Bad as a good

Sometime bad stuff happen to us which we never wanted to happen
Are these things important to happen in life is their any force behind it that may have caused that bad event just to bring change or teach us something?

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One of the options it that such is caused by the person’s own “daimon”. There are the individuating individual (daimon itself) and the individualized individual, who may feel bad for experiencing mishaps but the former one doesn’t care and, if necessary, causes these events.

No not all bad things that happends in our life is a leason or caused by some sort of entitie.
Sometimes bad things just happends.

As an example, getting run over by a car is not caused by an entetie and does not teach you anything.

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You can make lemonade out of lemons, but I’m in the campy that “shit happens”. It’s a symptom of how most of us are deaf and blind to the esoteric.

When we are very in tune without subconscious and the energy flows around us, we can become aware enough to get warnings, and avoid the dangers.

At this time, I believe “it’s teaching you a lesson” is no different than an abusers “I’m doing this for your own god”, and is a lie, a contol mechanism designed to prevent people from asking how they can improve their awareness and education to avoid similar in the future. Even lightworkers do this and in their case I think it’s mostly a coping mechanism.

Imo: Never trust anyone who tells you an accident, or something they did to you, is your fault.


I think a lot of this comes down to you labelling something as “good” or “bad,” but at the same time, I get what you’re saying.

Not to shill my ritual too much, but since I’ve started performing this, it’s like all the “bad” things that happen actually lead to good outcomes that benefit me. Toxic people are an easy example. A number of toxic people have come into my life since I’ve been doing this ritual, and every single one of them has provided me with exceptionally useful knowledge. It’s partially learning how to not be, cause their lives are full of suffering and misery, so like a reverse role-model, but they have also opened up various opportunities and given me other insights into myself and human emotions in general.

Back in the day when I was using the book Wealth Magick, “bad things” would happen all the time in the sense of things falling through at the last moment and bridges being absolutely burned. Now that I can look back, every single time this happened, it was most definitely for my own good. Those opportunities and paths were actually quite shitty compared to where I ended up going. It’s not always easy to see that while you’re deep in it, but hot fuckin damn am I glad those bridges burned.

After a while of this happening in your life, you start to realize that anything “bad” that happens is pretty much just you self-sabotaging and fucking with yourself. I don’t mean that in a victim-blamey way, but as an idea which should empower you to take control of your life. It’d be one thing if it was just self-help feel-good blah, but then you see for yourself as your life unfolds.