Hello everyone,

I have a question… I was told by someone that azazel is currently weaker in this realm because he has been fulfilling many pacts in a short time… and that he will be able to fulfill my pact once he regains his power more …

Does anyone that works closely with azazel know if this is true? Because he has told me a few other things, ( things he said azazel said I should do to make it come quicker) but I want to know if someone on here can validate this statement about azazel and if this is really going on currently…

If someone is working closely with satan, would be helpful to… because this guy said he worked with satan and that satan wants to help azazel and my pact…

Please help me if u can validate this statement or if they tell u that this is not the case? Cause invorder for me to make a big decision, I need to know if this person was telling the truth …

Thank u :butterfly:

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Just to clarify… azazel came to me for this pact ( so I did not make a pact without him agreeing to me doing it) , I work daily on hearing him but I haven’t been able to as of yet … I only sometimes communicate with him through dreams… this I why I’m trying to double check with someone who works closely with him or satan

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Whoever told you that is playing at magic and LARPing in a fantasy land. I don’t claim to know how the layers of reality work, but i can tell you how they don’t. And that certainly isn’t it.


That’s why I’m asking… cause I didn’t really believe that either… but because I can’t speak to azazel directly, I was wondering if it maybe could be true…

Cause I don’t want to damage my pact either by involving another demon into it… cause that seems disrespectful if they aren’t 100% ok with it… that’s why I haven’t followed through with what he said

I was actually working with him last night and he is maybe even more powerful then I have ever seen him. This person is not speaking for him at all. I have been seen any of the infernal lost strength because of pacts.


This makes sense to me, gods and daemons get stronger the more people work with them. I think it’s one of the ways they gain power.

I’d not really paid attention but I think you’re right, he does come through more clearly than ever now.


I have really noticed this the last couple of times I have evoked him. I am just like wow you are getting really strong.

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Pact making can be like running a business but he wouldnt be weaker, more like he can be hella busy and getting “stronger”


I hope that you are aware that when you make pacts you are essentially giving energy to the spirit you are working with. As they say, magick isn’t successful without some sort of sacrifice.

With how many people that are making pacts to Azazel as we speak purely on this forum, I am sure that he is gaining much more then what he might be losing.


They exist outside of time. Being busy isn’t a concept they have to deal with.

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That’s inaccurate and I find it silly when people say that with such confidence lol but sure, they exist within time, they get busy, they simply exist in a different flow of time than we. The idea they exist outside of time is a ridiculous concept. I’ve had many beings state they get busy dealing with things such as family, their roles, and many other things. These beings are born and grow up, that comes with existing within time. To exist outside of time is to exist outside of the planes and within the void which they do not.

They still experience time, just because they don’t experience the same flow of time as we do doesn’t mean they exist outside of it, if they did not exist within time there would be no movement, no progress, they wouldn’t of been born, or have children that age and grow up too, they wouldn’t build, create, destroy and rebuild, the hogwash of existing outside of time is in my opinion spending too much time in the astral or more or so not enough time projecting and experiencing entities on their plane and too much time playing with evocations, as their plane time surely does exist.


I know that was what I was thinking… so this guy was just talking out of his ass …

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Thank u all for replying to this !! I appreciate it

I have worked with Azazel for a period of long time, and he is one of the spirits that changed my magic a lot that even if i close my eyes i can physically see the changes he made on me.

i respect peoples gnosis and in magic most people give out different gnosis but there are some things despite peoples difference we all can agree on one thing together … saying that he is weaker because he has a lot of pacts … surely that’s not true … to think that is like saying Azazel exists only by himself and he has no other spirits behind him…

In reality he has legions beyond our own ability to see… they are too many that you can not even count or approximate … So saying that nothing can make him weaker on our realms or even his…

Firstly let me tell you the mechanism of the pacts and how they work… its a lengthy topic but let me give you at least two popular options (on spirit side)… When you sign the pact there are two options,

  1. A spirit himself assist you on executing the pact… to make the pact manifests on the real physical world … and i can tell you this is not happening more often though most people are thinking this is what happening

  2. A spirit for example you have the pact with Azazel … he leaves you with a familiar spirit that will assist you to manifest the pact. And this is what happening most of the times though its can be hard to notice because the main spirit (Azazel) will just be like a watcher of the pact…

There was a time when i had to make pact with Azazel spirits Suhn’tal’ock and Ant’harratu though i knew the major goal of what i wanted but to add the minor details on the pact it was confusing to me, And Azazel left me with his familiar to assists me on how to properly write the pact… so if he can do a thing like assisting to write… what you think about making the pact real?

Well from what i have see … its not like his power grows like he was not able to manifest 20$ yesterday but today he can make 100$ NOT REALLY … for a personal connection like a magician and the demon directly let me use this example…

Imagine you have met the stranger today and starts talking (considering your psychic senses are off) to him automatically you will hardly know the person… but the more you meet the person the more you know them… this is the same with the spirits… the more you get contact with them the greater bond becomes between you and the spirits… the bond will come stronger up to the point where you wont need to evoke a spirit to get information… when you think of what you want to ask him… all you want to know is answered… you wont need even to call him… he will just be there

Though the spirits are not stranger to us because we have met them on previous incarnations but still on this one we may feel like its a new thing…

About their powers universally i can say the more we call these demons the more their stronger presence on our world… when their names is known to others … and their popularity increases the more power they get not in terms they can perform spell faster NOOO but as a new person know the name is like getting a ticket to join the infernal empire … as the empire gets bigger the more powerful you get…

And people fail to know … is that they think the army of Satan is only on the spirit world … but they fail to understand even themselves who call this spirits are part of that empire but on our physical world…and on the spiritual world… thats why you may call a spirit that you have never work with… and when he manifests he starts by calling your name… and you can ask yourself… how did he know my name? … that is because you are known you part of the infernal empire

i don’t know if what i have said made sense … but i hope someone will find it useful…


AMAZINGLY WRITTEN :slight_smile:

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How do you know the name of the familiars and How can I hear or understand them because I already made a pact with Azazel ones and that was the only day I saw him

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Azazel…weak? I would call my life a lie if that was true. He helped me project by pulling me out the very first time with ease so from experience with him I would say that isn’t true at all.

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Read the book of Azazel you will get an answer to your question!!

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Whoa. Even the first few pages of this book are the opposite of weak.

What are you referring to?