Azazel shows me further - [Netherheart's Azazel Journal]

After Azazel called me, and wanted to reveal to me further of his teachings, to show me my true powers/potential, I was confused a lot on what I was tapping into.

I had mixed thoughts, regarding what and whatnot. Linking to my previous post on here:

Then, after calling on a known spirit for some guidance, I had decided I’d delay working with Azazel. I surely decided.

But some emotion climbed in me I think, then I proceeded to call Azazel. I blabbered hundreds of confused words. Many questions I asked, many, and from many areas.
As I stopped asking, and started listening, he led me thru visions, and showed me those -
(The Q.s Questions are not exact. I only noted answers)

I see myself walking on the desert with them, as an observer. I say “them” as it was not only Azazel there. I saw the grigori in gold, walking along.

As we’re walking he tells me, regarding the people who could not see/realize their power/potential at a time (kinda beginning times)

“We could see, but the people could not see
So we showed them
What they are
They were the first nephilims”

“We enlighten the persons in the desert
Be it any dunes they are at
They learned the ways of battle, and learned to conquer”

“Fast forward
Religions came. Fake doctrines came
They blinded the people, so they did not see
They lived their life, in the illusions of the desert”

“When they could not see us in the outside,
We became the flame, that could arise inside them
They could feel us, they could be aware, they could see once again”

“So the journey began.
I seek those who have the potential to see, and who I can show even more”

“When they can see, they can rage battles and they can conquer
Conquer the illusions,
They grow, they become”

Q. What do you want them to become
“To be god, as to know their true potential”

Q. I ask him about the stories of garden of eden.

“I was in the garden of eden
For what I saw God do, was wrong,
(Keeping you as slaves of him, unaware, and with no knowing)”

Q. I ask about the so-called “casting down” of them, or of him

“As they ate, they were cast down, and we descended along with them, to show them more of the fruits that they can eat”

Q. I ask him. Regarding the Garden of eden of any of that sort that the religions call. What is it actually? What is the “God” or “Lord” that cast humans/him down?

"It is the flower of humanity. The seed, from which existence sprung forth.

To align yourself with the keys of this seed, is what i do

So you become this seed, so you speak to this seed and create your reality, the webs that are unseen by most"

Q. I think I ask him about the heaven/hell, or lake of fire, or his casting down, or its said in doctrines that he will be casted to fire, the meanings of so.

"There is no lake of fire.

There is only the seed, the you, your consciousness"

As he talks about the seed, or source, and many images I saw,
I saw the seed like a lotus flower, with its branches going everywhere outside it, and human/humans present in those branches

Q. How did the religions begin. The question targeting mostly the first humans who started teaching religions

“They knew us,
but they were afraid,
Afraid of persons holding this power, so they locked it away”

Q. Whats at the end of all these processes, all these experiences and fortifications of soul?

“End of that, we. End of that, you.
The sun from which you sprang, that sun be in your heart.
You command reality, as you are the same sun.”

Q. I ask more about himself

"I didnt spring as a different,

I sprung in the humans, as a curiosity, as a pursuit"

(Meaning, he is in us all)

At the end I want to say, good luck on your individual journies. I felt I wanted to share this on balg, so anyone could make a good use of this.

And ofc, anyone may have their own infos regarding the answers I’ve received, which may not be similar, but what I’ve got from him today, has been an amazing experience to know all this from him.


This looks like class A Journal material. :+1:

I’m popping it over int the Journals category, where things move slower and it will be easier to find, and you can keep updating it to have all your Azazel conversations in the same place. :slight_smile:


Hi people!

Great Azazel journal here.
Yes as a magick noob I have questions…

Does Azazel always speak like a riddle?
Can he bring me big money every month on a pact?

Does he fix my Business problems or doing teaching?

Can he show me the issues I done in my last life?
Can Azazel give me accurate answer what I will become in next reincarnation?

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yes so it’s better I make replies on newer threads.

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