know my ‘‘gifts’’ lay in other areas, I just want to be a well-rounded BA magician that can do a bit of everything.

I just had an experience, in my practice, where I was able to successfully get out of my body. Crawl to the edge of my bed, roll out onto the floor, and go through my bedroom wall. Though once I was outside, I realized that I was 6 stories up in the air. I felt sick, like vertigo, dizzy, and wanting to throw up. Like I usually do when I look down from high places in real life. Even though I was outside my physical body, I was still having a physical reaction to stimuli within the realm.

This is very different from a dream. For one, I felt it. It was more real than a dream. Next, I had a dream where I was falling last night. In my dreams I never have that kind of reaction. In my dreams I am fearless. In fact, in the dream last night I was running from some monsters (idk what they were) and I willingly, without hesitation jumped instead of being eaten. Rather go out on my own terms, I guess.

I find it interesting and reassuring that even though you are mentally projecting yourself to another space, your conditions of being human are so hard wired into your brain that you can’t help but feel something.

The whole experience took about 30-45 mins to induce and experience.

Another thing to note:

Before I projected, I was helped along. I heard a voice, and it told me to visualize some objects and tell me to remember to breathe. After I got my breathing under control it started to list things like ‘Balloons’ , ‘Birds’, ‘Lightning’, ‘Three Craters on the Side of your Bed’, going faster and faster until I was able to roll out of my body. Idk how the imagery helped, or if it was to help, but it surely got my attention. I was not listening to a guided meditation. I only had my white noise machine on to help drown out the sounds of traffic.

Hmm… The 72 Angels of Shem listed 1-72 follow a color pattern based on their ruling planet. 2x Red - 2x Yellow - 2x Green - 2x Orange - 2x Violet/Purple - 2x Black - 2x Blue

However the 72 corresponding demons (according to Rudd) don’t follow such a clean color pattern.

I was making myself a list (cheat sheet ftw) to go through for a modified Shem operation, Invoking the Angels and the Demons and happened to notice this.

If someone more well versed in these things knows ‘why’ it would be a nifty tidbit to know.

Another random stray thought.

RE- ‘Physical Transformation’ of the Body

With the Etheric and Astral doubles being so malleable and prone to manipulation based on the will of the practitioner why don’t the werewolf (or other) aspirant focus on changing their double form? Then, after the transformation, learn to project that form and energy to such a degree that they do become visible on the physical plane? This will take some practice, but will give the practitioner something concrete to work towards and a method of how to do it.

There are tons of stories of people manifesting their doubles on earth. Some even do it without thinking or knowing about it.

It just seems like it would be the easier route to take for the magician who wishes to shapeshift (and not just mentally project themselves into say… a wolf or bird or something to experience what it is like to be the animal).

This is all just conjecture and idle musing as I grow more skilled in mental projection.

This month I am delving deeper into more traditional (and basic) rituals. My goal is to do them every day and build up a nice ritual space (in a new location), in preparation for the Shem Operation.

Adding to my daily rituals are:

Qabalistic Cross, LBRP, LBRH, LVX, LIRP, LIRH

Taken from ‘The Golden Dawn’ by Israel Regardie


So far my experiences with the rituals are interesting. I can def. see how they can be used to significantly raise power and clear an area. Not only that, but being able to just bring into balance elemental and planetary energies is a bonus.

Here is my current regime:

Qabalistic Cross
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
Analysis of the Keyword
Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram
Analysis of the Keyword
Then I do a little qi gong session
Close with the Qabalistic Cross once more.

These rituals are helping me learn about ‘vibrating’ and intoning mantra and words of power. It is something that I haven’t experimented with extensively, and doing it every single day like I am, I am noticing that when I vibrate the word that my whole body has a reaction. I feel the vibration throughout my entire form. Even extended out from me, I can feel it vibrating through the air and charging the area around me, if that makes sense.

When I get to the part where I do a little qi gong session, I feel almost like my limbs are floating effortlessly. They are tingling so much with the power, not only within, but without (in the room) that its just ‘easy’ and things flow.

I am hoping to get the rituals down pat this month, and then try to do them ‘in vision’ while meditating in October. Then on Halloween I want to try to do the Shem Operation, with the goetic demons as well. That is 144 invocations.


So I just got done with the modified Shem Operation, calling upon both the angels and the demons.

My process was to banish first, then invoke, using the respective pentagram rituals. Beforehand I listed the angels and demons in their respective directions and colors, and matched them to the colors of the angels of the pentagram rituals. Odd colors unrepresented in the pentagram rituals were assigned to their respective direction.

There were a few cases where I had to make the decision of A over B, but I feel like, since I plan on doing this operation again and again that I can experiment with ‘directions’ and see what -feels- more potent to me. Such as the color Orange, associated with Mercury, I put in North with Gabriel which is ‘green’. Idk I might have went about it ‘wrong’ but I tried my best, and I am always learning something new.

After I did the banishing and invoking rituals of the pentagram, I simple invoked the powers down the list, doing my best to visualize them rising to the call. Now most of the time I did not have a clear picture of the demon/angel I was calling in. Instead, I knew the call was answered when the ‘color’ of the direction I was invoking in within my mind shined a bit lighter. Most of the spirits had a tangible energy and presence that they brought to the circle, which was also a tip off that the call had been heard.

When I was finished with the invocation there was a strong ‘magnetic pressure’ all around me. I felt the presences of all the angels and all the demons around me. I then asked them to lend me their powers, saw them reaching out and towards me, and when the spirit touched my body, I saw them assimilate into me. As each one joined with me, I felt the magnetic pressure that was around me, move inside me and settle into my core. The more that joined, the fuller the ‘core’ got, and it started to radiate through my body, filling my chest first, head, arms and legs, until I was just that ‘pressure’. That invisible force.

As I said in my previous journals, I don’t channel demons -that often-. I did not get any inspired words or anything like that, but I do feel like I have been given a piece of something. A seed. Something to nurture and grow, something to reinforce and further assimilate. Which leads me to thinking, maybe I should do it again. Not because it did not work, but simply because it did. I wouldn’t redo the ritual out of doubt that I didnt get the powers of the forces I called upon, but simply to reaffirm and absorb more of it. In my experience, solidifying the energetic connections will help ‘it’ grow, and for me to come to terms and process, experience more, of what the operation has to offer.


Small update. The order of my daily practices have changed. It is now as follows:

QC - Qabalistic Cross
LBRP - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
LBRH - Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
LIRP - Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram
LIRH - Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram
LVX - Analysis of the Keyword
MP - The Middle Pillar
Qi Gong - Zhan Zhuang & Ba Daun Jin
QC - Qabalistic Cross

I have begun to play around with different ‘style’ of pentagrams. IE Earth Banishing vs Fire Banishing. Maybe I am not sensitive enough, but I can’t tell one way or the other if the direction really matters. I think its all intent based anyway. I also don’t visualize the astrological symbols or names of god or anything like that within the pentagrams.

The vibrating of words and projecting of power has gotten more pronounce. I have got to a point where I can vibrate a word and feel it where its ‘supposed to be’. Again I am not sure if this is just hyper suggestion or real progress. But I am feeling more confident in my abilities. I actually am starting to feel like a ‘real wizard’ xD

Also toying around with alternating the Tree of Life Sephirot from the Middle Pillar and seeing what is like with the Qliphothic Spheres.


I love glasya labolas

But I didn’t get such statue so I took photo of glasya labolas pathworking artwork shown in vk jehannum website.

You don’t need a statue. The most important thing a magician can train is his mind and to secure the development of the magical imagination.

Good luck with your pathworking.

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