Beginner help needed please

Hi can some one help me here pls. I recently got a scan. I was told Baphomet wants blood from me. How do i give it to him and why.

I would not give blood to a spirit until your senses are developed enough to discuss it with said spirit yourself. As for getting a scan, we do have threads where we scan each other.


I got a scan here on the tread. So how do i develop my senses?

Well, there are quite a few different ways. The LBRP actually is known to help with that as well as banishment. I developed mine over time by memorizing physical senses and recreated them through meditation. This helps one get used to the idea of collecting similiar information that you would use physically without actually using them, which is what is used in ritual. Here is the tutorial I wrote on the method.


I think i need help with this. I struggle to meditate. I relax clear my mind. Control my breathing then just fall asleep or just day dream.

that’s literally what meditation is clearing the mind and relaxing yourself (unless it’s mindful meditation) . After that is when you actually further your productivity into doing something else.


Yes so im told. Im good at it but its not helping. Think i need guidance.

There are plenty of meditation guides and books online

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Is there maybe a spirit i can ask to help open my senses?

I jived this to its own new topic.

Seconding to not give blood, that’s a very high value gift and spirits will try to con you out of it, like it’s nothing, without having given anything in return.


Thank you. Oh is there a spirit to help open my senses?

Your senses aren’t “closed” - they’re not developed yet.

There is no single spirit who can switch them on like turning on a tap or opening an eyelid.

If there was, magick would be mainstream and practiced by all, instead of being something of an obscure and hidden practice.

There may be spirits who can do energy work which advances their development, I am not aware of any offhand because I developed my own without any books or assistance, I did it the rather hard way. :thinking:


I’ll third the whole not giving blood option.

It can open you up to some pretty dangerous spirits.

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Oh ok. So how do i protect myself?

Learn to shield and banish. Even simply affirming that you’re protected can work well

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Simple. Don’t give blood until you build up a relationship of trust with a spirit.

For spirits to help with developing the senses, Sastan, a spirit from the grimoire Kingdom of Flames, Paralda, the elemental king of Air, and the Neptunian spirit Mepsitahl, are used in the BALG mastering evocation course (in that order) so I would recommend them. You can search for their seals on this forum. However, even with their help, you still have to put in the work and practice skills like scrying.

Thank you. Oh is there someone in Cape town that i can contact for further help and guidance.

I don’t know. i’m not in Cape Town so you would have to look for yourself.