Beginner here looking for orientation

New to all this i have been looking in some posts and im now interested and eager to test the waters what would you guys recommend to start this journey for someone new and someone that has to see to believe. Interested in working with moon and angels but open to all suggestions.


From top to bottom.


Welcome @Oni-Shango It is a rule here for all new members to properly introduce themselves so please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

Do you have any sort of practical experience in magick at all, or are you starting completely from scratch?

Working with in what way? There are many forms of magick, so before we can provide you with appropriate direction, it would be helpful to know what you are wanting to accomplish.


I am relatively new to magick myself and in my case after trying numerous spells, meditations, visualisation techqniques, mantras and whatnot without much success the below tutorial has finally allowed me to reach some of my magickal goals. (Posting again since I copied link the wrong way and couldn’t alter that)


Hello im from the USA. i have dabbled a little bit with some ATR here and there. No experiece at all with planetary, sigils, chakras angel, goetia demon magick have read a couple of post here that peaked my interedt in wanting to work/practice some of the forms here. As far as what exactly?! Im not sure since i practically know nothing… would like to start easy tho maybe start working with angels/ planetary without ruffling up to much the energies as i know and have seen some post of ppl having bad experinces and want to avoid that at all costs.

Thanks will be giving this one a try and see how things develop

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