Beginner offer to draw aura


i woun’t i promise.
After all, you know my Energy from Drawing me before. :wink:




yeah, it’s true that many things are more easy when you are alone :confused: it’s a bit sad still


yes there times when i want to talk to someone (real) but always there are things like forum this not same but always


I will keep a pan near … x)

:v I can not remember everything you know !!!


Happy Birthday!


yeeeeaaah I feel you .-.

I stll have no friend here ahah, just people that I know


thank you .w. I appreciate ! :heart_eyes::partying_face:


like me but i have conversations (im not always happy with results…) and pm (with you and one another person xd)


well feel free if you want to talk with me :slight_smile: I’m not the best for that ahah But i do my best ^^
and I like to talk :v


Wow, Selkie, these are gorgeous. Thank you for offering and taking the time to do them. I would love for you to draw me if you feel a pull and have time. Blessings.


it would be a pleasure ! ^^ I still have time and my book is near :wink: I will do it


im not the best on talking but always try (im half offtopic and half topic) chaotic style (xd)


Awesome, thank you!


We will have great conversations ! xD with our broken english


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I have see it !!! tooooo laaatte .w. ahah


this was just so offtopic so i deleted it xd this like writing about pancakes in this topic tagged sex Does Masturbation create bad Karma or draws Negative Energy?
(this is question in suggested for me xd)



ahahah :v well I like pancake !

:smiley: have read that thread ! x) it’s something.


do me too like it but it can be very offtopic i do not wanna be flagged so im not write it (new posts like this i send to pm to not spam sex topics xd)