Beginner offer to draw aura


Can I have one to please?


Yes sure .w. but I have no more time today


Ok :disappointed: I was really hoping you would. The next time you have time I think it would be cool if you could.

I could try to draw something for you in exchange.


@Selkiecan I have one next time u do it again ?


Can I have one? What do i need to send you?


Don’t worry :slight_smile: you are the first one on the list ! ^^

Yes sure .w.

.w. vii
Just need a pic of your lil face ^^ (in pm)
If you don’t want it’s okay :slight_smile:


Interesting, I don’t really understand but thank you.


ok when you say that you feel im lost in a dream do you mean that literally or is there some other meaning that i can’t think of?


You dream of something, you want something too much, you lost yourself in it.


Today is your day ! :smiley: @Demonjazuan666
I feel two different energy with the same desire of liberty working together for the same goal, it’s the perfect union.


Thanks @Selkie :blush:

This is awesome


it was a pleasure ^^ !


@Athena it’s your turn ! .w.

It feel like if it was in movement. It turns on itselt and go ahead in the darkness. Something feel strange, dangerous in this darkness.
Each circles glow and look like gold, inscriptions are on them.


103 paintings done ! XD oh gods… when I have buy that book to draw I didnt think that it will end full of energy painting x) Soon I will need a new book :stuck_out_tongue:


oh ok thats more clear, thank you


I would love this!


Hahaha, now you realize that you didn’t achieve too much after all those drawings and readings which you made for others, just gaining skill and getting the respect of others - in which all the beauty stands.


.w. it make me happy !
It’s more easy for me to do things for others than for me… it’s dumb x)
I have close myself to much even to me.


I’ve been curious about how look my aura. What should I do? @Selkie


just send me your pic with your lil eyes if you can ^^
otherwise I will do without :slight_smile: