Your thoughts about entities of "succubus" and "incubus"

Hi there Mr Koetting!

A few months ago, I saw a video were you discussed the subject of “succubus” and “incubus” - or sexual entities, and I found it quite interesting from your point of view and experiences from these beings. I’ve been experiencing this for nearly a half decade and learnt a great deal that the intimate part is just like any kind of romantic relationship in general. There’s more to it than just sexual intimacy, the deeper it develops.

As I see it, these beings have a dual personality and as such, a great source of practicing energywork on a physical level. And in that particular area, there’s alot to experience and to learn. Besides the sexual “nature” of these entities, they have great knowledges of healing, magic, rituals, human physiology, human psychology and extendable chakra openers.

I think, the deeper these kind of experiences become, the more it reveals of what these beings actually are capable of achieve, and what they can accomplish outside of the mythical barriers and limitations it gets through dogmatics.

So, what is your point of view about succubus and incubus, after your video about the subject?