Baby Witch

So as I said in my introduction I used to love researching and learning about different spirits, deities and magick! but eventually I decided to pull away as I was very young and naïve and was probably a very good decision. But a couple of weeks ago I felt this pull to get back into this. But I’ve never actually really done any spells or summoning’s so I wanted to ask if anyone knew some quick easy spells for a baby witch.

I actually did my first spell a few days ago It was a magickal sigil and I’m still waiting on the results of that but even if it fails It was a fun thing to do. I have also felt a “pull” to certain deities and did an offering them. <3

I wouldn’t recommend starting here. You will have no protection, no skills to recognise issue of deal with them if they arise? Start with the basics of how to maintain a clean magickal space unimpeded by uninvited energy by banishing and cleansing, and start developing your psychic skills. Build a strong foundation and you will have better success and do it safely.

After that, how would we know what spells you need to perform for your life? Magick is done to purpose, even if the purpose is to learn, it’s not really a good idea to treat it like game to play for the sake of it. If you’re not serious your intent will not be strong and you can just waste your time and put yourself off learning and developing further.

thank you for your help!

I will make some suggestion.

Look up some pdfs online, they are free.

One is called energy work or new energy ways by robert bruce.

Another is the art and science of personal magnetiam. You can find it on psitek