Beginner offer to draw aura


Hmmm I wonder if the first is an entity watching me? I don’t have any shields up or anything. Weird! Tysm for including both, even though you didn’t have to! I love it!


Do you think it’s a positive thing or a negative one? In one of the pictures I sent you, I had been feeling really stressed and a bit depressed, that might be part of it, or maybe not.


Interesting image you painted for me, thank you so much!!! :hugs::grin::green_heart::orange_heart:


PS, anyone have any idea what entity may have been watching me that was painted? I know Glasya is very close to me but I feel like that’s not a form he would take :thinking::thinking: Very cool nonetheless


I feel like I’m way too late, but if you can could you give me a reading? Thanks


something positive, it was feeling like a protection :slight_smile:


I can do one for you yes ^^

This post is always open, and I do the painting when I feel it :slight_smile:

So, worry not, no one is late


How much do you think the image results would change over time? Like if you tried redoing several of the ones you had done before, a few months down the line, and maybe the same a few months after that, do you think there would be a recurring theme or would they change drastically based on symbolism and stuff like that?


that’s an interesting question :slight_smile:

mh, well first I will remember to people that like 400 post ago I have say that I’m not quite sure it’s aura, and feel them more like energy.
sometime it’s from the people I try to heem… scan I could say and sometime it’s from something arround.

Some people have come back to ask me to do another paints a month after the first one, and the result is different a person to another (it’s really funny to see the evolution).
Sometime colors, pattern, sound, smell or feeling come back. So yay sometime recurring theme are there.
And sometime, a person ask me to do another one and everything is different.

The result is alway unique :slight_smile:


How exactly do you interpret the aura you drew for me? I’m drawing blanks trying to understand it


I firstly think of a draconic energy… but it seem off to me.

I take time to glare at it more and it feel like a liberation of energy, in one shot.
I think the roar I have hear was to emplified this image.
A jet/throw of fire in the air, really big, but it sure has the apparence of a dragon like, that’s what make me think of a draconic energy too with the roar.


Sounds like my shackled energy is finally getting lose and flowing back into me. I’m very excited about this


Thinking on it i do have a form of slumbering draconic energy within me which could also be slipping out due to all the works I’ve been doing lately, and the current moon. This is also good/bad news for me, so again, very thankful for you bringing it to my attention


it was a pleasure ^^


hey !
If someone want to make an exchange, I want to know if something is arround me or interested to know me.


I’m game! :slight_smile:

You’re like a cycling tide around a fixed center point, gray-green water surges and trickles in the northwest and southeast of the image. You’re like a semi-polluted river in the jungle, full of moss and dust. I get the sense that your core looks out in this river and remains unmoved, there’s a much harder you on the inside than out who tastes like lead and venom. You’re a pale yellow and an almost sickly gray-green. You good?


That’s a really good description ! :slight_smile:
Well, I’m not really, but it is something that I have since I’m children that I can not explain myself ^^’
So, c’est la vie ahah

Thank you, it was great :slight_smile: I can Imagine what it looks like.

I go make you a painting .w. !


Hi @Selkie I just found this thread. Would you mind doing an aura painting for me???


I feel a really soft energy and the sound of a lullaby in the background, it feel really comforting. People can easily lost themself in your arms.


That seems perfect. Thank you! :slight_smile: