Belial the first Gatekeeper - Journal

I’ve been drawn towards The 9 Demonic Gatekeepers lately. I already know Azazel who’s my patron. I decided to walk through the gatekeepers pathworking and I have never been so excited about it. In July I ordered
Belial Without a Master, volume 1,
Lucifer The Enlightener, volume 2,
Azazel Steal Fire from the Gods, volume 3. (rip my wallet, these books are not cheap. I still have 3 books left to order, just ordered Abaddon, Lucifuge and Beelzebubs books today.) And during the wait I did a meditative exercise for 9 days straight as a warm up for the pathworking. The meditation exercise gave me different results each time and developed my senses.

25/7-21 {11:45 pm} Night 8 of the meditation
The more I got closer to the 9th day the more it became harder to meditate, yet I meditated no matter what. I was so not going to break the 9 days. Anyways, this was the day I started to feel off. I felt like I was ending something to a beginning. I analyzed my emotions… I felt nothing but void. There was a huge void inside me and a drop of loneliness. I mean, I’ve felt empty before, that was something I knew how it felt like but this, this was different. I like drawing my emotions out so I did, the void got worse and more increased.

26/7-21 {12:58 am} Night 9 - Finale of this exercise
Everytime I did this, I got a headache and my third eye was aching + other effects. What I wrote down was (what I experienced during the meditation)
" The ache got worse.
My legs were burning.
My energy was burning.
I was dizzy.
I was extremely warm,
I’m still having a headache.
I feel complete inside.
I felt power but powerful as well.
Reuinted with the essence of darkness. Totally worth it. "

And this is the part Belial comes.
(Keep in mind that I’m writing what I wrote down on my journal)

Lucifers and Belials book arrived a couple of days ago. I’m already on page 93 in Belials book. Lately since I got his book I’ve been sensing him everywhere. Like he’s near me, watching me. Every damn second. And then I read something in style that he was there even before the invocation. I need to invoke him soon. It’s going to be highly interesting since only a few can walk upon this path but Azazel must had a reason for guiding me into this pathworking. (Azazel led me towards the gatekeepers pathworking) Gabriel supports me in this path as well. Resist the resistance.
While reading the book, one day my third eye started to ache by reading a damn book?
I don’t know what’s up… It feels like everyone is keeping a distance from me, including my mom. I mean we did argue a bit yesterday but not to that point, not even close. We didnt even speak much today either and we do talk a lot. It was very odd. Did Belial already begin? I’m prepared to break down. Belial is after all one of the harshest teachers to have, absolutely not for the weak unless they are ready to transform. And I’m not weak. Still a bit nervous, but ready.

I’ve been feeling empty for 4 days straight. Anxiety, anxiety and a little bit more of anxiety. I feel so lonely. Everything is so gray. I analyzed why I’m feeling like this, nothing happened? I can’t detect why the fuck I’m feeling like this and I just have this HUGE feeling that this is Belial. I can’t describe it but I’m around 99% sure he did begin.

I’m planning to invoke Belial to begin the pathworking this week, probably tomorrow. Yes tomorrow it is. I’m ready and excited. I will update everytime something happens or anything interesting at all until the point I move on to the next gatekeeper. Mainly to see the results and for everyone to read my experiences.
See you tomorrow.


Hey- I’m starting this too…I just finished “Ithout a Master” last night…are you starting with EA’s chapter and moving through or something else? I’m fascinated by the Tree of Life/ Daath stuff and was thinking to start there?

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A little confused but dam excited!

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I’m starting with EA’s chapter. I’m also going to follow my intuition. If you wanna start there then that’s what you should do. Haven’t gotten to that chapter yet though.


2/8 11:15 am
I don’t feel off anymore finally. But I don’t feel as usual either, I feel empowered, rage. Not by anger directly but by power to the point that my body became really warm. I felt like I could achieve anything I want. Nothing and I mean nothing could block my way. I felt like a fucking Goddess among everyone around me. Funny but I also felt like Belial was a part of me inside, this did confirm something. Belial did begin and I loved it. I have a feeling that tonight will be intensive.
Also, I was on my way to see a friend one hour later and suddenly, I felt how I craved Belial. Like when a person craves a cigarrette. I felt like a new person, More like I was born again. I felt like I was clean/cleansed inside.

