Be careful what you wish for (Goetia Demons)

I have been having a feeling that some demons pulled a fast one on me. About 2 years ago, I did some rituals to get to a girl to fall in love with me. I don’t remember exactly which demons but I am certain that Sallos was among them. The girl is now living with me.

They delivered but there was a twist. My partner seemed like a perfect fit at the beginning. She moved into my house about 3 months in. Suddenly she lost her job and couldn’t find another one for 8 months so i had to take care of finance which i was not prepared for. She does not take care of her own physical and mental well-being and I am a big advocate of self improment. Her energy can be quite toxic and I am quite sensitive to it.There are a lot of other stuff about her that really drags me down as a person.

Now i feel like i am stuck with a person who is not good for me. I have tried a few rituals like road openers and removing someone from your life to no avail. I tried to break up, but I couldn’t bear watching her in pain. She can not look after herself. Even with her rich father helping, she couldn’t find a place that would allow her to live with her dog. I feel like I am out of options.

Does anyone have similar experiences where the demon delivered what you asked for but with a twist? I can’t think of a ritual that would just make her fall out of love with me and move out.

I’m not sure if the demon(s) you’ve involved are also responsible for your girlfriend loosing her job. I doubt it was all part of their plan, however.

Her personality is certainly none other than her own doing, not the spirits that helped you get her in your life.

Are you familiar with the saying: “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true”?
Looking at this from my own experiences with demons. It sounds like the only “twist” to your fulfilling your wish, is that you might’ve not really thought this through as thorough as you should’ve first.
Another cliché thingy that might be part of this result is that in a lot of cases demons bring you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

As for resolving this situation…
You could search for cord-cutting spells or break-up rites. There’s plenty on this forum. But… since you are in a relationship with this girl and you have both taken the step to start living together… You could just try to communicate with her. Chin up, step up and do the hard part and start the (hard) conversation and see if you can both make the effort to make this work. The demons helped bring her to you, but it’s unfair to expect them to deliver you the perfect relationship. That’s always something you should and will have to work for yourself.


Thank you for your well written reply. I will try your suggestions.

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I read on here that demons take the fastest and most effective route instead of the safest route.

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I’m in agreement that I don’t see the entity is to blame for this one, but yes, not all entities, especially humans, are straight-up and not all understand your vision. Teamwork is great, but there’s a reason for the saying “if a job’s worth doing, do it yourself”


You got what you wanted. Your opening post says nothing about her compatibility with you. It’s not the demons fault that she was ultimately incompatible with you. I would say it’s less about the outcome and more about you phrasing your request clearly.

Good phrasing is needed when summoning any entity to do work for you. Whenever I summon an entity I am very clear as to what I want and how I want it done. While adding too many stipulations can hinder the demons work you need to add just enough to ensure you get the result you want

You often discover more about a person when they live with you and not all their quirks may be to your liking.


I wanted to know how much effort you put into attracting that girl. Was she already interested in you and you performed the ritual after that, or did the ritual bring her into your life when she didn’t even know you?

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I agree. It was just that we are so incompatible if felt like a cosmic twisted humor. But I did only ask for the girl to fall in love and nothing more.

I’ve read for a love ritual, it is better to ask for the perfect soulmate and let opportunity find you that person. Apparently it’s quite common people get the exact person they wanted only to find out they’re not compatible.

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She already liked me but was playing coy for a bit. So I used the rituals to instensify the love.

So true!

Well, since you are okay with manipulating her with magic(k)(q). You can work with the four arch angels of the four elements Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Auriel. If you have burned your bridges with this enormously powerful arch angels you can work with the still very powerful elemental kings of the four elements. Raphael or Paralda for mental issues, idea, thoughts & healing of the mind & body would be a good place to start. You can work with Gabriel or Nixsa for all things emotions, you can literally ask Nixsa or Gabriel to lessen your partners emotions & attachment towards you. Remember how EA says to break things down into steps. Then call upon Auriel or Ghob to help your soon to be ex to find a job and a place to stay.


The only spirit i can think of that has been that vindictive and spiteful to me is YHVH. Every promise YHVH gives is twisted in the same way. It’s not just a goety issue.

If you can, hire a Spirit Releasement Therapist to do an aura scan on you to find out what you have around you, and also get them to do a psychic surgery to remove your attachments. It may help to have them do the same thing for your ex. That way you both can finally be free of whatever ails you two.

And it may not be what you thought it was, it may very well be something different

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I think you are forgetting something major here…
You and only you are in charge of your life! If you dont like something, get rid of it…i am 58 years old, nobody, especially in my home dictates anything against me or negative. Its very simple, sit down with the person,…sorry this is not working for me, dont need to say snything about them…that will just give them reason to retaliate, blah blah blah u have ----’ days to pack your things…ba bye…you are being very weak…wake up! Life is too short to be in any situation we are not happy with! Change it!

Soror SD


I do not think it was the demons intent to mess with you either. You asked for the girl and the demons delivered, not caring that she had baggage and not great future. This is why it is better to just ask Universe for a partner that is the best for you, with a few pre-requisites. I know it is not cool hardcore demonic magick, but it sure works.


What was the context? Was she a previous ex? Someone you casually knew, and did a working on her? How long did it to work?

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that the way all magic works

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You asked for a specific person.
You didn’t ask for an healthy one for you ahahha.

Spirits, mostly demons, get straight to the point and give you whatever you want.

The problem is you have to define your intent and give extra commands

People mock the “harms none”, for my “highest good”, or “for everyone’s well being” but in that case it’s a must :rofl:


You asked for love. Love is not easy. Man up, take control and help het get her life togather, don’t just tell her to show her how to. You are into self improvement, right? This isn’t easy but it is what you asked for. If you really just wanted a mentally stable fuck buddy thats what you should have asked for. Love means sacrifice and selflessness… she needs you, take control and hanfle thos. Only two outcomes here- she gets pissed and leaves or she follows your lead and you get a deeper connection.