Bats in the Belfry, or, Why I'm fine being off my Rocker

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Lately I feel like I am losing my mind, but I want to learn how to handle it not succumb.

So this question came up in conversation… it gets asked now and then, and reasonably so. It’s a good conversation to have generally and I had some thoughts to share.

If I told anybody what I really think on a few topics they would probably question my sanity, so I’ve thought about this before, and this is why I and many seasoned practitioners, I think, can be quite circumspect with their experiences.

Consider for a minute, that insanity is a judgement made by other people. Labels generally, are for other people, they’re a social tool for communication. I mean, you know who you are. So the question becomes, who are you to other people, and when does other people’s judgement cross that line from being helpful and reasoned, past basic critisism and mob mentality labeling, and into them being judgy frootloops in thier own special way? And who decides that anyway?

I try not to just label people as crazy - when magickal energies are involved, they can affect you strongly, especially when you’re clearing big blocks, doing shadow work and assimilating new energies. It’s why we take our time on pathworkings, full balancing can’t be rushed. These energies can make it hard to function, and it takes a level of control and courage to hold yourself as you change.

I’m also of the opinion that our universes don’t all overlap. This is why one persons truth about the occult can conflict with another’s - and both can be “true”, with a little t.
The part we share, which, I think, is some of the physical (e.g. posts in BALG), some of the astral, some of the abyss etc.

Right here is where you want to be aware when your universe departs in design from the shared space agreed upon with other people, which is more fixed.
Telling people - especially out-of-context, or in an assumptive or authoritarian way - large amounts about your personal universe, when it’s very out of kilter with theirs, is exactly the way to look insane, annoying, at best turn people off and at worst have them completely dismiss you as a basket case.

**I think it’s ideal when a mage is able to work through communicating in the shared space with self control, respect and discernment. **

This helps the mage to achieve his goals, as working well with others, attaining the support and network you need as a human is beneficial, and may be crucial to manifesting your ideal reality.

This doesn’t mean whitewash things and dumb down what you think. I does mean be careful what you say, how you say it and who you say it to. Consider the message you want the other to hear, and control it.

So how do you get there?

Especially when you might be feeling kinda nutty, and you’re worried that what you think you’re saying isn’t even how you come across? It’s an issue that the very instrument of judgement you use to tell if you’re out of wack, is out of wack, how can you trust it?

Well, in extreme cases, you can’t. It’s possible to become overwhelmed and swept away by the currents, literally, of magick and lose the plot. Know that this is rare. Know that you can be strong and trust yourself.

Then, in my experience, including the following principles in your lifestyle as a mage do help you hold yourself strong:

  • Taking care of the vessel is paramount. On all levels.
    Fit body -> Fit energy body -> Fit emotional body -> Fit mind -> Strong ability to use discernment
    This the base, your foundation, it can’t be understated.
  • Psychic hygiene - staying clear of parasites, maintaining equilibrium, “protect your energy -E.A.”
  • Give yourself permission to explore, knowing you will come back to base to process
  • Communication skills - listen to others and allow feedback, and consider your audience
  • Stay ‘high functioning’ - as in, take care of your shit

If people start feeding back that the universes are mismatching (“you’re crazy”, “there’s no such thing as demons”, “you need cheeses!”), this is Ok, they’re allowed to disagree with you and see things from the lens of their own cosmology - so, here, with these people in your audience, be careful with your language so that they get the messages that you intend.

I borrowed ‘high functioning’ from psychology - I figure, if your family is running fine, the kids are Ok at school, the bills are not late, anyone non-magickal looking in would have nothing to question, it’s all good and you can be as batty as you like in your own belfry.



Or, to put it another way, just for shits ‘n’ giggles

Your Universe Is Not My Universe (But Your Universe Is OK)


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