Azazel offers me his future teachings, I wish to proceed, but-

Long story short,
I call myself a capricorn who can even walk on fire to get what he wants. I’ve done quite a few wonders with magick, pushing my limits farther, no matters what’s on way, and I’ve achieved successes.
I believe Azazel sees this in me, that I can rise higher. I’ve come to know myself as nothing can limit me when what I desire is important.

The above was not written with a “showiness” feeling. I write it with a little thought, and all words hold true.

Now, I proceeded to Azazel two days ago, for some shadowwork matters. It was good, I must say. I told him I’ll come the other day for the rest of work, we agreed.

Yesterday, I proceeded again for an expected shadowwork, but Azazel had something else for me.

I did not note much of yesterday’s conversation with him in my notes, but most I can write up is along those words, as if he will show me my true potential, my capabilities. This life being just a passing illusion, with more incarnations to come. With every incarnation, soul being fortified with experiences. And with knowledge and work with him, I can know more of my capabilities, I can revel in those illusions. Every world or era that passes by me, including this, I can revel on it as a King.

Since then, till today, I’m having some confusions climb up in me, that I want to clear up before working with him.

I ask myself,
Is it okay that I’m tapping into this?

A question to the rest,
Are we at the top of the hierarchy, with no so-called God above us? Yes I understand when someone says we are the gods here, but I still want to ask.

Sure I can learn to do wonders with Azazel, but I feel like I want to know about… what is a sin? Is there anything considered a sin, if there is a God higher than us?

I’m not from any religion, but it does make me wonder, also I had an eye on some articles of Book of enoch, whereby Raphael casts Azazel into the desert and binds him and etc. Yes, metaphors here. To me it reminds me of Azazel being in the desert, endless desert, of life? with closed eyes- deeper in himself, unaffected by the illusions of life. Etc, sure we can come up witj different meanings.

But its like, I wish to know maybe the origin of Azazel, not much about who he is, but more about why he is as he is. Was he casted down from so-called heavens, or battled with angels or whatnot.

Like, I want to know the origin of power Im tapping into. I can call it fancy things, like the seed of my soul. But, I want a general info… I guess

Overall, I know people can come and say, its a path that I can choose. But still, I think I’m afraid of, the limitlessness of what I can do? But more so, afraid of the… sin? Forget the Abrahamic meaning of a sin, but in general, like something I should not do, being the reason as if… Azazel story with Raphael and yada yada whatnot

I know I have the choice, to choose anything here. To walk with him, or to rejoice in the knowledge I already possess. With myself, I can be/ even am a king in this incarnation. But what follows after this life, and even more lives, working with Azazel can enlighted me up for those facets.

Thank you for reading, please let me know what you think.

I also want to say, I’d appreciate to receive some comments not related to “I have worked with Azazel and he taught me this and that”, but more of a general sense… like of our true self, or our nature, I guess I would call it

Thanks for reading, good day.

Until now, everything I’ve worked on, it has been an understanding, where I’m making my reality, and I see no inclinations of myself towards the… idk, anybody or any entity.
I’ve worked with, many, be it demons or gatekeepers or the angels of archangels, in my own ways, and maybe even others that I’m not remembering. Worked with the Sephiroths and the Qliphoths, and uninclined to any.
I was inclined towards the Qliphoths and the demons before, during my early development, for it “fascinated” me too, by the thoughts of their “power”.
But now, I’ve come a way where, I can do anything with any Sephira or Qlipha, or any angel or demon, and as I said, uninclined to any.
Like, I have found a realization of myself, and my own space here. Understanding of my own self and how I relate to any of them. And ofc, I dont know it all either.

Hopefully my blabbers are understandable haha


Well that’s quite the heavy hitter question. Depending on people’s views religions upbringings you’re gonna get a wide range of answers. That goes for all your questions.

I’m only gonna give my view on your question ‘are we at the top of the hierarchy?’.

Background to my view: I was brought up Catholic so with the belief in entities and a god a Jesus and a holly spirit thingy that they don’t try and explain and almost never talk about.

So if we have a creator like they teach when you grow up in that belief system…

If we have a creator who breathed an immortal soul into us…

Then we are gods because that soul is immortal undying and everlasting.

Now from that reasoning I am of the opinion we should never kowtow to a supposed creator god because we are his equal since we are immortal too (any difference in power between us and him is simply a matter of experiences. We were born in the 20th or 21st century he was born formed created whatever you wanna call it many many thousands or millions of years before us so he knows a few tricks he can use to try and fool us into ‘worshipping him ending up with us disowning our own divinity).

So yes we are gods our essence call it soul spirit ba or whatever you like is immortal and unkillable spirits and equal to any god so we don’t have to kneel kowtow and obey such a god cuz we ARE just as much god as he is.

Thinking there’s a god above us that we have to obey or else he’ll punish us forever is stupid. In fact it proves such a being is flawed and a fake and that we’d make just as good a god as him. So why fear obey and fawn over something that is just as imperfect as us.

Because he says so? No!

And if he made us and put a god breath spirit in us that is our soul and it exists eternally we are children of said god, heirs of said god and in line for the throne so why should we accept anything or anyone that says I know best you can’t rule you’ve gotten knowledge of good and evil now well in gonna make you mortal make you suffer and put you through dying just to get back at you because you dare to become and be what you are, gods.

I for one reject him if he exists, and intend to be me and not let anyone tell me I can’t. Me human now. Me god when my spirit is free from this flesh body. Because my spirit already is eternal and a god since it’s immortal and undying.

Edit add: and that is the only question of yours I’m going to address (besides if I addressed the rest you’d probably be reading me for weeks to get through it-jk) the floor is now open for other answers and views :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha love the joke

And I understand, thank you for your comment! :slight_smile:

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Mind’s now calmer as I discussed some facts with a friend of mine along.

