Banishment Mom Fail

Hi All

My son has been, for quite some time, seeing a 9 foot tall shadowy being that physically grabs him and says bad things to him, so I cracked open my copy of Demonolatry, found a banishment spell and requested Lord Murmur’s help, paid my fees. I was told to perform the banishment consecutively on two nights, with the assistance (and admonition) of all the Voudon spirits that accompanied Lord Murmur. My son said it was a success, creature gone, until two nights ago, when I found out that it had returned to our house, though considerably chastened. The problem, however, is that it also moved to his buddy’s house, and now it/he/they is pissed off. Both kids are clearly able to see it and hear it. I am writing this for your amusement, but also for advice, if anyone cares to jump in. Thanks.

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Circumstances like these are why I very much advocate people reading Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense. The issue is, the affected parties (Son & Company), have a standing invitation to whatever is doing it. Banishing is just kicking them out, they still have a door key, so they can just come back when they feel like it. Until the lingering connection is severed & the root cause which allows the entity to hang out with the affected parties is removed entirely, any efforts taken will be as fruitful as trying to empty the ocean with a bucket that has no bottom.


This can happen after an exorcism. I would call this a lesser entity. If you read Josephine McCarthy’s ‘The Exorcist’s Handbook’ she calls them parasites, and under her model it sounds like it’s the house itself that’s basically haunted. It’s attracted to the person it can get a reaction from the easiest, and when it was banished it moved down the line to the net person who was easiest and in contact with your son. The are known to do that.

Since the two banishments worked and while it’s still weak, I’d say do more of that, and also for his buddy’s house. Up the number to three if you feel like it. At some point it will stop bothering and go find easier prey.


Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I will have to get my hands on the aforementioned books. I think I see where I went wrong now!