Baphomet: The deity hiding behind the mask

Alright! Here are the details about the goddess who contacted me through the mask of Baphomet.

Pantheon: European

Deity: Feminine/Goddess

Domains: romance , charm , beauty , chaos , compassion and diplomacy

Animal affiliation: Fish

“Dark” personality traits: judgmental , arrogant and attached/obsessive

“Light” personality traits:

  • letting go of what needs to be let go of
  • knowing when to surrender/give up
  • able to see from new perspectives
  • abundance/success-based mindset
  • inspirational
  • free spirited
  • a limitless potential

I think its Aphrodite but I’m not 100% sure. Who do you guys think it it?

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How did you come to this conclusion?

Feels like I’m missing something here.


Aphrodite hiding behind Baphomet???


I would love to know how the OP came to those conclusions


Refresh by going through this and looking over the conversation in including Lady Eva and several others.

Lol you were apart of the convo :joy:. Go back here:

No offense, but im curious did you at all read the article I linked to you in one of your last 3 threads?


No. You will write a summary. It is YOUR thread.


Wow Sebastien you’re igniting something on here, sounds Fun!!

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Yes! What’s the issue? I was given several articles :man_shrugging:t6: by multiple people.

Im wondering if that at all helped you because I think it gave some good insights you glossed over.

Basically Lady Eva and I came to the conclusion that Baphomet the deity who said they were my patron was actually a deity behind a mask :performing_arts:, for whatever reason

@Lady_Eva What do you think?

Yes but how did you come to find that behind the mask is Aphrodite


Okay, but how did you go from “a deity” to Aphrodite specifically?




Aphrodite is known for her arrogance and obsession with her devotees. She’s also known for solving conflicts, acting diplomatic in chaotic situations and she’s also a goddess of war , hence the chaos part.

A lot of Gods and Goddesses and spirits alike have a lot of attributes that could go spinning around them. Why her?
What I mean is… So many could fit the suit.


Look lol! I’ve listed above the information that makes me think it COULD be Aphrodite

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Have you read the information below my question? That’s why I think it COULD be her. If you disagree please look over the information and tell me what you think.