Belial the first Gatekeeper - Journal

11/08 2:05 am
I’ve been waiting for my universial circle, that’s why I haven’t done anything.

I placed a chair in the middle of the circle, in front of me was my black mirror and two silver candles, incense and my chalice with ceremonial libation (soda). Yes. Soda. I really don’t like alcohol.

I was excited, it’s been a while since I talked to Belial.
I relaxed and vibrated all of the 9 gatekeepers name. I took the chalice, closed my eyes and chanted Belial’s enn over and over again. His sigil started to appear above my head where my crown chakra is, black energy started to go down to my head inside my body, spreading everywhere and up to my right hand going out to the drink. Filling it with darkness and electricity. The drink started to spin clockwise.

I drank it and it felt like I drank darkness and Belials energy. I chanted Belials enn over and over again focusing on his sigil. The candles started flickering, I felt Belial’s presence growing behind me like he was standing here. The air changed, you know when you breathe and you feel that the air is cold? It was like that but warm.

Belial: I’m here.
Me: Is it really you or is it me talking to myself?
Belial: It is I.
Me: Then why does it feel like I’m talking to myself?
Belial: It’s been a while since you talked to us, your mind isn’t used to it as before.
Me: Ah-
Belial: Clear your mind.
I cleared my mind, I felt like Belial was holding a grip on my head, the connection to hear Belial was stronger.
Me: By the way Belial, was it alright that I didn’t use alcohol as ceremonial libation? I really don’t like alcohol.
Belial: It’s fine, the meaning you put into the drink is what’s important.
Belial: Look in the mirror.

I looked, the candles started to flicker again and I saw half of the face of a wolf with crystal dark blue eye, then I saw the right side and the eye was golden.

Belial: That’s you.

(Me still focusing on the mirror, trying to understand the wolf, kept thinking for myself “Why did he appear as a wolf?”)

Belial: This is why you’re so clueless, you never pay attention!
Me: Wait what?
Belial: I said that’s you, you kept looking at the mirror thinking about things!
Me: Why me?
Belial: Because you underestimate yourself, you see yourself as a sheep in a wolfs body but you’re really a wolf in a sheeps body.
Me: What about the eyes, why are there different colors?
Belial: Balance, dark and light, moon and the sun, night and day, feminine and masculine.

Belial made me stand in front of a mirror, what went through here is personal so I will keep this hidden.

A moment later…
Me: Okay, I was thinking about something. We, I who’s walking through this pathworking… Are we changing?
Belial: Yes, we are changing you.
Me: Since when did you start changing me?
Belial: The very first second you called me.
Me: How will I and the others be after this pathworking?
Belial: laughs You will be a new transformed person, spirit in the future, looking back at yourself in this very moment and see what a fool you were.
Me: Interesting.
Belial: Azazel is actually currently transforming you since yesterday.
I knew Azazel started to work on something after our last meeting but the invocation was so surprising (it didn’t go as I thought at all)
Me: Transform me how?
Belial: laughs You’ll see.
Me: Anyways… You’re a lot about dna and genetics, how is it possible that you can change it?
Belial: You fool, you have no clue about what’s possible and not. Your brains are so limited yet you can unlock it with keys.
Me: What keys?
Belial: Keys, KEYS. Hidden areas, in your brain! Unlock and you’ll be able to understand more. You humans underestimate your brain, treating it badly by getting brainwashed by social media, substances, internet in general. You wouldn’t be able to be without your phone for 5 minutes. The internet is a blessing and a curse.
Then I asked something about science and spirituality, I don’t really remember, I usually take notes on our conversation but I was so deep into our conversation so I actually forgot.
Belial: If science stood in front of a mirror, the reflection is spirituality.
Me: I see.
I remember that we kept talking but I can’t seem to remember what exactly.
Me: Thank you Belial, You may stay if you’d like. I look forward to our next meeting.
Belial: Goodbye, I’ll see you soon.

It was a lot to process after this ritual, but it felt good getting back on track. May the headache I had during this ritual finally go away.


General update
I’ve been feeling very weird lately after the ritual I had with Azazel and Belial (seperate). I feel apathetic, there’s a void inside me that I can’t fill, I’m antisocial and I feel like my life needs to be deeply cleansed. I feel like I need to transform. I can’t understand what’s currently happening, it all began with the need of cleansing then the urge for transformation then apathy, it’s been growing smooth but most of all extremely sneaky. My patron Azazel told me after the invocation I had with him that I need to invoke him 3 days after this invocation which I didn’t out of lack of energy and laziness.

Yesterday it came to me.
Holy shit, I remember that Belial told me that Azazel is transforming me!
Maybe this all is connected with Belial’s influence.

Because around 3 days ago I felt the need to do something I’ve been terrified of in the past. I decided to call upon Belial to ask him to banish all cords, negativity in my life that’s in my way of success and well being. Literally asking him to rip me apart and building me up. I and many of you know that it’s a painful road and Belial himself makes it even more intense but it’s for the best. I might lose everything even the things/people I hold tight. This has to do with the pathworking because I as a person hate changes. Who doesn’t but it’s a bit extreme from my side. Even a smallest change of plans in a day can makes me feel extreme rage.