Invocation 1 - 01:13 am
Oh boy I was right. It was intensive.
The second I lit the candle and my insence I felt a pressure around my head.
I was going to open his sigil, before so I chanted
"Itz ra cha Belial (x5)
Beliar Zanazzora (x3)
Veniat ad me Belial rex mundis (x4)
Belial (x5)
Great king Belial come to me, Great gatekeeper I invoke you "
I heard a loud roar, like it was mixed between a huge monster and a dragon.

Belial: Keep going.
I kept focusing on opening his sigil and it went way faster than I’d thought.
Belial: I’m here.
Me: Belial, Greetings. I want to walk upon the gatekeepers pathworking.
Belial: I know, you will. You are.
Me: If it’s alright if I take a second to just write down our convo, I forget easily. (I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to speaking with spirits and rituals in general.)
Belial: Fine.

My pressure around my head got way worse. The candle flame was flickering and I felt him everywhere and his presence, his energy was terrifying so I had to look around because it was so intense that it actually felt like he was there physically.

Me: What do I need to do?

My head felt like it was going to explode, the pressure was way worse and I just wanted to hold my head like the way you hold it when you hear a loud noise.

Belial: Read, meditate, break it, break it, break it!
Me: Break what?
Belial: Chains, limits, blockage, I’ll help you. Break it, BREAK IT NOW!

It felt like I was in the military and that the boss or whatever it’s called was yelling at me.

Me: How?
Belial: Close your eyes, let me show you.

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I saw myself but different. Blue watery energy was forming me, I didn’t see myself in my physical form. I saw some kind of black wires that connected to my energy. One on my left arm, one on my right side, one on my solar plexus chakra, heart chakra and root chakra. I felt like I had to chant Belials name so I did and I saw how everything was vibrating. I felt him even more around me, more intensive and terrifying.
Belial: Embrace me. Focus.
I embraced him through taking deepbreaths and just by letting it happen. Everything went weird now because I didn’t control anything, out of nowhere I saw how black energy went inside my physical body and how some kind of black liquid came on my energy, surrounding me and spreading towards the wires and it made them burn and melt. A little bit later they were burned, Then I saw how there was a circle of fire around me. Getting way more higher surrounding my energy like it was blocking everything else from getting in. The fire went inside me as well, so did the black liquid. Keep in mind that every minute made my pressure get worse and then I felt pressure around my heart physically as well, It got worse as well everytime I exhaled.

Me: I’m not feeling well.
Belial: Hah, calm down.
Me: Belial my head.
Belial: Stop whining.
Me: Belial did you cleanse me? Did you already begin? (I was talking about how I felt off for a couple of days and then how I felt earlier.)
Belial: Yes, we have a lot to do. – Move your hand through the fire (candle flame), feel the heat, it’s power.

So I did.

Belial: Don’t be afraid, slower!

I did it, even if I was a bit worried to get burned. I didn’t hurt as I thought it would.

Me: Belial-
Belial: Keep reading, I will build you up, change you, transform you. You will become me. (He didn’t mean like literally but I somehow understood his concept.)

I had to end the invocation because it became too much for me physically, I’m still feeling the pressure and finally it’s getting slowly lighter. I thanked him and told him that he’s always welcome here. I got the feeling like he was like " I’ll come if I want to " like he didn’t needed my welcome. Well, he was here a lot before even invoking him lol.


It’s the first ritual in the book. Enjoy!

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Sounds like a nice beginning

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Thank you, yeah I always like to just do a “ introduction invocation “ before doing any specific ritual. But next time soon I’ll start the first ritual from the book. I hope I won’t get that pressure on my head again lmao it didn’t go away until the next morning.

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27/8 midnight time

Yes it’s been over 20 days, I haven’t gotten the time to do any rituals at all but finally.
I’ll try to explain everything I remember because as you may know by now I forget some instantly the second I end a ritual.

