Best spirit to secure a specific type of job

Hi Magi,

I need to get a job. I am very choosy picky type of person. I want what I want or I dont want anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering who would be the right spirit to work with to attract a specific type of job. consider 3-5 variables for the job.

How would Azazel or King Purson fare at this task?



I think King Paimon has a good reputation in this area, although he may feel something else would be better for you long-term. This is worth a read:


Thats the thing, Im choosy picky, I want what I want :wink:

I would want to choose for myself rather a spirit choosing for me. I have a clear idea of what I want. I need a spirit to bring that type of job to me. I already asked few spirits, it did not work out as I expected.

Hence, I’m asking for the right spirit so that I can be choosy picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you ask them what their objection was?

Nope, I could not, as my astral sense are not open yet.

But the last one I asked has brought me 2 diff job offers where I would not even get a call for interview :wink:
IDK what to make of those offers :stuck_out_tongue: I rejected one and the other is pending now :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems worth finding out, ask for the reasons to be sent to you in a form you can clearly understand, maybe ask people to see what they can pick up here about this specific thing?


I did not understand what you meant exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

Try Halah’thor from the Book of Azazel. You said you were very picky about the kind of job and he has the power to help you establish a career that will provide for you financially and align with your greater destiny.


I’d stick with simple spellcraft for this.

Honestly, take some sprigs of whatever spice you like, put it in your pocket, go for the interview, and while you’re at the interview, discreetly pour some of the contents of your pocket out on the ground. It leaves an impression of you and it will help to increase your chances of getting the job.

Don’t see a reason to involve spirits for something like a job.


i was in a similar situation as you I’m pick as well. I called on a decent amount of help for getting a job I would like and it ended up working out. I’m not sure if im going to love this job since I just got it and feeling it out but nonetheless I got it 100% with magic.

so I called on lucifer king piamon, bune, halathor, originally. and got like 3 interviews right away and they all went great but 2 of them I said i wanted a certain pay rate and never got a call back. the 3rd one was better paying but i never got another call for the next interview like I was supposed to bc my license is suspended but w.e i didn’t try to get them to call me back i didn’t really care for it bc there was a different job I wanted that i put my application in for and the next day i got an email for an interview. I asked all the entities for help and interview went great and next day i got the call for an offer. I believe the noght of the interview was the bloodline that happened recently and I called for liliths help to manipulate the person doing the hiring to hire me as well. I also bound my license with that person business card and put it in a book with all the spirits i asked for help.
so I got the job but had a Cori check i had to pass but i had a stupid criminal charge I’m trying to fight so I was worried I would lose the offer because if that so I also called on belial and uriel for help with that… I know i went all out. well everything went great and I am now working. although i thought the job woukd be better than it currently is it’s the best thing I could pretty much be doing worldwide right now and will open up a ton of opportunities in the future for me at different business when i decide to leave this place.
moral of all this is that you can getva job but i would get the help from multiple entities if i were you. in the past it uses to take me months to get a job. it took me like 2 weeks tops to get this one. i have put out 100s of apps before and never gotten a call and this time I put out a handful and probably got called by 1/3rd of them. also I got a better job that i was even going for in the first place which hasn t happened ever like really eber before with this business. that’s how I lnow it was 100% the help of magic and entities. I am grateful and will be doing this again for the next job. so you can do it too I have non developed senses myself and I did this. I’ve only been gettijg into this type of stuff for lije the last 3 months as well and plan to take it as far as i can

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