Banish or don't banish? Abrahamic bullshit?

Do you bother with Lesser Ritual Banishing pentagram ritual before evocation or some other form of banishing? Do you wear a Solomonic hexagram pendant or some other protective adornment such as a ring? What about Abramelin oil? Maube you only banish if you really feel the need?

I get the impression that people on the forum think that the traditional armour we put up between ourselves and the Goetic spirits is uneccessary Abrahamic bullshit.


I perform my own banishing ritual when I’m clearing unwanted energies out of my space. I do it between workings to “clean the slate” before I begin the next working.

My own impression of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram was that it was more about “cloaking you” or “making you invisible” to something rather than banishing the energies themselves. I haven’t spent much time with it other than maybe a dozen times, but I distinctly remember getting that feeling when I was experimenting with it.

I used a modified version of it to cloak my conversation with a close friend from her nosy son who always had to butt into everything. I normally couldn’t get away from him, but when I used the ritual, he would wander into the room, scratch his head like he forgot what he wanted to do, then wander back off into another room. lol I used it 5 times on him and it worked every single time, so I’d chalk that up as “cause and effect”.

My own banishing ritual is a tweaked version of “I Am’s Solar Banishing Ritual”. I was amazed by how much more powerful that banishing ritual felt than any other banishing ritual I’d tried.

In another thread, author Kurtis Joseph said something to the effect that the strength of your aura is your protection. I completely agree with that and in my own experience it’s very true.

I’ve never been attacked or had any trouble working with any of the Goetic spirits, but I’ve never approached them from the more traditional Solomonic mindset.

I don’t feel the need to wrap myself in multiple layers of protection going into an evocation because I’m going into the evocation unafraid of them, treating them as one king treats another king. My goal is to connect with their energies and bring it into my life, not separate myself from them.

And if I did run into any trouble, I can defend myself through astral combat, summoning whatever astral and egregoric tools I need to do the job.

The attacks I’ve experienced have all been from astral parasites, unconscious thought forms created by bad thoughts sent my way, or intentional attacks from magickians testing themselves.

Sure, I’ve got several layers of protection from these kinds of attacks (they’re more annoying than anything), but I’ve never needed protection from a Goetic spirit.

Now that doesn’t mean some of them don’t come off as overbearing. Lucifuge came to me that way, annoying the hell out of me until I paid attention to him.

The worst he did was to invade my sleep and started chanting his name over and over in my mind, attempting to get me to evoke him.

I woke up, told him I would contact him when and if I decided the time was right, and then I blocked him from my mind using a thought construct until I was ready.

The experience was a test, leading to a deeper initiation. And a very important lesson.

In the end, your mindset matters.


!I don’t feel the need to wrap myself in multiple layers of protection going into an evocation because I’m going into the evocation unafraid of them, treating them as one king treats another king. My goal is to connect with their energies and bring it into my life, not separate myself from them."



It’s not banishing that’s bullshit, it’s the LBRP. And pretty much everything else that came out of the Golden Dawn.

The difference is like between tossing a man out of the airlock and throwing him against the table.

One will remove him from your life. The other will only piss him off more, especially if he’s drunk.


It would seem to me that the LBRP is a waste unless you can get in the current of those entities individually first. In other words, it seems like Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and Uriel should all be evoked as a type of pathworking, one by one, until you are ready to call them together for a LBRP.

The irony? After having little connection with those angels, I rewrote the LBRP and encorporated my then current pathworking entities. It was based on the LBRP and although these entities might be less powerful (perhaps), it was certainly more powerful than evoking a bunch of entities that I could not connect with.


Look at Banishing like it was cleaning the temple.

If the Rose incense allready lidt up,
you propablly not going to clean at that Moment, right?

you do before, or after, but you clean your temple, just like you’d clean your Body or your living room. :wink:

You can, however, also Keep Spiritual Ally’s there, which will dislike banishing.

Such Spirit’s, woun’t be banishable. :wink:

Spirits, aren’t exactly our slaves, you know?



Hey, @MagickMike … when you say “get in the current of those entities individually first”, do you mean the complete mindset of the systems they’re most often a part of? Or do you mean just establishing a personal relationship with each one individually first?

Hey, @Yberion … do you believe that your spiritual allies actually CANNOT be banished or just that you wouldn’t want to do it?

I like hearing other magickian’s takes on stuff like this. I find it fascinating.


I’m talking about a thertain Level of Intensity.
A diety which admid’s at a certain Frequency,
can’t be banished, becouse it just imbues.

Like Eric mentioned about lucifer for example.

Certain Beings are basically so deeply embedded into the Reality,
that they can’t be banished completly,
as a part of their Being,
resonates out of what they touched.





