Beginner offer to draw aura


Hi ! :slight_smile:
Still bored like all nights… So I’m going to practice myself with drawing aura in water color :slight_smile: if some people are willing to test, I offer 3 drawing to start. But it il will be my first try ahah be indulgent ^^’


What do I gotta do?


I’m in


Hi :slight_smile:
@Justin Well you have already your pic in your profile, I think, so it will be perfect for me :slight_smile:
I go make it

@Coffeefreak27 I will need your initual and sun+moon sign :slight_smile: It will do okay for me


Sounds interesting!


im in :slight_smile:️ what do you need ?


hi ^^ ! just need your initial and sun+moon sign :slight_smile:


I finish yours :slight_smile: you want it here or in private?


You have a very pleasant demeanor. May I have one if there’s time?


yeah sure :slight_smile:
Just need your initial and sun/moon sign
a pic of you !


if it’s for the practice, i’m in. :wink:

Would you be as kind and sacrifice the picture after upload symbolically to Veruna?

That’ll boost a working i currently participate in. :wink:




Mars and Tarus I’m an Aries as well if that helps


Here we go ! :slight_smile:


I’m down


I’ve done my best o/


Here’s fine


That’s really cool, if you don’t mind me asking what does the black triangle represent


I love it btw




Its sure represent the center of something…
I have see it in the center of a green explosion then somethings like blue energie have come…