Share your simple spells for "virgin" "fledgling" magicians

Have been playing around with the title for some time so if anyone thinks of a better one feel free to change it.

But as the title suggests this is a plave to share you simplest spells, to help get the beginners on their feet.

This one is mine.

A very simple “invisibility” spell:

You will need one Bloodstone

Heliotrope flowers ( toxic if ingested) or a flower that has a connection to the Sun. I find Sunflowers work well too.

Smear the Bloodstone with the Heliotrope flowers ( or substitute) carry stone with you.

You will become the proverbial Wall Flower, fly on the wall.

This was the verey first spell I ever did and it worked better then I anticipated! May it help you when you need it.


Money Spell
As the moon approaches a Full Moon, gather the following materials:

  1. This spell written on paper in easy to see lettering
  2. A Mason Jar or similar glass
  3. A handul of pennies
  4. A handful of dimes/nickels

Gather materials as the Full Moon is there, and go outside to an area where you can work in peace for 30 minutes.
Kneel where the moons reflection is cast on the glass. Set glass on ground capturing the reflection.
Set paper in front of the glass, where you can see both well.
Think of your need, have the two handfuls of coins in your hands, and say (the following incantation that is written on your paper in easy to see lettering), while slowly pouring the coins into the glass:
Lovely Lady of the Moon,
Bring to me your wealth right soon.
Fill my pockets with silver and gold,
All you give my pockets can hold.

Meditate and see your need fulfilled.
Gather materials and head back inside.


Bumping this just incase more people want to share.

I would suggest new practitioners learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram as early as they can. I feel this ritual has so many benefits and really touches base with so many different aspects of magic.