Beings stronger than demons

Is there a creature strong enough to frighten even gods who can change reality?There are many unknown entities, especially beings named kuddam and hadim in Islam.She explains that they live in the 7th dimension and says that even the devil is afraid of these beings.She says they are responsible for the chapters in the Quran, but there are bad ones, The entity that rules all the djinn on earth name is el meymun. But it tells us to stay away from fasting and people in order to summon and use them. Between 10-20 days.How can we summon these beings without staying away from fasting and humans? And if there is a creature stronger than these, would you write their names?

Sounds like dogma. Go soul traveling and find out for yourself.


What is dogma it and I have no idea about soul journey

From Google, a very informative search engine:

Dogma - a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

El meymun really sounds like Amaymon. Must admit I saw that

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Can you imagine all the creatures that are less powerful than you?
In this Earth, in this plane?
in lesser planes?

As above, so below.

Don’t matter who is stronger. there is always someone stronger. As long as they are stronger than you and can help you. No need to focus on ONE all powerful demon/entity. There’s practically tons of spirits that can help you. That’s all that matters. Them helping you get what you want. Your purpose of working with them is to get you goal not to have a battle of who’s better.

The point of magick is to do magick to get results. Not debate about magick that is going off different purpose. there is so many people debating what’s right magick, if the source is authentic or if the spelling of demons is correct etc… Focus on the use of magick to get results. That’s all that matters. If your to busy debating magick , your not benefiting from doing magick. The focus is no longer application of magick to change your life. It’s become a debate of unproductive ego fighting. Just saying.

Example is them stimulus talking debate so focus on politics nonsense yet not getting things done for the american people. They too busy talking til the cows come home rather than doing. :man_shrugging:


Well dimensions aren’t numbered, but the interactions can be tracked by the imaginary axis method. The Imagining 10 Dimensions movie or the book We Start With a Point (but what’s the point?) are good places to start. There are also a few videos on the The The Imaginary Axis channel that are relevant: DC multiverse map, Marvel multiverse map.

Stephan Wolfram’s New Kind of Science book is probably relevant, but I haven’t got through it yet, but I listed to Wolfram on the Lex Fridman podcast #124.

The implications are horrible though. It means you aren’t safe behind that 4th wall, you may not be who you think you are, and that your magic may change depending on what you are interacting with.


That is fascinating

I guess if you look at your magick as being a third entity between you and the target, it would make sense, as it is an agreement between the two.

Sounds like man ego. I’d hardly be concerned about inflicting terror on other beings. I mean it happens and what comes of it is what comes of it. I’m sure the sticky traps i put up that have caught well over a dozen mice and lots of bugs inflicted terror in them. In fact i heard them squeak one night. I made sure they were executed the next day.

If left to run and overrun my donain they would destroy the structure and rain down more mouse turds and piss from the ceiling. Seems i don’t hear the chewing now (after like 2 dozen deaths). I should have used sticky bait traps ages ago.

In a god? Why? Is it bugging me? Can’t say i’m stronger than a mouse but i am alive and they are dead put into a crypt above my cat crypts. I’ll probably creamate the corpses eventually.

Is it really correct to say beings stronger than demons rather than beings closer to this realm than the demons?
I’m not expert, I just came to this conclusion by other responses and little personal experiences

Universal laws that no one has control over is strongest. You have to figure out how to work with the universe to get what you want and to learn what to want.

The most powerful being/beings will corroborate this… probably