Me and someone close to me planned to do our rituals at the same time tonight, he was going to invoke Lilith and I was gonna do this ritual. I told him that I have a strong feeling that I’m going to get possessed by Belial tonight.
Later, when I was prepearing myself and reading the book I read the part where I was going to command Belial and the second I read " Belial enter me, become me, possess me etc. " I understood that I was correct, I didn’t remember that part of the ritual at all when I read it before. It didn’t bother me, I was totally fine with that.

The first ritual in the book - The Seed of Darkness
So, I lit the candles around the sigil and some insence. I turned the lights off and when I sat down I felt how much power there was, like the way I can sense a presence of a spirit. I thought “Maybe they are already here?” But no, I knew somehow that they knew I was going to call them but the power didn’t come from them. It came from the sigil itself and I was surprised because I’ve never felt such power from a sigil before and I haven’t even gazed on it. Yet. When I gazed on the sigil it started to vibrate instantly. It didn’t require much focus as normally, it was like it was waiting to activate. When I called on the 9 Gatekeepers it felt like all the 9 candles were listening to me lol. When I finished it felt like the flames were eyes watching and hearing me. The time I blindfolded my eyes I started to automatically see my third eye sending purple light to my right eye to my left eye back to my third eye like a triangle of purple energy. My eyes were closed. When I was going to look with my magickal eyes to see my temple. (This is not the first part, I saw my physical temple with my eyes closed the first part before getting possessed by Belial, this is the second part.) I didn’t really understood when I became possessed tbh, so much was going on in my head. Anyways, when I opened my magickal eyes, my eye color was purple and I understood that it was from the purple light, I was not here. I was somewhere else and I didn’t know where I was since I’ve never seen this place before. The sky was dark grey, I was sitting like I was sitting physically on a temple, the temple was made out of bricks made of stone and in between there were glowing lava. The temple itself was so high in the sky, it’s hard to explain. I looked around me, I saw a river of lava but it wasn’t thiccc like lava usually is, it was like water but lava. I saw snakes around the temple. Behind me there was a circle of huge fire. There was something about that fire, I forgot to ask Belial about it. I saw a throne and around it there was fire but it wasn’t something you could see, it was invisible and I had this feeling that I was the only one that could detect the fire. Honestly, the temple felt like it was mine? It was a lot of fucking fire to the point that I was surprised. Felt like this was more Azazel style but it wasn’t at all. When Belial manifested himself I only saw his feet first, just like EA Koetting did. It was reptilian dragon ish, I slowly looked up and hahahaha, I’m laughing right now because I’m still surprised. The skin was reptilian as well but lava? Lava reptilian skin. When I saw everything hahah damn, He looked like me but in a reptilian non human mixed with the demonic stereotype thing. (I was so not expecting him to manifest like that, at all. I was so surprised that it took me a minute to understand.) His eyes were strong red. He had horns as well, he looked very small but intimidating. Belial looked at me and analyzed me in a way I don’t know, it was like he looked right into my soul, my essence. And every second he analyzed I was so paralyzed that I couldn’t speak or think.

Belial: You’re so blind. How can it be so hard to see?
Me: What? (I didn’t speak, I just thought for myself but he did hear me.)
Belial: A blind man can see more than you.
I thought " What should I do? " but he didn’t answer because I somehow already knew the answer, like his wisdom was giving me answer. I don’t know how to say it, He was in front of me but inside me as well.
Belial: Stand up.

I stood up and he was larger than ever, I felt so small when I looked at him especially when he looked so small when I was sitting down. It was honestly amazing to see his size.

I was going to say something but as fast as I said his name my eyes automatically went to his left hand. I saw the sigil of The Seed of Darkness in his hand. It was made of light and it was so damn bright. He instantly put the sigil on my forehead with force and power and I remember feeling pain but physically my forehead started itching like crazy and since the traingle thing my third eye has been itching but now my whole forehead was. I could see how the light of the star shined right inside my head, it was brighter than ever and it went everywhere inside me. I could feel it entering my veins, my cells and my bones. It started to become electric inside me. It was so fucking powerful I’m not joking around, when I read about it I didn’t find it so powerful but I’m eating my words, it’s way more powerful than expected. I felt so empowered by it.
When it was done poff Belial was gone, almost everyone was gone except for Azazel. He stayed with me for a while afterwards. Lmao Belial left as fast as he did with EA Koetting but it was fine, I mean I was surprised but I didn’t take it in a negative way because I know Belial is with me and we shall meet again. It took me a while to process everything that happened.

