Bad luck?

Greetings to every person, being and spirit. I treat everyone respectivefully.

I have an issue. Why is it that anytime I come here to thank or give a testimony, things worsen for me.

I am literally worried that just bringing up this topic here will make things worse for me.

Are there rogue demons, spirits and/ or practitioners on this site causing this?

I remember how when i came here testifying about how I used to get top notch babes for sex, and it ended immediately. I testified about getting income and it ended immediately. What is going on here?

I took an advise from this place to put my blood on a demon sigil and that was the worst mistake of my life. I hereby renounce any effect that particular action had on my life, soul, mind, body and spirit.

What I am writing now is so disjointed. Yes. But this anytime I post here, my life gets worse

You only joined 11 minutes ago and this is your first post.

Are you saying you have another account here? Having multiple accounts is against the rules so the old ones or this will have to be closed. I’m PM you and we can work it out. :slight_smile:


What happened when you put your blood in your sigil?

Yeah I’ve read an article about blood pacts or similar, minor things, together with their consequences… (not saying they’re “wrong”, though, it’s only that probably there are strict requirements)

First: I doubt anyone here has the time or inclination to do anything to you

Second: depending on wording intent and if your senses are open blood magick can be risky especially if you can’t verify the spirits identity that comes because your senses aren’t opened.

I know that for fact. I did some dumb ass blood magick got possessed the entity eventually left or was removed by another for breaking the parameters I set. That’s how I know it can be dangerous.

Things you could do…

Now you can call the entity magickly without blood and even if you can’t tell it you want the to cancel the agreement as it isn’t going right (can be dangerous or not depending on the who it’s with and what you agreed).

You can write up in blood a retraction and do a revision spell where you start same but say write and optionally burn or bury the retraction (I don’t know what you call did so can’t be more specific then it’s) and I repeat it can be dangerous depending on who you contacted and what you offered.

You can call another entity not the one you tried before explain things to them and have them mediation a peace if you offended the one you called.

You can chalk it up to bad luck.

You can do uncrossing un-crossing magick because, it’s possible a babe got angry at you or somebody else got jealous and sent bad your way.

I do not know if anything has any supernatural component & do not know what you did or said but if you did magick any of what I said might be able to help you (except the one about chalking it up to bad luck).

Keep your side of the bargain and do what you said you would if you promised anything or negotiate giving something different (something different may not work).

Good luck.

I advise you get straight with the mods and if you have another account close it asap because they don’t take breaking rules well here.
Also apologize for inadvertently breaking a rule to the mods if you want to smooth things over and stay here on forum.

That’s all I have for you

That’s absolutely true but I’d like to flesh that out a bit if you don’t mind. There’s a little more to it. Specifically with regards to this:

If you actually read the rules the consequences are written clearly, it’s not a case of arbitrary ego mania run rampant, just in case anyone reading that went there. We give people a lot more chances, sometimes years of chances while they slowly attack to forums culture to join in instead of try to take.

Usually the hardest cases are about self promoting, made all the harder because many people with great skills are here, but for legal reasons the forum cannot be an instrument for advertising of any kind. We do however provide an outlet for these, which is to join in and get word of mouth, but some people just see our members as nothing more than a market to mass advertise to and will go to great lengths to work around the rules asking them not to do that, and are allowed to, before enacting some of them.

Please bear in mind, all the moderators here are volunteers, we are not paid we don’t work for the company BALG and we are here keeping this more like an ever-growing library of beloved information that is precious and that people should be able to find, maybe with a point down the right aisle from the librarians.

Imagine what a librarian would do if someone started going reader to reader in a library, interrupting their discussions and shoving pamphlets in their faces: “you don’t need to read that let me read it for you and you can pay me”. They’d stop that shit, wouldn’t they, it’s not what a library is for.

Similarly, this is a discussion forum, it’s not social media, it’s not a bulletin board, it’s for people to come and discuss their personal magick, not be sold to or trolled.

… Can’t do that without rules can you? Ideally clear rules that apply the same to everyone and can be found written down and they don’t change? And maybe some people willing to spend their time, again, free, keeping the rules so the pace stays usable and clean of clutter, spam, and that drunk guy waiting for the pub to open while hallucinating that the corner is a toilet.

The rules all boil down to "don’t be a dick". Some people can’t manage that and everyone here who isn’t behaving like a dick (whether they are or not it’s the behavior that’s the question) doesn’t have to put up with them.

I encourage everyone to read the rules and then you can decide for yourself if they’re too restrictive and if you can keep them, and if not there’s no coercion obviously to post anything except an intro after you start posting to say Hi.

Also bear in mind that the forum’s software enables forum culture to be maintained by all it’s members. No matter how new you are you can, for example, flag posts as a community and they will be hidden without a mod even being online. All this can be found in the getting started guide.

I hope that helps clarify what our position is, feel free to PM @moderators, me, or the other Mods and Leaders with any comments or questions.


Since I’m not a rule breaker :woman_shrugging:
@Mulberry Thanks for reminding me about them didn’t mean for offense to be taken. I was saying what I did JUST IN CASE the op made a innocent mistake they should rectify it and talk to a mod about it (I was NOT condoning rule breaking) …

And the rest of it to give ideas to anyone reading with similar situations on how to try and fix them

Caps to emphasize point and make it stand out not as a shout