Beginner offer to draw aura


If I don’t send you my pic, what info do you need? @Selkie


initials representing you or initials of your name


I’d love to draw me one sweetie :kissing_heart:


I feel a tired energy. It need some rest, fast.


Here you painting .w. …


I’m a bit late for that, but for the people that it could interest and if you have time to see this before Tuesday aaaand if you live in canada… X)
Well, my business give me the opportunity to have free shipping :V in canada only pff
Sooo If you want me to send you a painting by post or idk, it’s possible xD !
It’s maybe useless but I offer it :v


Thank you


Reminds me of my last scan. xD


Im interesed


Save me, please.

I mean…scan



I’m gonna do yours today :smiley: !!!
it’s a special day for me so I’m haaapppyy


I feel that you lost yourself in bad energy


I feel a soft and feminine energy, she always seem to smile. She is arround you but not attached to you.


Maybe not my energy (someone connrcted)
But isn’t purple aura good?


maybe in the internet but not in what I feel shrug
purple can be soft, spiritual, intelligent, dream … You can find many definition for each color if you search anywhere


What type of energy it from where (chakra point dan tien anything) and where it comes from (me or external world) it this hight or low vibrational is someone atached to me using thing like aka is this chakra unbalance from my last technicque or maybe i was in sleep (my aura differs when i sleep)(diffrent timezone)


Be more accurate of its source


I don’t have to be that accurate

who do you thing you are to obligate me ?
I offer freely a drawing, and I have say many time that it wasn’t aura


My english is bad, so maybe I have take your words in the wrong meaning, if so i’m sorry my friend :slight_smile:


Sorry i do not want to obligate you my english is not best (europe)
I do not know you cannot gave more awswers i just want to know how to remove these from aura if this is bad but i do not know what it is