Everything is about to change, I can feel it. I’m ready, ready to break down and rise stronger and better than before. Let my personal hell begin.


Belial allows us to become aware of the lies put forward by priests and followers of many religions. He reveals your chains and those controlling factors, which keep men at bay; you are then given the courage and motivation to break them. If anything is there in your life, which serves you no purpose than Belial will get rid of it.

In late September 202I as I began reading this first Grimoire, Belial started revealing underlying issues within me. I developed Rosacea over my nose and cheeks, which made me, examine my diet more carefully. The tooth that I had been having problems with all summer started getting worse, which finally made me address the situation once and for all and get it extracted. My relationship with my brother just dwindled away without any concern from me; it seemed to bother him more. It was amazing how even before I started working with Belial, he began his campaign on me.


Wednesday 3 November 2021

I did my usual Evocative process and addressed Belial with this statement of intent…

Belial, the one without a master…I state my plea

I…(my name) give myself up to you this day for I am lost within this world of lies and deceit. I need a guiding light to reveal all those controlling factors, which cause nothing but sadness and burden in my life. I wish to become a powerful Black Magician that has no restraint or weakness. I offer myself to you Belial as an advocator for I am the Gate for all of you to come through.

As part of this pact, I will act upon your guidance and have the courage to break the chains that bind me for I know that you will lead the way for me to follow, let this be known throughout the underworld that this is my intent.

There was a very strong intensive feeling all around me in the circle; no external appearance, just a faint internal image of this warrior in red. Hard to see if it was armour but he had a red hood on which was fluted in texture. He was definitely present; I guess he’s one of those spirits that needs to be worked with many times before he will fully show himself

Two days after the ritual (5 November) early in the morning it dawned on me some of the things I needed to escape from. Alcohol was a big concern, my diet was another and my mind was full of inspiration to start weight training again. There was a very strong intuitive message that said “I am here, I have always been here but you chose to ignore me,” I truly believed this as I’ve had these thoughts and feelings many times but did nothing about them.

Later on that month there were more frustrating delays from orders I made and for one week, I experienced the worst nerve eruption in my mouth, which is worse than normal toothache. This meant another trip to the dentist but after a week of pain it was welcome.

It appears that these Demons are deep within human nature and we must open up too them as gates, to let them through into our lives where they can establish their rightful place again within this world.

(Please excuse this post as I’ve just seen this thread and I do not wish to repeat ideas or similar posts I made earlier. This however concludes the main work with Belial as part of my first Gatekeeper path working. I still need to conclude my part of the pact however and eradicate the above before moving on to Lucifer.)


@savodonger Thank you for your reply, I agree. The courage and motivation to do this is something I’ve never had before. In the past I was always terrified that any demonic spirit I work with would make me lose something or mostly someone. I remember that I wanted the results but I didn’t wanna sacrifice anything, pretty ignorant but I had the feeling that I had something to lose. Now here today for an ex. I have some people I’d never wanna lose but still at the same time I feel like I have nothing to lose, I’m willing to let go of anyone and anything to succeed, this is for the best for me.

A year ago out of nowhere and I mean nowhere my ex broke up with me, it was painful but I had the feeling that this wasn’t a normal break up, something felt off in the atmosphere and no it wasn’t my broken little heart that was speaking. A week later I had the feeling Azazel had something to do with it. I invoked him and asked him and he straight up told me that he was the one that made us split because he was in the way of my success, I was deeply angry at the situation but oh boy… Azazel’s work is something that I’m highly grateful. We were together for almost 2 years and I got over him after 1 and a half week. Some weeks passed and I realized how much he was in the way for my success, how much he drained and dragged me down than lifting me up.


Now this is something I feel like are the exact right words for this situation, once again thank you. I wish you the best of luck on your path within the gatekeepers, both of us will succeed. We are within this path for a reason and may nothing be in the way of our success.


Ex Tra…I think this path working has tremendous potential, Belial said to me that he’s tried to tell me these things time and time again but I never listened, let alone acted upon them, which is so true I hate to say. I think these Demonic Gatekeepers are aspects of ourselves that need to be worked with to allow our ascension better (maybe). I must admit, I went through a week of hell when that nerve erupted in my mouth but it was essential to realise that the tooth needed to come out, just like my diet needed changing along with other things I need to get out of my life, it’s just Belial initialises these changes with utter fucking chaos but he does get the job done.

Thanks for the remarks about my petition, I decided to do my own ritual for this working as I simply felt the need to although I certainly enjoyed reading the first Grimoire in the series. Looking forward to Lucifer once I’ve completed my part of the pact

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Spot on. He’s the most harshest teacher I’ve ever met so far, letting Belial be in charge is like throwing yourself in a pit of fire that burns you painfully and slowly but then you stand up within the fire without getting burned. He is absolutely not for the weak and nobody likes the painful road Belial guides to but the results are insane. But let’s be for real - if it wasn’t chaotic and painful we wouldn’t get the results we need.

Me too, but I’m not so close to that point yet. Honestly I can’t wait to get to Abaddon.

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