Beginner offer to draw aura


ahah if you prefer we can talk in french if it’s your langage :slight_smile:

I’m sorry again for this misunderstood.

When I say that you lost yourself in bad energy, it can be wide. It can be bad thought, it can be depression, it can also mean that you need to cleanse and ground yourself or, you have say you was sleeping, it can be a nightmare, etc.
It will depend on what you have done recently I suppose.

I can interpret what I see, feel, etc. But it’s just a part of the work, you will have to interpret the rest

I don’t give answers, it’s more a guidance.

What I draw can be wrong too, you have to keep that in mind :slight_smile: you take what you want, I just offer it.


I have one problem which is like halfdepression but this is rather life changing question

I do not know french but i have same timezone as france
I do not have nightmares but i have strange dreams sometimes (in this day) but their are very soft dreams (i write them when i remeber it)

Maybe this was my last solar plexus chakra practice (i can feel pain in this chakra for 5h)

Yes i know aura sensing can be inaccurate (maybe this is because im not identificated with this nick i only have it on 2 forums and always use another) but 3 persons told me that i have white aura and i was not prepared for purple aura


See it more like energy than aura :slight_smile:

It’s what I have say many time on this thread


And i througt you have america timezone from actual central european time becuse is very morning and notmany are awake


Aura is not energy? (I do not know how power sensing works)


oh I’m from Québec And live during night so :slight_smile:

for some yeah for some no ? ahah for me aura is like energy too :slight_smile:
But it’s still a complicate question. For some aura will never change ! for others, they say that it will change during life or day.

So I just say that I paint energy :slight_smile: Because it’s literally what a feel and everything is more simple when we try to define the word ‘‘ernergy’’ comparing to ‘‘aura’’


you meassure personal/soule energy and aura is more like chakra energy and chakras is like consciousness energy yes?


and are you sure you checking my energy not the nick (the nick is basically chakra names in sanskrit from up to down like mantra and it is not the best for energy work because not only connect to me)


oooh i’m not into this. I don’t know this words and etc.
well, I know chakra, but I don’t work with that.

My work is more intuitive.


i use google translate for single english words which im not understand
i mean that you estabilise connection with my aura throught nick or 100% intuition (i know how aura reading work but not power senssing) and how you reach this skill with this accuracy (many persons up post)?

(im expanding esotheric knowledge for now)


You will maybe not like my answer, but practice ! :slight_smile:


you mean chakra names?

sahasrara is often white anahata pink manipura brown


yes i know this is one of ways but how do you practice sensing on forum sensing in the park etc?


(very first sensing on what you have do (animals persons from forum yourself in mirror (aura viewing practice)


I just concentrate myself, meditate anf fall into my space, and then it’s “visualisation” :slight_smile:


yeah the answer is not best because i cannot do conscious visualisation (subconscious can give me visualisations but like intuition and things completly other than interst me) (so i use sublimals for visualisation)


then instead of trying to visualize aura and energy you could try to feel or hear them :slight_smile: it could be a start that maybe will help with visualisation


i can fell but only object which i touch or myself but i have question you can sense only persons or things like sound too?


:thinking: mhh
well I feel energy, but for now it was just person or entity…
When I see the energy I can feel emotion, things that seem like emotion, I can hear sound sometime too. But it’s nothing clear ! it’s like a sound that came from far or a thought.

And it’s something that I have never really done arround me, in real life.


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