Beserker abilities awakening

I had met my Fylgia previously and decided to call it for a bit again during the eclipse. I cannot go into detail which animal it is and I’m using berserker as an umbrella term.

Since then I feel this ability from a past life awakening again. I need to learn how to control it. It’s not just the Wrath but also the love and benevolent side of the animal too. But the anger and battle part I need to learn to channel it maybe into sports or at least control it.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for this??


Its not exactly a Nordic fighting style, but Brazilian Jiu Jitsu could be helpful. Not only does it teach you how to fight anyone, it also helps with mental fortitude and tactical thinking. Could incorporate Muay Thai if you want to hit people. The two mesh pretty well and are often taught at the same gym.

Edit: as BJJ has no striking, it could be seen as a “benevolent” fighting art


I would go one step further, and recommend Aikido. That way you can verbally deescalate, if needed, have them defeat their own energy, and then vamp the crap out of them.
Or, you could try a bhuddist approach, and it might counter balance the aggressive urges.


I have been looking at mma lately. It seems fun and good to release that tension


Akido isn’t really my style. The sword and staff training in it looks good though

Yes Buddhism seems great


I’m looking at ways to help control this spiritually too if anyone has any methods.

Look into a local Stephen K Hayes Quest Center in your state. It is a modernized Nijitsu adapted to street fighting called To Shin Do, which I studied up to my Red belt. Go and just observe their classes, watch the footwork snd hand movements, and the psychic-spiritual part of it. By Ninja volume books there. They also do weapons training and embracing the tiger.

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Controlling the Gangr is a long and difficult learning curve. Especially when you are trying to cultivate it while at the same time not letting it completely rule your emotions. There are a few ways to work on it with relative safety though. Strenuous activity is the best way. Pushing yourself to run laps, or repeated heavy lifting, while calling on your fylgia, allowing yourself to let go and work up the Gangr energy and be possessed by your fylgia.

It won’t be as deep a trance as a life or death situation or a straight up brawl, but it will give you the practice and experience you need for when the Gangr comes on full force.


I did something similar today but called Thor. I didn’t channel the energy properly and he said try again next time lol. Nothing bad happened. Nothing happened at all :joy::joy::joy:

Woah does it do this on its own??

I’ve also been connecting to its more benevolent energies and Odin did tell me it’s all about balancing both sides. Also when the anger or violent feelings come I just feel and acknowledge it and then after this the benevolent feelings come through

Do you have experience with controlling this?

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This is definitely the tea about it. It is not easy.

I have not come across any berserker energy within me yet so I can’t be of much help here sadly :disappointed: I’m more of a shapeshifter- namely a lycanthrope.


Depending on the nature of your animal Fyldja, there are different ways to haddle the situation.
Try to establish a deeper connection with your Fyldja by visiting her on regular during astral working.
Then, consider building up a ritual of possession in wich you will slowly let the control of your body to the spirit. I personnaly suggest you to you dance, use drums or other instruments to instigate the possession inside yourself. Your moves will slowly involve into those of the animal.
I suggest doing this in the forest, or in a place where you won’t hurt anybody or deteriorate anything.

When it comes to martial arts, each animal have is own way of fighting . Many eastern way of fighting were said to have been created after the observation of wild life. Depending on your animal, you may like to practice a form of grappling, a form of boxing, something relying on brute force, or an speed and versatility.
Bear-like warriors from Scandinavia use to work their resistance and fought as “tanks”, while wolf-like use to fight as team. Find a way of fighting that allow you to chnel the essence of your Fyldja.


Oh yeah. I’m a natural born berserker and we usually find out about it on accident. Get into a fight and next thing you know you are standing over who you beat the hell out of with no memory of it even happening. Or at work doing alot of strenuous repetitive activity and it sets in because the adrenaline and rythm put you in a trance. It’s tough early on, and took me years to learn to control. And you will never “master” it, just learn to control it better as time goes on.


That’s still pretty cool though does it come with side effects??

This sounds like a good plan. I heard that this Trance can last for a day at times that might be a bit of an issue due to my diabetes. Also once the Trance is over will I return to my body as normal or would I need to do a ritual to be present in it again??

My fylgia is a heavyweight animal and I’m a small guy :joy::joy::joy: but yeah I do admire its fighting style. I’ve actually been able to absorb the personality and fighting styles of other animals too for a while (maybe a shamanic connection??). This is another level though.

You know everytime I had confrontation I had that deep burning feeling in me but fortunely my real strength was basically on “lock down” so I didn’t carry through which I’m glad. After shadow work this energy has resurfaced and at first I was snapping at everything but now it’s becoming more stable like I don’t get angry because someone irritates me. I wonder if this is progress?

That makes me relieved it’s awakening at a time when I’m more emotionally stable! Damn I respect you because this is not easy and not as cool as in the movies😒. I read up and learnt that beserkers were shunned by society and the funny thing is I’ve literally been the outcast in any group like some people legit just avoid me for no reason. I needa work on this. Do you have any sources, youtube videos or information I could use to help work on this properly without messing up?? Sorry if it’s a bit much

Also thank you guys for the input!

In my experience, you will start with a state of demi-transe before experimenting a full possession by a spirit. This mainly happened with experienced or/and a repeated work (like isolating yourself for few days and only doing this).
Of course there is no “absolute rule” with magick, our brains and internal chemistry always react differently and sometimes beginers may have a strong first experience. But I would not be worried to much about a disappearing from civilisation for few days.

Anyway if you worry too much, you can also share your GPS location with another magician or a friend who will be coming for you after a given time.

Regarding the size of your animal…he may have something to teach you, whatever the size different that may exist beetwen you. There are short size body builders and grapplers. Is lessons might not also be technical but more on the state of mind to adopt during a fight.


Dudee this has been happening. I feel my Fylgias fur around me kinda like I’m wearing the animal skin. It doesn’t fill me with pure rage though but rather connects me more to the element of my fylgia and makes me feel more centered.

I like this theory!

It does seem so I’ve heard the fylgia connects one to their destiny and mine is what I do what to embody. I’m reading up on the animals traits and I seem to have both its passive and aggressive traits.

Gonna chime in and share this link again, in case you didnt know about it already: Uppsala: Berserkergang


The word Uppsala has been coming to mind a lot thank you for this!!

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Have you considered pushing the anger into a hobby? Painting, sculpting, etc… maybe instead of saying “I’m anger” turn it into "I am very energetic ". Shifting anger into a different mindset can help as well. Easier said than done of course but you never know unless you try. Good luck. Best regards.

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Tbh I never thought of using it for artistic purposes mostly cause I don’t wanna blow out my vocal cords and stuff :sweat_smile: I’ll look into it! The main hobby I use this for is working out and sports.

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A healthy outlet for sure dude. Can’t go wrong with there. Everyone else was recommending physical outlets I thought I may mention something of a different variety. One least likely to injure the body. That’s my preference although kick boxing is my go to when the hobby isn’t the right fit for the moment. :wink:

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