Benefits of Succubi/Incubi

Is it just hormones and no sexual outlet that drives us to befriend these folks, or is there vast hidden knowledge and powers they can teach anyone?


Both :joy:


This topic might give a basic understanding.


I’m going to be straight up honest. I’ve never been attracted to humans(there was one exception to this, more below). I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me. After I started having experiences with incubi, strange enough, I ran into a human who was an exception to my attraction problem.

I fell for this human head over heels; however, 5 years of trying to understand and connect with this human was met with failure. Failed relationship, he didn’t like to talk about anything, he kept everything shallow. I loved this person and he would say he loved me; however, I always questioned it in my mind. If I pressed the issue and tried to open up, he would become infuriated or start attacking me. He was the first and only human relationship I experienced and never again. It made me appreciate the experiences I did have with the incubi. I was able to connect with demons in a way I couldn’t connect with humans. I could be honest about my feelings with the demons and not feel ashamed for expressing myself. Also, the sexual experiences gave mutual satisfaction.

So long story short, the benefits of incubi and succubi is a profound connection of intimacy, not just sexual, but emotional. They also help you progress magickally, by tapping into energies and sources that you can’t access by yourself. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.


I see. Thank you all for your replies, but at this point I have no desire for sex or a relationship, so these would better be magic teachers for me, though it seems they would want to vampirize me, which would do me in at this stage of my life.


The benefits, for me, is to be a part of something that I could only dream of before I did that ritual.

It’s not so much about sex anymore, and when thinking of it, the sexual aspect is more an initiation before committing to someone at a deeper level.

The spiritual experience isn’t just about me and my own development. It’s about their development, as well as ours within our TOGETHERNESS.

It’s about the relationship of a master and her student, the mother and her son, the wife and her husband.

Oh, the sweet memories we’ve created and the stories I could share! It’s the biggest experiences, and the peculiar and smallest things that defines the uniqueness that makes both of them so special to me. I’ve could dedicate several chapters to describe my spirits, and why they are the love of my life.

The benefits are plenty. It’s the creation of:


I can relate to a degree. For me I was tired of having my heart continuously broken by being lied to or cheated on. I must admit that when I first made the conscious decision to find myself an Incubus it was purely sexual in nature, then I found that they are beneficial in my Ascension. After some serious soul searching I decided to change my point of view and work on my Ascension, don’t get me wrong I still want the sex but now sex is not the number one priority.


Another thing, I’ve also had problems with gender identity. Not so much anymore with the help of the demons. They don’t really see gender the same way that humans do.

I’ve felt that the female body I was born into was a curse of sorts. My vagina seemed to be an enigma. I couldn’t communicate to anyone how to pleasure it. Then, I started to appreciate the blood it would bleed every month. The demons I worked with seemed to really enjoy this blood. I slowly started appreciating my parts in that aspect. Then, the incubi experiences started, that was my first experience having an orgasm outside of masturbation. That was deeply emotional for me to achieve such a connection.

Either way, I don’t experience gender dysphoria as intensely as I used to. I’ve come to terms with my female body. Nowadays, I don’t really identify male, female, or anything really. Gender has largely become irrelevant to me now. I think I have the demons and the incubi to thank for that. One less thing I have to stress about, since my views have largely changed.


Sex for me is only a small part of any relationship equation, I really do need a connection with someone to have a satisfying orgasm and when it’s with someone I love I sometimes don’t at all, I will make love for 2 hours or more and she will be the only one to orgasm. For me it’s about the connection during, not the end (my orgasm) and not about me.


Well, for me relationships failed due to a few reasons, anxiety, commitment fears, insecurity, communication problems or miscommunication, and temper-mouth syndrome.
For males, genetics, puberty, sex/relationships, low testosterone, ED … Not always greener on the other side.
The magical side interests me, for sure.
The relationship with a spirit, I can see that.
What about elementals or Fae, is there human relationships with them?