Beserker abilities awakening

Today I managed to enter this state just a little and there wasn’t much anger but like an animal instinct. My senses sharpened and the world slowed down around me. I could see, smell, taste and hear better and could sense vibrations around me and in the earth. I was more agile and didn’t test my strength. I shadowboxed with my guides and though my form was sloppy with errors, this energy did channel. Now it reached a point where it scared me a bit like the feeling of loosing control so I almost cried and begged Thor to make it stop he told me to hold on for a few more minutes then removed some of the energy. I also sent some residue into the. Sun (a waste I know) and grounded. After this I still felt the heightened senses and it felt like my blood sugar dropped. I shook and felt a bit nauseous but also not too bad.

Also my fylgia separated from me and advised I take a break. Reading up on it, these skills seem fucking awesome but theres responsibility and discipline needed.

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I love that suggestion! You’re right it’s important to channel energy mentally too through art

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Awesome man, good job!

I guess I can relate my little experiences aswell. Sometimes Im able to let it come over me, often its triggered by something I think about. I then also reach an animal like state where I often begin to drool. Normally Id feel embarressed, even if I were alone, but in this state I can still see that I WOULD be embarressed and at the same time not care about it at all. Really interesting.

Also I can relate to the fear suddenly coming up. Not quite sure whether its related to berserking or not but sometimes when Im really invested into singing (well, growling) death metal I seem to reach deep layers of mind and emotion that I normally dont reach. Whenever I reach such a new layer its incredibly energizing, but to a point that it becomes incredibly scary aswell. “Wow, did I really just think that? Holy shit, Im an animal.” Stuff like that.
So yea, seems we are on target here I would say :grin:


Ahh does your Fylgia have this trait too? Like does the animal drool when it senses danger or prey?

That’s so damn cool so you channel the energy into singing??

Tbh I dont know what my Fylgia is yet, but seems like it does that as it has happened multiple times.

I channel it into singing but also singing triggers it, so it kinda works both ways.
Singing is pretty good because its obviously harmless (excluding the ears of my parents). But also if I have to cope with really strong emotions this way I need to really go to the outer fringes of my singing capabilities. And that is where I sometimes learn something new about me / scare myself.
And the other way round also sometimes happens where Im in a normal state, want to sing and suddenly get overwhelmed by emotions while doing so.


It could be the animal you shift into when going beserk


New things can be scary sometimes hey?

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Today I didn’t invoke this energy. I was gonna but Thor reminded it was time for a break. I did notice that when I step outside its like my senses enhance and I can feel things vibrationally. I also can’t really crack my joints any more because it hurts like hell on the neck. I’m also adapting the personality of my Fylgia naturally

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Ohh and my body feels heavier and it’s like my joints and muscles need time to adapt to this shift in my normal state

What I experienced thus far have only been glimpses. No complete shifts or anything like that. So I dont know which animal I shift into, although Im curious of course which one it is.
May I ask how you found out?

Word. Especially if you experience them so vividly. Like its something that is really within you!