I’m going to be honest with you, if I’m not then what’s the point of this journal? I have never felt so insecure about my results like tonight. Like, was this right? Did I do this right? The thing is after a little while I understand that it’s right and real. There’s no right or wrong with results. I think I became so insecure because I didn’t expect the results to end up like that. Of course I wouldn’t get the exact same results as what was written because it’s individual but at the same time in small parts I did experience same as EA. I’m not going to be insecure about this more, I learned a long time ago to never doubt myself. So I wont.

N/O: The light of the star was bright and white but it was like a light made of darkness.


Small update

27/8 "The day after"

I woke up in the weirdest way ever. Have you ever woken up not knowing where you are, which day it is and even who you are? I have woken up like that plenty of times in my life and I bet many has as well but this time was not like those times because even the atmosphere in my room was odd. For the first time - The second I woke up I felt how I didn’t belong here at all, that’s something I’ve felt mostly in my life but that feeling doesn’t show up the second I wake up. I ignored everything about it.

A few minutes later
I was going to get some breakfast, In the corner of my eye I saw someone walking, I only saw the feet, I ignored it. Then I saw it again. I ignored it once again. I don’t know why but I focused on my third eye automatically and I felt the energy of the seed of darkness, Honestly it felt like my third eye was sore, not in a negative way but more like when you’ve been working out and got that exercise pain the day after.

I mean I know that I attract spirits because of all my work and that has never bothered me but everything was so different yesterday and I couldn’t detect what and why.

When I was on my break at work
I usually go out and vape everytime I have a break, so I did but this time I once again automatically gazed in the sky and I got these thoughts about the world and us humans how small we are and our planet, how little we know yet we think we’re so smart when we actually think we know more than what we actually do. How foolish we are. How destructive we are.
Then it hit me.
I could feel Belial, not his presence. But like I felt like there were footprints on me, his influence from the ritual.

I wasn’t as I usually was at work, I didn’t remember much and it felt like I was here but at the same time I was somewhere else.

28/8 Morning
I woke up, checking my phone and I saw I have a message from a stranger that was a member of a group I’m an admin on, the group is about King Paimon and only him, no other spirits. I thought ah, this guy needs some help regarding KP since he asked for my help. When I replied with a simple hello Belial’s name popped into my head.

Guy: I need your help, I need the spirits help to help me fix my situation in my life.
Me: Yeah? Well I bet that they won’t fix it for you but they will teach you to fix it yourself. What kind of spirits are you thinking about?
Guy: I was thinking about Belial.

I wanted to throw my phone away when I saw his name. Literally. He’s everywhere, again. This didn’t feel like a coincidence at all, I felt his “footprints” again. Out of all spirits, but I do feel the urge to guide him which is also weird because I don’t have the time to guide a beginner since he said that he’s very new to all this, My plate is already full but I’m gonna try my best to guide this guy.

The next ritual will be done very soon, If I can then I will do it tomorrow, hopefully.


Yeah no, I didn’t do it, I had too much to do since I was about to travel to Cyprus for one week. Even though I’ve had one week vacation, I have not rested. I arrived back home 2 days ago (13/9) and I was supposed to get back to work 15/9 but I didn’t go, I won’t go for a week. I need to rest. It felt good though to leave everything and just enjoying my vacation.
On the plane way home I went to the toilet, I just gazed on the mirror which I sometimes do, pretty often to be honest. I felt Gabriel’s presence, by that I also realized that the spiritual rest is over.

