Belial . 12 and one in the middle

So Belial was fast showing
He said
Rise. .
My room air thicken.
=Scene= Cave inside the blackened red earth it looked like it had lava cracks.walked down into it stone steps down deep. Cavern-like hall lack idea of circular.
12 kings on thrones . I stood in te middle.
Belial 12 kings thrones (calcated bodies). The first one speaks. Rise.
Masters Twelve. 12 12 12 12. The circle One in the middle.
Belial: twelve kings one in the middle.
Rise. Twelve kings one in the middle
Me Are these the same as gatekeeper
Belial Yes. But No. But yes.
Me who are the twelve kings
Belial: twelve kings and one in the middle
Me are they judges. Are they judging me? Is it a test.
Belial: the next one scepter in hand. Fischer king.
Twelve nations one in the middle
Me I’m trying to understand.
Belial: three. water to earth. Four The vaporous one.
Me five the liar
Belial: Ssshh. Five is the rising. Four is the vapourus. Twelve kings of man. Twelve nations. Twelve kings of man. Twelve nations. Twelve legions. One I the middle
Me: Am I t the one in the middle? … …
I’m getting confused. I don’t understand.
Me: so this is the message '12 and 1 in the middle 12 kings of m and deep in the earth. Rise ( you mean) soul travel?
Belial: Where the blood gose. Blood is in the earth. Rise the spirit above and you’ll see all. (It was thicker and heavier plus tired already)
Me: I’m tired I’ve had enough need rest. Sleep…we… tomorrow.
Belial: Rise twelve nations twelve kings. Deep in the earth. Rising Spirit twelve nations one in the middle…

He simply left. I said thank you.

Listened to recording. And here we go.
Now I understand.
I seem to be very dense during evokations, my brain cognitive just like tap water.

Will call again tomorrow and see if there’s more.

I am thinking of th a t star seed ritual by C Kendall on the 24th
Something really is happening. The spirit have been saying for a while.


This was evocation. Belial has been in my mind for days.

This isn’t a bloody story. Thanks


Belial didn’t want to talk as such. I stood before him as
king Belial and queen Morgana. He wanted me to share a drink.
I don’t like vodka. But had a few sips o it of respect and friendship.


This morning I c a me to him again to see what the rest of the kings titles were.
All I got was “Ace of Spades”
He didn’t stay


Ace of spades is ace of swords,it’s azazel.

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Told you all there was 12, not just 9. Almost a year ago. Lolz. Love it being confirm finally.


Also this sad tale too.

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Curious tale. Was it a dream or passed down?

Very interesting

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Update courtesy of Belial himself

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