Beginner Spells

I am looking for some good spells or rituals to do as a beginner. Nothing complicated.


Well I would suggest getting “Works of Darkness by E.A.”, you can buy the ebook fromand it is a good place to start. If not the “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” a.k.a. LBRP here is a link to E.A.'s video on it he cuts out all the unnecessary stuff.

I really recoment the LBRP a good way to get started. :slight_smile: hope these help.

Hmm. Interesting. Do you recommend I just try this by itself a few times or attempt an evocation after?


As I am still very new to magick as well I found that doing this, I started to see the blue flames of the pentagram the more that I did it. It also clears your temple of energies you don’t want there. The Book “Modern Magick” says to do this and 2 other things daily when you first start out. As for an evocation I don’t know I don’t think I am at the level where I fell I could do it as my senses are not tuned enough yet to be able to do it, but you maybe able to so that is up to you.


I guess I’ll be giving this a shot. Thank you!

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You’re welcome, I hope it helps.

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Evoke the powers of darkness from all 4 cardinal points and command it to commune with you and unite with you as one, and to give you all its power.

From there do a basic mediation with darkness for 20 min a day for 21 days evoking it into existence and breathing it in and out of your diaphragm.

From that point on you should slowly begin to unfold your journey naturally. It might take some time but slowly but surely you’ll be there.

I promise!


I’m assuming you mean meditation in darkness? Could you point me to an example of this evocation?

Thank you for the ideas, I’m interested to see how it goes!

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Practice how to switch between different states of consciousness, It isn’t as hard as it sounds and it’s pretty damn important.

Basic candle magick works pretty well too.
Sigils, Enn calling up beginner friends spirits and asking em to open your senses help a lot too.


What exactly is an Enn? I had never heard of them until yesterday and now I’m hearing that everywhere.


Enn’s are incantations that were channeled by ancient religions revolving around the worship of demons (DEMONOLATRY), that are written in an unknown language, but are known to create a direct connection to the select demon when chanted or recited mentally.

Using a Sigil along side an Enn garuntees contact.


Looks like I’ll be using a sigil and an Enn soon.

Maybe this helps explain what I was mention about the chant I found on YouTube in another post. I guess it was technically an enn since it was given to the person by Azazel.

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Look up hoodoo spells on YouTube, they’re fun and still simple and straightforward to do.
I love working with herbs and roots. Writing petitions etc.
Basic candle magic as well as chaos sigils will teach you a lot and is valuable training for visualisation for an extended period of time.
Also learn about planetary hours and invokations using the baneshing ritual of the hexagram.
There’s some good info above about summoning spirits and deities.
Eventually you’ll be able to combine all the above elements for your spells to be very strong.
But remember the real strength of your spells is in your own personal connection to spirit and that is strengthened with meditation.
So keep a regular meditation practice schedule, it’s important for all types of magic.
Keep a regular relationship with a mentor or guardian spirit to help guide your ascension. Regular small offerings are better than big irregular ones when you need something.


Hey bud can you astral project?
If you can’t that’s where you should start astral project and open your third eye.
I my self I am very impatient I want to start working with the ancient ones and do some serious magic.
But I can’t I need to build that foundation I need to open my third eye and I need to get my first astral projection done, so I can get use to being around spirits. And also I heard that your first spirits to work with is planetary intelligence. Good luck to you and me!:blush:


Thank you guys! I’m getting a lot of good ideas and suggestions. I can’t wait to get the work week over and gather some materials.


soooo… how did it go?:smiley:

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Good advise. I’m taking notes. Thank you

Good info here. Thank you

Each daemon has a sigil. You meditate and recite the chant with the video. Or just meditate. Black witch covenant has them.

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