16/9 12:17 am
Just before writing this, I felt Belials presence. I’m not sure if he spoke or if it was his energy but something told me instantly that the rest is over, time to get back to work. What rest? I haven’t had a good sleep for months, after working with Belial it got worse. It’s insane how I haven’t gotten burned out yet. I felt like I really need to keep reading the book, planning to perform the ritual I was supposed to do before Cyprus. I have been sleeping like crazy since I arrived home and it’s been two days only, yet I haven’t recovered at all. I usually recover pretty fast normally. I worked out today, even though I was tired. Felt really good.

I feel restless, I am restless.

Just ordered the last 3 books of the Demonic Gatekeepers Saga.
Baal The King of Kings, volume 7,
Asmodeus The Lord of Lust, volume 8,
Satan The Adversary, volume 9.
Finally, It’s over. All 9 books are finally mine. I can’t believe that I’ve paid so fucking much for all of these books but it’s worth it.


I’m gonna give you the juicy update soon, pinkie promise but anyways…

Small update 16/9
I fell asleep around 3-3:30 am, I had to wake up 8 am sadly and as I know myself it’s almost impossible for me to have even a small amount of energy when I sleep that badly. I had my day planned for today but I woke up like I was dying of lack of sleep, I’m not joking but around 10 minutes after I woke up I felt like I was 100% loaded with energy which is fucking weird because as I said, lack of sleep and normally even when I sleep as I should it takes around 30 minutes for me to wake up. I decided instantly
I’m going to the gym. Asap.” I thought that it was only temporary and that I wouldn’t even sweat because I would probably get tired when I was there but no, I sweated like a pig and I worked out like I was in the military. I didn’t believe myself, this wasn’t me at all. It gets weirder.

After the gym I drove back home and in my goddamn car I started to meditate on my root chakra, I decided to cleanse and balance them all for every day until I hit the crown chakra. Me and meditation? Yeah we don’t get along. But I did meditate for 10 minutes, felt like 5 but 10 is also weird especially when I haven’t meditated for a while like the last time I did it was when I meditated as a warm up for this pathworking. It felt really good though not gonna lie. What the fuck is happening. Not complaining though, this is super positive. :poop:

P.s. Belial is everywhere in my thoughts, If I’d gain a dollar everytime his name entered my thoughts I’d be richer than Paris Hilton now. Belial here and Belial there, it’s so bad that if someone asks me what my name is I’ll probably say Belial, that’s how much he’s in my thoughts. :worried:


My is Asmodeus. He is constantly in my mind. It’s just as bad if not worse than u and Belial. Sometimes I feel like he has taken over my mind and thoughts.


Embrace him.


Oh trust me I do. I want to be with him for all of eternity. I’m deeply in love with him. I got his sigil tattooed on my left upper arm in red in honor of him. I want him to be as close to me as possible.

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Since you tattooed his sigil on you then his energy is flowing through you, did you ask Asmodeus before tattooing his sigil on you if that’s okay for him? From what you said it’s to honor him and having a sigil tattoo is something big since it’s permanent and that may be a reason for his influence on you since a sigil tattoo makes the connection between the spirit and the magician deeper.

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No I didn’t ask Asmodeus, I didn’t think to.
But I also got Belial’s tattoo for a job, finance and money. After I got his sigil I got more hours at work and more money.
I did get Asmodeus’s first though on Halloween.

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I can’t speak for either of them but talk to them just to clarify what they thought of you getting theirs sigil tattooed since it may backfire just because you got a sigil tattooed without asking for permission, I’m absolutely not saying that they are mad at you but a spirit can disagree regarding a tattoo even if let’s say you two stand close to each other (for a reason, it wouldn’t be personal). It’s good that you got good effects by Belial and Asmodeus sigils but ask next time. I know I also want a sigil tattoo but I’m not to the point of daring yet. :blush:

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I was also thinking of getting Lucifer’s and Azazel’s.
I’m sure they wouldn’t mind either.
I’m also very close and Lucifer and Azazel wants me to work with him. He said I’ve been ready for awhile now.
I just don’t know how to get in contact with him without a ritual.
My mom is a Christian and wouldn’t like that. I would meditate to him, but just don’t have the energy.

Have u ever got in touch with Lucifer for me??