Also I want to link to this post, that I had already read, but somehow with the conversation I had with so friend, we came to a similar talk-

The most I wanted to know, I guess, was anything bad about Azazel from eyes of an angel, as if I wanted a perspective of that angel, just to collect some facts

[This reply will be edited as i think further

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Well that I can’t tell ya. I haven’t met him yet (if I will who knows :man_shrugging:) and to quote Mae West “I’m no angel”.

Wishing you Good Luck. Hope you get your answers.

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Mae what? Jk, thanks.

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Mae West an old time Hollywood Actress from the 1930s. There’s probably some clips from her movies on YouTube somewhere. Edit add: Lol had me going. Ya Got me :slight_smile:

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IMO It depends on what perspective you are operating from. You may conduct yourself as god, or you may conduct yourself as human, or something inbetween or completely different. Does god have a god or gods? Who are you? There are no firm answers to these questions, it is up to you to decide.

For me “God”, is the wellspring from which all energy originates. In a way, it is like a distant star, something we can see but is ultimately unreachable. And by looking at a star we are gazing deep into the past. God is all of us, we may look upon him and see that, but sight only provides a narrow interpretation of him.

The only sin I believe in is recognizing your potential, and purposefully avoiding that. It might not be an injustice to society, but an injustice and cruelty towards yourself.

I think part of our journey is recognizing the power we hold, but also respecting and understanding the things greater than us. God or not, it only takes one run in with something like a grizzly bear to recognize the limits of your power. Just some food for thought, hope my words are helpful.


I don’t understand how people who have not found answers to these questions for themselves achieve so much success…
And yes, you are not afraid of sin, but of suffering. And the fact that you will suffer is undoubtedly, existence and reason are inseparable from suffering, whatever they may be.

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If I recall correctly Azazel can be found in The Book of Enoch and maybe also other ancient texts. I don’t know too much about the spirit in all honesty.

If what you are concerned about is attracting the wrath of a God-being, I don’t think you need to be worried about that. It sounds like you may get more than you let yourself realize.

Stories passed down about the spirits tend to be allegorical in nature and are meant to convey some sort of meaning, not to be taken too literally. In the stories archangel Michael and Lucifer battle it out, but I’ve summoned both these spirits in my life and there’s no problem. It can help to get in the mindset the myths about a spirit convey, but take it too literally and you end up like those people who walk around scared shitless about offending the spirit of the sidewalk by walking on it. That’s what it’s there for.

I can also say from the limited experience I have that Azazel has been said to be a spirit of warfare. There was a time when I went to someone in administration to report that another in the organization had been egregiously lax in his duties and thereby screwed me over (it was actually one of the luckiest things ever to happen to me, but it could have really fucked over someone else’s entire career). Whether it was organizational corruption or just this person having a petty power trip (I think it was that one), the result of me attempting to clean this stain from an otherwise excellent institution after he tried to sabotage my work out of jealousy was that the administrator tried to take my money.

In the communications and meetings that ensued, she spewed out a massive pile of bullshit meant to make me give in. I cut through entire paragraphs of bullshit with single sentences, bringing it back to the one point she was blatantly avoiding, while also providing full and open records of the previous events I had gone to them to address in the first place, clearly showing his misconduct. I did this every time she (and another administrator or two) spewed more bullshit (I’ve seen some bullshit in my day, and this stuff was among the least substantive, and that is really saying something) at me until they left me alone.

Did I mention that she had also made my girlfriend cry? Subsequently, the few times I walked by this useless, waste of the organization’s money, pathetic paper-pushing powerless pile of bullshit (if she were to step on a scale, I imagine the number would say 0, such is the weight of truth behind the words she says and the weight of consequence of her work) while out on my business, I just smiled.


Sin is defined as anything that turns you away from God. In religious dogma, however, this definition was changed to mean anything that turns you away from what the Church tells you. It is the Church that sets the rules and really defines what it considers to be sin.

Christ’s actual teaching was that the Kingdom of God is within you, which means that he was really telling people to ignore what outside authorities, like the Jewish Elders of the time, were commanding them to do, and instead to listen to their own inner self. Therefore, true sin would be anything that clouds over your ability to connect with your own innate divinity. We already know what is right and wrong, but it is easier to let others decide for us because standing alone against the tide is difficult.

Azazel was a Watcher angel. His assignment, if you will, was to watch over, and guide, humanity in the ways of God. He was the squad leader of a small group of such angels, and like their name suggests, they were forbidden from interfering in humanity’s development. However, apparently being voyeurs made the angels horny, and they began to lust over human women ('cause, you know, all angels were male according to dogma) so they went down to Earth and had an orgy.

Azazel is not a spirit of warfare per se, but a spirit of forbidden knowledge. As an angel, he had access to Divine information, so his greatest sin was in teaching humans things God had decreed we were not yet ready to know. This included the knowledge of weaponry and war, but also sorcery and witchcraft, and things like adornment (the wearing of jewellery and clothing to enhance beauty and attractiveness) and the art of makeup.

For his transgression, Azazel was bound in chains by the archangel Raphael and cast into darkness, until he was eventually freed when other Divine forces decided he could be useful. To quote EA Koetting’s Book of Azazel:

“The tales do not recount how I was set loose upon the earth (“I” being the momentary embodiment of the forbidden) by Enoch (being Ascended souls - men having reached the state of absolute liberation). “Let loose upon the earth” simply means the spiritual Masters saw great use for me, and so the secret, dark, bloody and sexual rites were taught not by the deviant, but by those who presumed earlier to have known better.”


@DarkestKnight I want to request a closing for this topic :slight_smile: As of now, I’ve started with Azazel!.