Becoming a demon after death?

It’s not frequency that does anything there’s no such thing as a racial frequency as everyone’s frequency is capable of changing based on many factors. Becoming a demon doesn’t need “ascension” nor does it need a change in frequency.

The goetia strengths and weaknesses vary and a person can surpass the goetia if they wanted. The goetia are nothing but a rank among infernal demons not an end all be all of to anything.

Becoming a demon after death is possible and becoming a demon while currently reincarnated is also possible through the request of a Deity such as Nyx, Lucifer, and such. However, some demons along with the goetia can alter the soul into one as well. However, I’d suggest a deity before a goetia or any demon as the method seems smoother with the former than the latter as the latter it’s more of a “corrupting” the soul in a way it’s basically forced changed.


The oldest known demon is the Sumerian Dimme Dim3-me or Kamadme. Also known as giddim3 or “black” they are the embodiment of evil. It would be presumed you would need to follow their example and reside in Irkalla the land of the dead home to Ereshkigal. Queen of the Great Earth. The Mayans have similar demons which reside in the Xibalba “place of fear” ruled by the death gods.


The closest norse pagan concept of demons would be “black elves", “swarthy elves”, svartálfr. primarily attested in the Prose Edda written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson a lawyer with a dwarf sounding name. synonymous with the dwarves and the dökkálfar, “dark elves". Niðavellir “dark fields"

In Norse mythology Dökkálfar “Dark Elves" and Ljósálfar “Light Elves" are two contrasting types of elves. the dark elves dwell within the earth and have a dark complexion, while the light elves live in Álfheimr and are “fairer than the sun to look at”, in cosmogony of various civilizations demons dwell within the earth.


Also look up gallu demons, these are the ones whom drag mortal souls to irkalla the underworld with their wonderful pitchforks. Ever wonder why the devil has a pitchfork?


The norse we not black and white in such a way. The previous poster who mentioned dark elves is spot on.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say they are close to demons, or ever were. They were compared to the dwarves from time to time but they were never akin to demons or close to it. The fire jotun were the only mention of being likened to demons.

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Only in the terms of dwelling within the earth. Such as the Mayan demons, Rakshasa demons of Patala, Gallu demons of Irkalla, and the like.


i don’t know much of this, but in the books of somnus dreadwood presents to “azhintal” who according to the author him was a leader of a monastic order but cernobog turned him a demon(¿someone meet him?).also donald tyson in the grimoire of necronomicon(page 15) say similar something. what nyarlathotep welcomed to nephren ka(i clarify that i don’t know very well english )personally i supposse what to contact to demons it returns us in demons and part of they,for example after of invoke yog sothoth,in dreams i had horns and the black flame among them likely baphomet,after i evoke beelzebub i felt that i had his a very happily a boyfriend with lilith.sometimes she comes to sleep with me and envolved me along with her with her serpents.i don’t know what it means but i supposse that makes me very close to her.

i would like to be a incubus ¿it is possible? ¿are you a boyfriend of succubi? ¿how do you do it? sorry if there are many question,i’m a boyfriend with lilith but i don’t know well how to be her boyfriend

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Lol men can become succubi too ;p given succubus are capable of gender bending same as incubi lol

However, if a person is aiming to be one of lilith’s she’d have to agree to alter the person’s soul, which from what I understand isn’t done on a whim.


These are information I received from demons

When approaching race the same way we humans do yes there is no such thing as racial frequency but different groups of spirits have specific frequencies and coming down to individual spirits the frequency varies and we also should remember that these spirits are beyond what we can perceive and they in fact have all kinds of aspects with all kinds of frequencies for example Lucifer is balanced between dark and light frequencies but that doesn’t mean this is all there is to him


I usually feel people shouldn’t use “we” when explaining perception, if beings are beyond what you can’t perceive it’s best to not group everyone in that limited perception. Just saying. What is beyond your perception may not be beyond another person’s.

I also don’t really follow the idea of light and dark having to be shoved into everything, of course Lucifer can alter his vibrations how he sees fit, just like many of us can and other entities. However, then again I don’t give much hype to frequencies how most do.

My point being as a race it wouldn’t make sense, as we aren’t the only humans in existence, there’s humans within the etheric and other places, their vibrations as individuals differ just like our own and other entities. However, our vibrations remain within the spectrum of the plane we’re in, however, when we project our energy body’s adjust in vibration to the plane we enter for interaction with the life in that plane.

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I have heard about some satanic high priests that got a Rang in the demonic but they helped a lot channeling Sitra Ahra on Earth and that was a reward.

I just ask these questions because in a gnosis, I received info that expressed how difficult it is to get out the reincarnation wheel.

Like there is a LHP, magick, and demon work but at the end, the alchemy on the human soul (which is very weak), has to be very special for this soul to be free from the reincarnation wheel.

Basically, on this gnosis I received, i was explained that due to vibrational frequency, all people from the LHP go to hell, the only way to escape is by making “strong” the soul so it doesn’t get damaged there. Also, you cannot escape by astral travel that easy, it’s not hell for a reason, like hell is a place with stages or “levels” etc, like the Egyptian tradition specifies.

And in my gnosis I received the info that most people form the LHP go there and are forced to “repent” through pain as this is the last stage of the cosmic karma.

Another way of escaping hell would be to be “rescued” by a demon, so I guess if you could turn into an incubus/ succubus, Norse “demon” or even a qayin champ, this is a guarantee that you would be freed from the reincarnation wheel.

The egyptian tradition didn’t really have a suffering or repent, it was a simple weighing of the soul, if your living actions weigh heavily on your heart you will be eaten by Ammut, if not you will follow the path Osiris did when he died and travel the solar bark through the multiple layers of the Duat until you reach “peace”

However the Norse “demons” were the Jotun Gods, the fire giants were Gods. However, it’s hard to tell as everyone’s death will differ in some form, so it’s quite possible this Gnosis was your own means of proceeding beyond this life. As personally I’ve chosento reincarnate and not by choice each time, this time however, I know through my own Gnosis I have certain entities waiting to guide me back to where I came from.

How do you make sure this entities will come back to you on your next life?

Look, this is an old Egyptian map of the underworld.

If there is a map, must be because there is a way out, and to prepare “magickians” in life so they can do this on the next life. Also, must be to point the way out rather than a way in.

This map must be of magickians rather than from their normal religion.

The Duat is for those who follow the Egyptian Pantheon not for everyone, just as those who follow the Norse are subject to their terms of their afterlife.

As for the entities, because they were there in each of my choices to reincarnate and not do so, however, even if they don’t I already am choosing to not reincarnate anymore. I’m not an LHP energy worker, but at the same time LHP/RHP none of that really matters.

You got some great replies, regarding the Norse tradition. Outside that, this may be of interest:

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apart from being a boyfriend of lilith. i follow the norse,greek, egyptian, voodoo and sumerian pantheon.i don’t know what it will hold but i had to do it,(i do not know why but i remember as a child i drawn the egyptian ankh cross in everywhere and i wanted to read the book of dead)

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