Beginner Spells


I ended up having to take a brief hiatus. A lot going on in my personal life (moving, band things, now back with a few days left to spare on vacation.)

With that said, I did end up purchasing E.A.'s Soul Travel course and am enjoying it a lot so far. It’s really helping me realize how real this all is. I’ve always looked at this through the eyes of a sceptic, but this is helping me change that.

I’m currently focusing on trying to move to an object across the room. I’m feeling my energy body start to leave the physical, but haven’t achieved separation yet.


That sounds like a great technique for beginners!, can i do the same thing with light?, my heart and my ethos are more oriented to that vibratory spectrum. I only resort to darkness when i want to feel “wild” every now and then haha… Thank you for your answers.