Best Spirit or Spell to make someone a Cuckold

If I wanted to curse or enchant another man to enjoy his wife having sex with other men, what spirits or rituals would you recommend. I can’t find anything quite like the request. The idea being that the person would enjoy it when I sleep with their wife, less risky and makes it so everyone gets to have at least some fun.

It’s an easy request to judge and I wouldn’t post the question anywhere else but I really hope someone would know.

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Nothing specific, but have you tried the usual spirits for persuasion, like Paimon or Dantalion? Persuasion is persuasion.

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My contact with him is very infrequent, and I am not really trying to take him into it myself but spark that desire and then compel acting on the desire. Paimon in my experience gives great charisma and absence of charm, but that would be a huge mountain to climb to convince this person. Although they are submissive.

Dantalion can change thoughts but but mostly deals with love and favor from people rather than pure lust. Others may disagree but there was never anything lustful in my work with Dantalion.

I want something that can sow a seed of thought in someone’s head and then make it grow. If it comes from a desire they now feel, they can be inclined to feed that desire, and then give into it.

Also since I’m asking, anyone have spirits to improve sexual pleasure felt by your partner? Like making what you’re doing feel even better, mentally. Not an increase in sexual skill but an enchantment that makes it feel beyond the best they ever had

Well you need much more than just desire: you also have to persuade him this is ok in his entire value system, and how he thinks that would affect his relationship. It’s very complex. Even with compulsion all you might get is he does t get therapy or drinks it off, who knows? It’s an extreme change of personality to adopt a whole new kink that he cold interpret as being something wrong with him.

And so what? People have desires all the time they ignore. This may not get you the result you want.

I see this as the same issue with people doing attraction spells on specific people: they don’t understand why the spell could work and the person resist being with them. And it’s because we are not simple creatures that impulsively act on desires without thinking about the consequences or comparing them to our goals, principles and values.

And there is also his wife in the mix. What if he doesn’t want to even mention it to her either, now you have another layer: he has to know she won’t judge him negatively also. (I assume you’ve talked to her and she’s into it, if not, that’s another obstacle. )

No I’m not saying try persuasion for lust, most men can get aroused seeing each others dicks, something about it raising testosterone through competitive feelings: I’m saying persuasion to put this kink onto his radar, as opposed to simply working it our by feeling horny and seeing to his wife.

Right, so you have to line up all the roadblocks to doing this as well as instigate the idea. Or you will have great success getting him to want it and nothing will happen. Maybe add a road opener and see if that does it? :thinking:

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Probably Sitri. Also pot.


I don’t think it’s as opposed to his world view as some might think, due to knowing him, and knowing he gets pegged by his wife and is a submissive. Plus he is a porn addict and his wife has mention she caught him watching it, I know that means little we all watch some weird stuff sometimes but still it helps.

I am not wanting him to watch, but just turned on by his wife having sex with me. I actually have a friend in another state in a similar situation to the one I want to be in now.

I also know from knowing someone in the type of relationship that the guy being overwhelmed by how turned on by the idea is the man ingredient. It’s not something that can be won over by logic, it has to be an urge that feels good to indulge.

Just as people have failed results from not understanding that someone can want to sleep with you really bad but not because of other situations…there are severa instances where what was lacking was a initial spark or push toward that desire.

I am not expecting success but hoping for it. And seeing what I can do to maximize my result. I really appreciate your time

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Ty I’ll look