Awaken astral senses

How long did it take to awaken your astral senses and what methods did you use?


You can’t really set a timeline for that kind of thing because it is completely individual. You might as well ask someone how long it took them to learn to walk or to read.

For some, it is a natural thing that has been active since forever, and for others it takes them years of energy work with the chakras and mantras, and what have you before they get a whisper.

Personally, I fall into both camps. I was wide open in childhood but somewhere around year ten my Higher Self threw up a shield that pretty much cut me off from everything so I have had to slowly relearn.


Hmm same as Darkestknight, when i wanted to open my clairvoyance again it took like almost 1 year of dedicated meditation and cleansing to see a fraction of the spirits around me


Do I necessarily need to do this to create good spell work?

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No, you don’t. It happens naturally the more magick you do. Energy work helps as well, but you don’t have to do anything specific to open the senses except maybe for daily meditation as the mind is a tumult of activity and the subtle spiritual reality can get lost if you don’t learn to settle it.


Oh i forgot to say what my methods were. I did all kinds of third eye guided meditations from youtube everyday. I did sungazing. When i went to bed i put a crystal on my third eye area and “breathed” in energy into my third eye. Idk if crystals really do what some people say, but it helped me. Maybe u can just put something on ur third eye doesent matter what it is, to feel weight there - making it easy to focus on that single spot, be aware of only that spot and the energy being breathed in. I also cleansed my body with heavy metal detox - anything i could get my hands on. Ended up that i could feel heavily my third eye pressures after 5 seconds of focus anywhere anytime. But… since i only focused on third eye chakra i got imbalances within me and i would reccomend working on ur other chakras aswell

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I forgot to say what I’ve done to relearn as well.

I do chakra work, using an exercise from EA’s book Questing After Visions. I do sense meditations, where you try to extend the 5 senses beyond their usual range. I have also asked spirits to help open my senses, like Paralda, the Elemental King of Air.

I have also used the angelic language mantra @Micah posted here:

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To awaken them or fine tune them? There’s a huge difference…

Something similar to @DarkestKnight happened to me too, my senses were wide open since forever till I turn them off around 21-22.
My senses are not fine tuned yet, but these are the exact steps that re-opened my Ajna:

  1. Obviously, have the intention…
  2. Learn how to reach TGS properly
  3. While in TGS move to the Crossroads
  4. Evoke (for me it was Bael)
  5. Enjoy your freaking headache for the next couple days…!!!

where can I find recorded incantation for Micah mantra, because I really have prouncation problem. I need perfect guide to go through this.

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There isn’t one.

Just pronounce it phonetically.

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I’ll take it to one of my great sister, she knows how to read perfectly

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