Interesting viewpoint. I’m not sure where I stand on that.

There’s really only two situations I’ve had to deal with any trouble from a spirit with higher intelligence and neither of those were too bad.

I had a magickian who wanted to test himself against me, so he sent Michael to attack me. I had a good working relationship with Michael, so he just came to me, told me about, and told me he didn’t actually want to do it. I figured my Will was stronger, so I just commanded Michael to abandon this magickian and never take commands from him again. He seemed relieved, thanked me for it, and went on his merry way. lol

The other time, Lucifuge sent an offer to tutor me in magick through a forum member. I wasn’t sure if I really believed it or not, so I thanked the member and didn’t really take the offer as seriously as I should have.

And then Lucifuge showed up. He hounded me day and night, invading my sleep, repeating his name over and over in my head while I slept in what I felt was his attempt to try to get me to evoke him.

I finally told him I would call him if and when I was ready. I had to create an astral thought construct to block him out of my mind and then I shoved him away from me (a form of banishing) and “locked the iron gate” (another astral thought construct) behind him.

It worked and he left me alone until I’d dealt with my concerns.

In the end, it was a test. It lead to a deeper understanding of him and a much more friendly relationship.

If you mean they can’t be banished from all of our shared reality, I’d agree with that. But I’m not sure I believe they couldn’t be banished from our own personal space.

And I’m not sure what I believe about whether we could banish a spirit completely from our own individual reality.

Hmmm, interesting thoughts. Thanks for engaging with me on it.


@valkarath , I guess I mean enough of either or. It seems like there would have to be “something” there for the ritual to work effectively…either enough of an “angelic mindset” (for lack of better terms) or a personal relationship individually. No doubt there are going to be exceptions to the rule, but it seems like a problematic attempt at success to merely know how to evoke them from an academic standpoint only without any type of real connection.


Example? I evoked an entity weeks ago that I felt no connection with. I built up to the evocation by laying a groundwork of days of doing an exercise that E.A. teaches… Speaking incantations to an inverted pentagram while maintaining Theta/Gamma.

My discovery? Some asshat local occult order wanted to test me and had previously been working with him in the hopes of destroying me and wanted me to fight them.

I NeveR would have tapped into that info had I not followed the groundwork that E.A. encouraged. So yeah… a connection preceding knowledge.


@MagickMike … out of curiosity, how did you know the entity was there to begin with?


I didn’t. I was already getting my rear end handed to me as a newbie…over a year prior to my evocation. After I evoked the entity I received a vision from this entity and that is how I interpreted it.


@MagickMike … I’m a little confused. Bear with me, it’s not hard to do this time of night. lol

Were you doing the exercise for the purpose of finding a link to the entity you ended up evoking? Or were you doing the exercise for a different reason?

@MagickMike … And I think I understand what you were saying above about the “angelic mindset” or a personal relationship. Let me see if I’ve got this right … I think you were saying there needed to be some form of a link to the spirit to evoke it to begin with and the personal relationship provided a stronger link for further evocations. Is that right? Or did I completely miss something else? lol

Sorry for the 20 Questions, but I learn more from other magickian’s experiences than I do from theory. It often sparks new things for me to explore.


Invoking the Archangels is cool

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I was invoking the entity as part of E.A.'s Mastering Evocation course.
Yes, to the question you asked. I believe that a link needs to be established in begin with…and yes the furthering of that link provides for stronger magic.



Very Well pointed out. :slight_smile:



I think we’re all on the same page here. Interesting discussion. Thanks for participating.

Man, it’s difficult to put this stuff into words. lol


Thank you too


I actually have to mention, that there has been clear proof, on my personal Gnosis, that banishing can actually even attract Spirits, becouse you CHANGE Energy Levels, and one Energy replaces another.

That, however, is a Progression.

And the Practicioner, haves choice, about the Energy’s he allowes.

So basically, yes there are Spirits that "never really completly leave, once they’ve been there"
But, at the same time, the Practicioner can push one Energy out, by inviting another one in, and vice versa.

Maybe, that’s one of the Points of “classical ceremonial magick”, where Enochian Magick is used to Control Persian Spirits…
There is the side, of having them Angry on you, for pushing them away with force,
and again, the Practicioners ability, to be humble and Kind, and know that the diety Needs a lot less from him, than he may assume, but aknowledges and apriciates the “added offerings”, i consider that a way to get better relationships with them.

Again, you can conjure Raphael to threaten Azazel, But Both are independed Beings, and Azazel can be completly uncontrolable by Raphael.

So it’s rather having Raphael cleanse and heal, the Areal, where Azazel has been conjured before.