Beginner offer to draw aura


ok new knowledge always welcome i must train more god and godness names


yeah it do feel like her ! ^^
she is curious about you


Yes, Beleth was my first idea, i’m sure there are more possible good connections which may help.
I have a little mind map of my HGA - my higher self hanging next to my Desk,
And Beleth is part of it’s Structure (well, from when i re-constructed it).
It popped out to me and seemed to be the number one call to give forward to you. :wink: :*

Greatings to Lady Aphrodite. :*




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btw 666 likes in this topic





ooooooooh xD !!! damn, wow ! ^^
I miss the 420 post, but I did not miss the 666 likes xD


Well, that makes it official.
Beleth called you! xD

We call that manifestation!




catolics say Satan xd


:rofl: no more choice ! ahah :slight_smile:

it’s my birthday you think he/she will offer me a present ? :v joking


true x)


Sure. Ask for a gift!


:smiley: !!! jump on place ahah


Happy Birthday sweet Darling!


yes happy brithday all best


.w. thank uuuu :heart_eyes::partying_face:
I don’t even have a cake :’) all alone, just me and my loyal bong


thank you ^w^ :partying_face:
I never say no to happy birthday ahah


I’ll see if i can visit you in Astral Travel.

Good Night to the rest of you. :slight_smile:




ahah okay ! no prob with that, just don’t scare me ! xD

good night to you .w.


im too alone but this best to esotheric grow without friends you do not have any bindings…