Beginner offer to draw aura


thank you :smiley: :partying_face:

I hope nobody will curse me xD


I feel something dark arround you

It feel bad… But it don’t feel hostile.


I asked you once to draw my aura, could you try draw my aura again? Im wonder if anything changed since my life changed little bit. Not sure if aura changing for such things but i would be grateful :3

And yes yes Hapy birthday if you have birthday, good good i hope you gonna have good day today, and ye, well basicly i hope you gonna have good life entirely not only today yes yes^^
Sry i have to much energy right now because of coffe, happines and all things in general: P


I down for having mine done, but my profile pic is not me so I will pm u a pic of me and my sun+moon signs when I get the chance


@Selkie Hey, could you give me an aura reading? I want to compare my aura reading which I made for my aura. You remember something? If you don’t, then it’s great !


Wow, I love that! Thank you, Selkie. I did wonder if you would pick up something darker around me which, as you say, is not hostile, just very dark - because she is death. That is my patroness, Santisima Muerte (or Santa Muerte) - most holy death! I love that you saw her.

BTW, when I try to get a sense of your aura, I see a very rich, cobalt / ultramarine blue radiating outward in the shape of 6 flower petals. Really does look like a flower or lotus mandala. Hope this might mean something to you. Thanks again for the portrait.


I would really appreciate if someone tried to draw my aura again. I feel like my energy has changed and I want to see how different it looks from last time mine was done. I’m not sure exactly how to do it back for you but I will meditate and try my best.


U mind Do mine again sweetie ?! :wink:


I have finiiish your painting .w. ! I hope you will like it ^^

I feel that a big liberation of energy will occur on the november full moon. I could hear the sound of ice who crack and the sound of sparkling.
I could feel a sentiment of melancholy too.


Thank you Selkie, its beautiful.


Indeed, I Don’t remember x)
So here what I feel and see :slight_smile:

I feel only luck ! All arround you, luck is coming.
I have paint 11 point, but 1 is missing. If it could meen something to you :thinking:


It was a pleasure :slight_smile:


Solar energy it seems. Well it’s way more different than what I thought my aura is, sooo… the drawing which I made a long time ago was a fail.


I’m happy to have seen her too .w. ! I have always like Santa Muerte

Thank you verry much for this ^^
It talk to me I like that :slight_smile: I will make research about all that and meditate on it… And try to remember what I was doing arround this time ahah
What you describe feel very peacefull to me >w>


I absorbed the solar energy in me and cleared/purified the area with solar energy for some time


@Selkie Thank you. What can I offer in exchange? Give you some of my luck to you? :)) :wink:


No ! Don’t say that ! >.< x)
It’s not a fail :slight_smile:

  • many people seem to say that aura can change
  • I think I have paint more an energy than an aura :thinking: x) but aura is energy so it is up to interpretation… But don’t say that your painting was a fail ! You are the more apt to see your own aura than anyone :slight_smile: my opinion


Ahah it will be a great gift ! :smiley: luck is always welcome and appreciate


Did you observe something which is brilliant white and has the form of a human hand and it has somewhere in the middle a purple dot? @Selkie


Ok, it is achieved