Best demons to help disabled people?

I’m autistic and since I sent my diagnosis report to my university they have treated me very badly. Now they are threatening to expel me because of my autism I’m sure. They cancelled my scholarship without giving any plausible explanation.
Which demons would be best to get my scholarship back and to deliver justice upon these prejudiced people who rule my university/


Hel, Heckate and Angrboda tend to favor people who are out casted or have a disability / issue.

Many deities in the Norse Pantheon like Odin and Tyr have disabilities too. Actually Tyr can help you with your situation


I second the Norse deities like Tyr and Odin. Additionally, you can reach out to Lilith, Hecate or Belial (there are many success stories on this forum). Apart from Justice aspect, you can layer your work with Bune or Clauneck to get your scholarship back.


You could also use Belial and Abaddon for things like this.

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I don’t think there’s a specific demon, but, Lucifer has helped me a lot, I have cerebral palsy


I feel your pain, @BlancheNeige. Public schools can be so cruel to the mentally impaired. You wouldn’t believe the hell I went through when I was diagnosed with autism.


I know exactly how you feel. In my case even though I have the highest grades of class they are still intent in expelling me. I am a graduate student at electrical engineering. They just don’t want any autistic students at their university. They also don’t want any poor or non white people to study there. Many students besides me are being expelled too.


I am genuinely sorry to hear that. It’s unfair. Magically and practically speaking, they are being tyrannical. You know who hates tyrants? Belial. It seems like something he would be very vested in.


I’m working with him for help. This is not the first time they try to expel me. They are trying to expel me since 2019. Belial helped me the first time they attacked me.
Now they are doing everything to get me expelled. I have found out the document they gave me is false. They are forging documents.
I made this post because I think I will need to ask as many demons as I can to help me this time.
The university that is trying to expel me is hardcore christian.


If the university is hardcore christian, ask Yahweh for help.

Which one?

I prefer to stick with king Belial, thanks.


If you don’t mind me asking, why did you choose to go to a hardcore Christian school?

I can’t pay. It was the only possible choice. My country does not support people that want to study, unfortunately. I can’t change because it is my last year to finish graduation…

Public universities here require approval in exams only rich people can pass because schools dont teach anything. Only people who attended private schools have access to public universities in my country.


What university is this?! I’ve never heard of such a thing.


Is that even legal in your country? Or are there anti-discrimination laws that can protect you? If so, is there any way you can prove that they are expelling you because of your diagnosis?

Personally I would ask for Belial’s help. And then possibly King Paimon to influence the minds of the people making the decision, then Seere to support them in making “a quick decision in your favour”. Or I would look at something like Angels of Wrath, the book, for justice/revenge.

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It is illegal. I have checked if that what they are saying is true but there is no law here to expel a student the way they are doing. The only possible explanation I found is because of my diagnosis because the threats began after I send my medical reports.

I don’t know if I can say the name here because I’m afraid they might do something . It’s a private university here in Brazil.

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Well it’s really fucking shitty. How are we supposed to curse this university if we don’t know what one it is?