Beginner offer to draw aura


yeah I can try ^^ ! but right now I’m eating :v


ok i must eat too i lost this from memory (and the epsom in empty stomach is not the best feeling)


yeah go eat ! xD


Sorry to interrupt, but from what i see and know about you, Selkie, you seem to be a natrual empath.
I know many empaths avoid opening/reading in normal environment due to the amount of different impulses which are constantly thrown around without a certain degree of defense it can overwhelm by a lot.
Still, it can become a very powerful tool for managing situations other’s couldn’t handle,
i found that to be true with my telepathy -which i do restrict by a lot aswell, for similar reasons.

Still, i found ways to incorporate these skills better, and i’d love to know that you train on controlling yours.

I’d definitely suggest you ask Emotion Masters like Beleth to help you in getting better at your natural skill.
I’d also suggest that you make it a little hobby for yourself to look into the emotions of strangers - i found it to be much easier to train and still keep my guards up when focusing on people i don’t verbally interact with.




good guess i asked her this

if she use intuition like medium then she does not need to connect to energy she sense but can see it and fell it without being vulnerable to bad energy


I’m … I’m a girl :v


you do not write it to me sorry idk


my post edited


but girls are more intuitive…


XD ahah it’s okay ! I was just saying it to say. many people seem to think that i’m a boy


on this forum nothing can be guessed really sorry


thats okay thats okay .w. it don’t bother me !


it will be cool if bad energy don’t affect me ahah !


so im done eating this pasta with salt (not best taste but it was in the kitchen)


I guess Aphrodite decided to stick around.


and what is Aphrodite?


Greek goddess of beauty and love.
Aphrodite represents venus.




Aphrodite is a goddess I’ve worked with not long ago. Her energy is still around me.


don’t be sorry .w. I like when you come to talk ! .w. .w.
well it don’t really surprise me, I have search on that in the past. But I wasn’t sure if I was , so I just let it there and continue my life.
I do close myself, but just me. I don’t feel like I don’t feel arround me :thinking: sometime it’s more the reverse ahah I’m too much aware of my environment and fear came over everything and my brain spin fast x)
I surprise myself to always know when someone was looking at me.

Beleth from the goetia ? :slight_smile: I can take a look ! Maybe for one time I will feel that I connect.

I was a very silent child with big eyes so hehe I will not stop ^^ thank you !

Like always, it was a pleasure to talk with you .w.


the best meat to eat :+1: ahah it’s so easy to make and so delicious x)