Beginner offer to draw aura


Cool, may I? :slight_smile:


Me too


let me open my book :face_with_monocle:
bright ! I remember now :slight_smile: the colors use are pink, red/orange and orange


hi :slight_smile: sorry to have just let you with that
it’s more a bad open, but I don’t like to talk too fast…
you can see that like if it breaks like have say Leoh, or like if it takes root, but it surely stay open. I have see nothing at the door…


To all of you who have write to me after my last batch, I don’t forget you o/
just no more weed in the house and work to do ahah


Can you do mine? Take your time if you need to, I’m not in any rush.


Sure. This seems super fun. Sign me on up


sure @anon53844978 :slight_smile:

And, I hate all of you because my book is full of just energy painting xD
And I love all of you .w. even the ones who don’t say thank you


You’re fine! Take your good time. People should be patient, especially when you offer a free reading. :hugs::woman_juggling:


Agreed. Even if i wait a month for it, I’m still getting some insight done, free of charge


Thank You! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


.w. .w. .w.

I just have to talk to clients tonight, and I have Blue Dream ! :smiley: soooo PAINTING TONIGHT
probably x)


Blue dream is my favorite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


ahaha i know why :stuck_out_tongue:


I have made two in one for you ahah
So first, something didn’t want to let me see “you”
It was big and all made of fire, it was wearing a helmet with horns.

And finally what I could see from you : the green one
I feel that you are in evolution, a new birth. It feel like a caterpillar in his cocoon.


I was not able to feel something :confused: but I have seen this.


I feel that you are Working or absorbing unstable energy.


I feel a thick energy arround you. I could hear a sound of bubble in water too.


I could hear a roar from what seem to be a dragon


Not quite sure what it means but i like it. Thank you