Hi there everyone,

I just recently started working with Beelzabub and was wondering if anyone had any stories about him, or his perffered offerings.



I don’t know about offerings he loves, though on mastering evocation course i saw EA give dried meat as on offering. So i don’t know if that is what he likes/it was just for that ritual.

How is he like? Well he is great guy to work with, when you work with him in a project he brings to the table all that is needed for the project to be successful, for me he wasn’t fun type like Astarte but he was more serious he talked only what you are working with, advices etc.

But so far he is great ally.

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All I know is that he will like your seriousness and your emphasis on spiritual growth.

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I find him to be quite the character. Yes, he is very serious but he also has a sense of humor. I find that my black magic with him always manifests in a way that is extremely terrifying, and a bit ironic. He seems to know what Christians think of him and he really plays into it but he’s clearly being sarcastic.

I’ll def try the dried meat! Thank you!


I get this from his a well. Beelzebub is the diminishing epithet JCI gave him, meant to be insulting (lord of the flies). His name as an old god is Ba’al Zebul (lord of all that flies), but he just thinks it’s funny. He’s supremely confident in his power.


they hear me buzzing, they hating

That’s that kind of feel good old Bob gives me.


Speaking of Bob. Ironically that’s what I have named flies since I was a little toddler.

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here is a little post on Beelzebub. At the bottom it says all of the things that he likes as offerings. Bael (Beelzebub) One of the demons of Hell and a...


There’s a lot here too:

I started working with him using the Beelzebub compendium 6 from BALG almost a couple years ago now. I’m still learning, but hopefully I have something helpful to share
Booze works fine usually I offer him whisky, rum, or red wine. Tobacco also works. Food-wise, I’ve offered cured meats and dark chocolate before and seemed work fine.
I maintain a small altar with other stuff like the fetish I made for him (based on a ritual in the Beelzebub compendium- I think I shared a picture of it in the above link), crystals like smoky quartz and obsidian, some herb candles I made for him, a picture I drew of him, and booze occasionally
Something more extreme that I did recently was I got a tattoo of a fly (using an image from the Beelzebub compendium from BALG as a reference image) with his sigil on the wings. My friend was the tattoo artist and she used a few other images as well. I knew her from undergrad when we were art majors, and I love her style, so I thought whatever she came up with would work out. I heard that the process of tattoo-ing is a form of blood offering
Knowing that the fly association came with JCI, and he’s actually “the Lord of all that flies”, I asked him if this was ok a few days before getting it done- if he’d rather I do a few different animals/bugs that fly or a completely different design instead, but the solo fly was fine. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ll add more to it later