Beleth delivered full service

I performed a connective evocation with Beleth to have an awesome intimate time with this girl I’m seeing. She was actively pursuing me for a couple of months but i was in a relationship. Even though the relationship was bad and i was trying to end it, i told her i won’t cheat. I would break up with my ex first because that’s not who i am and she wouldn’t be able to trust me if i was that kind of guy anyway.

Anyway, we had sex the night i broke up with my ex, it was good and we cudddled all night. But the next day she told me she didn’t want to rush into anything as it did not work out for her in the past. So i tried to make peace with that and focused on finding out my own needs and meeting them. I don’t want to use her to fill any void. I also really wanted to be a secure and healthy man in a relationship if i was to get into another one. I hated my last relationship because of the codependent and enmeshment patterns.

I did the connective evocation ritual with Beleth to ask him to give me sex god-like traits (wink wink). I told him i wanted to rock her world. Oh boy, did he deliver. All we did was have sex and cuddle for one evening and a full day. Both of us found it extremely difficult to stop. Even when i got home, we video-chatted for nearly two hours and still found it difficult to hang up. Everything changed for better.

She right out told me that my stamina and recovery time was impressive and she has never been with someone like that. Hell, even I impressed myself. The reason i asked help from Beleth in the first place was i was having difficulty rising to the occasion in full salute and going more than once within an hour due to my past bad habits. I haven’t recovered fully yet. But, my man Beleth changed all that just like that.

This is not a public praise as an offering. I just wanted to share my experience with Beleth.


I don’t know if I interpret your sentence correctly. But wanted to point out that the Kegel exercise can be helpful.

What did you gave as a offering during the second ritual? (second in the sense of the three types of rituals in that book)

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I started doing Kegels again but time wasn’t on my side :sweat_smile: I’ll continue doing it plus working out and great diet.

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Sorry, i forgot to answer your second question. I offered him a sensory experience by chewing on a lemon.

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Ok, I thought it was private information. Initially I assumed you offered a portion of the sexual experience. Would that make the working much more powerful? As you and he (spirit) can benefit from it.

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As Gordon Winterfield mentioned in his book, sexual offerings can be complicated as you have to be connected and keep the demon in mind during the act. I didn’t want to do that :smile: so i went with a different offering.


Yeah… Demons of Magick, it’s been a few years ago that I had read that book. Now you mentioned it, he does say you need to keep focusing on the spirit while juggling, in properly thrusting the long bow into whatever orifices the practitioner finds himself in.

I read I believe it was Corwin Hangrove Demons of Deception. That a person could also offer to go through withdrawal for a few days, like not smoking cigarettes for a few days. If a demon could get energy from such a undertaking, why could a spirit not get something from sweaty sports?

I mean people offer their incenses to spirits. I do not think they would utilize Gordon’s Winterfiels method, and keep their sensory faculties in the foreground while focusing on the spirit. Just to make sure the offer will reach the spirit.

*I could be wrong though.
@darkestknight @Mulberry Do you know when you want offer sexual energy or interpersonal sensations to a spirit, that you need to keep focusing on the spirit to make sure he or she will receive it? Like is that mandatory?

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Personally, I never do this, I prefer fresh finger blood, on the sigil and burned to use the gate of fire to transfer it with intention to the spirit realm as my offering. I may offer libations on an altar, again with intention.

But yes I agree with @Apex_Alchemist, you should focus on the intention of where you want that energy to go or it’s just going to go wherever it wants. You want to guide it to the right place. And you don’t want to give randoms any ideas :smiley:

I don’t think you want to allow any entity to just randomly take any energy from you, ever… give it and keep your boundaries clearly understood. Do it the boundaries of the ritual circle and that helps you keep good spiritual hygiene.


Thanks @Mulberry for this reponse in this thread aswell as the reply in Pm.