Archaelous Unleashed

Father of the 12

Lord of the Four Winds

In two months time passed in this current timeline, 3-4 billions of years passed in the outer realms. I can’t recall every lifetime, because three to five was happening a day, or 2 at the same time.

I can only remember certain situations.

I was the only one I trusted to tie his amour before going into battle. It would take a few hours, and in the silence he prepared.

One battle, I was ordered to remain behind. I disobeyed knowing the Queen would go into labor, and would surely die without me being there. I choice my King and the Prince lives, it wasn’t even a choice in truth. We had heard rumors the Penny Prince would be in person to see this battle, instead of wanting in his castle. He be far, far removed from the actually fighting having his paid armies fight and die for him.

I took my best trained ground troops and wore light amour. The added weight would slow us down, as we sliced through the reserved troops. Our speciality was cutting down horses and slicing their legs.

We came upon our Prince, he was hammered in all sides. We couldn’t get to him in time, as his horse reared up and he fell in the chaos of blood and guts.

It was over in the matter of moments. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. “Bring her to me. I know she is here!” I stepped out of behind a guard. “You stupid bitch, my mother! You shouldn’t be here!” I tended to his broken leg. I felt the slap across my face. Once it was done, they went to join the King.

He ordered us to return to the castle. We moved on. We find more hidden troops and took care of them. The King’s movement was slowed down greatly, but he was moving toward our general direction.

We were climbing a small hill when came upon the enemy Prince. Everyone was shocked, and the look of pure horror upon his face knowing what we were. I took his head at the end for a present.

We went to join the King, when I spotted a person in a tree. I took him out. He must had been there for days just to take a choice on taking a shoot at the King. We found them all waiting in tall and short trees alike.

We awaited on the outside of the main battle to be called in. We were not. We stood there blood dripping off of us. Once the last enemy was killed, a wave parted to allow me straight to the King. Most everyone was smiling and happy with the victory. I only saw the pure hate, pain and hurt in his eyes. I wanted him to hit me, but he ignored me. Pushing past me, and ordering everyone to quickly pack up and leave for home.

I had nothing in the camp. Word came down, I was to wash up and they found a dress for me. I stood outside of his tent, as his second in command spoke to me saying I would never again to leave the castle or fight in other battle. He took the head.

I peaked in the tent, and he gestured for me to come in. He pointed to a clean bowl of water. I started to clean my hands. I felt the knife against my back, starting at my neck and the ripping of the fabric. All he kept on saying was, ‘never again, never again.’ Once he was done tearing my clothing off, he kicked it away. I quickly changed into the dress laying on the bed.

I raised my arms to help undressed him, but his look alone was enough to tell me not to. I stood there as tears fell, and I wouldn’t dare move to wipe away my shame.

The troops needed to rest, to eat and take account of the injured. Once he was cleaned up, we were on the move. Most would stay behind other then royal guard and the King. The entire ride home he spoke to everyone, but me. All I could do was cry, as everyone around me smiled and made jokes.

Him and I knew what awaited us. He rode his horse up to the doors and ran to his Queen. I could only walk to her rooms. She was layed out holding their daughter in her lifeless arms. The child they tried so hard for for so long, was such a tiny thing.

He couldn’t move past the doorway, looking at his dead wife and daughter. I pushed past him. I grabbed the hairbrush, she needed her messing hair to be brush out. I swore I saw the smallest of movement from the of corner of my eye.

I took the baby and tried to rip her from the umbilical cord. “She is alive, cut it.” The King didn’t question it and cut it.

She was cold to the touch. There was a soup still being warmed, it would have to do. After clearing her air ways, I made a baby soup. When some color appeared on her body, I tried to nurse her. I was making milk for health reasons for the Prince. She barely took the nipple. I told him go to my rooms and see what was still in their for her birth.

Nothing had been used. He lit the fireplace. His face was pure red. He obeyed my every word, only to keep his daughter alive. We worked together in tense silence. He didn’t want to be there. He wanted to be with his dead wife. Once she was fully pink and crying baby, full of life, he left us. She was suckling fully when sleep claimed me.

She wasn’t in my arms when I awoke. A note was left saying I was not to leave my rooms. She would be returned to my care, after the Prince was done saying hello to his baby sister. I ate the cold food that was there waiting.

An hour later a baby was crying at my door. It was the King holding his new daughter. He gave her to me.

“I hate you. I deeply hate you. If you had been here, she still be alive, but our son would be dead, most likely myself too. You saved both of my children, for that alone is why I will not take your head for disobeying me. She needs you is the truth. She is a sick baby. Your life from this day forward is solely for her only, and her well being.”

Those were the last words he spoke to me in that lifetime.


Did he die??
What happened?

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He lived to die of old age. She went on to look after the Princess. And she followed the Princess to other country when she was married off.

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