Autism & mercury (the chemical)

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Vaccines do not cause autism


I would ask you then to explain why the Amish, who have an exemption; don’t get vaccinated have almost no instances of autism. It is definitely from the vaccinations.
There is also the issue of giving multiple vax to an infant, which has been proven scientifically to cause some autism.
Since the CDC has exponentially increased the amount of vax given in 1990’s autism has skyrocketed.

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That’s simple. Part of your information is wrong. A number of Amish actually do vaccinate their kids. And there are Amish people with autism.

But let’s say for a second that the information you provided was correct. The Amish lifestyle is a polar opposite from the rest of the world. And as such there are plenty of differences between that culture and another. So even if what you were saying was indeed correct it would be intellectually disingenuous to just point to vaccines as though they are the only difference.

But lets take this further. Correlation doesnt equal causation. Shark attacks and ice cream sales are positively correlated but that’s because they’re connected by a third-party variable, namely summer weather. So not only would one have to prove a correlation, they would also have to go back and then prove that said correlation was causal.

You say it’s been proven to cause autism, and if I’m wrong I will gladly accept it so please post the research that you are referring to. I’ll gladly change my view point if it’s reliable research.

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It has nothing to do with vaccines nor chemicals nor poisons. He means the planet.


I will find the European source for this because I will never believe research from a pharmaceutical company; i dont care what institution it comes from. Its a billion dollar cartel.



I’m asking if there are any astrological correlations between autism and the planet mercury.

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Lol, updated the title so new commenters, who don’t always read all the comments, don’t add to the wrong-end-of-the-stick clutter.

Since Mercury rules communication and information, and Autists receive information in a way that’s different than normies and have unique capabilities to manage information differently, I’d be surprised if Mercury didn’t have a strong influence there.

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Not for nothing, mercury is a notoriously strong and well known neurotoxin, so strong that it’s been banned for use in school chemistry classes where exposure is minimal. (When I was a kid, we could all go up and poke the mercury sample for fun and science, the whole class is still fine. That’s not allowed anymore.)

Now, Autism is a neurological condition.
So to imply that the correlation between mercury injected into the bodies of babies who’s brains are still developing, and the subsequent development of brain conditions in those babies is dissmissable because ‘Correlation doesn’t equal causation’ is a very poor science.

To compare it to the statistics on ice cream consumption and shark attacks is obfuscation and frankly disingenuous to the point of being gas-lighting. The reasons for that correlation is obvious and easily understood. It does not follow that a + b =/= c therefore d + e =/= f.

The question re ‘does injecting neurotoxins into babies cause developmental brain issues?’ is a highly reasonable one and has not been adequately answered to date, for equally obvious reasons.
Science answers questions by objective experimentation, unequivocally - it doesn’t avoid answering inconvenient questions because of defensive of wishy-washy hand waving ‘ooh, it’s probably some other reason and not really related’.
This question will probably not be researched now that mercury has been removed from vaccines (wonder why if there was “no real issue”!? ) so the unintentional population-level experiment is not longer in progress.


Go for it

I haven’t found any objective evidence that indicates that there is any form of statistically significant correlation between Autism and vaccines. Like I said if someone wants to post some that’d be awesome but I’ve never stumbled across anything other than people using that retracted Wakefield study.

I’m honestly not sure where you get that idea on correlations. Maybe it seems like common sense to you that one causes the other but that doesn’t make it an objective scientific fact. I was simply stating multiple different reasons his argument didnt work. I stand by my example of shark attacks and ice cream because my goal there was simply to explain that there are different types of correlation. I use the principle of parsimony to explain things. That’s just how I am.

Most vaccines for babies don’t have mercury in them at all. Even though children on average have a lot more vaccines and boosters today, they were actually getting more of the Mercury in the shots in the 90s. If Mercury is what’s causing it then why is autism on the rise? You would expect it to at minimum stay the same, if not decrease.

If it comes out 1 day that vaccines do indeed cause autism I will be the first person to jump up and personally apologize to every person that I told before that they weren’t dangerous. The last thing I would want to do is hurt a child or alter their development. But that being said, I just don’t see it as of now

My bet is on ultrasound scans, which correlate with parents who have highly medicalised pregnancies, births, and doctor-compliant child-rearing, and which are known to disrupt cellular tissue. I think that vaccines may play a role in aggravating a destructive immune response, we KNOW over-vaccinating animals causes this, and why should human babies be any different?

Cellular disruption via ultrasound + immune response from aggressive vax regimen could combine to create the sudden onset of autistic behaviours and loss of development parents often notice after a baby gets the shots.

I am not against all vax, some are worth the gamble, but as with yearly “boosters” for dogs (and the even sicker “vaccine amnesty” vets offer whereby they begin again as though with a puppy, giving the entire schedule of strong vax to a dog by playing on the owners’ guilt) they seem to be over-used, heavily asssociated with being “moral” and “logical” in a manner designed to compel an emotional response of unquestioning compliance, and the risks not factored in for the individual baby (and pets) in question.

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That’s a really genius idea and I’d love to see study done on that. I will take your point into consideration but I’m going to honestly say that I don’t know enough about the effects of them with animals to make any form of intelligent statement as a response.

I wondered if cellular disruption didn’t have something to do with it, simply because that’s another difference between the Amish and non-amish culture difference I was talking about earlier. It was one of those grain of salt thoughts because even though it was a difference between the cultures and all, I still didn’t have any idea how it would play in.

I think some vaccines are way more useful than others. For example, I definitely don’t get the flu shot anymore, I have no idea how but I would wind up getting sick every time. I would even try telling myself I wasnt going to get sick, declaring it with authority out loud even… And yet I still felt like s*** for the next two to three days after I get it. After that I’m completely fine, but I know I’m still probably going to get the flu anyway because I work in a nursing home and the shot doesn’t protect against all strains.

My mom gets my cat vaccinated for HIV and I have absolutely no idea why. Adopted him as a kitten and he was neutered then. He’s an inside cat. He literally has never even tried to go outside the door. He will sit in front of it and stare outside but he will never try to go out. So it’s not f****** other cats and there’s not a genetic thing. I really kind of just thought my mom was being particular after we lost our last cat. I didn’t really think that this was a widespread thing but then again I haven’t had to go to the vet that much.

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Btw, we may not know if there’s autistic people among the Amish, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. They don’t believe in science, and therefore autism.

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Quick bits of info:

Vaccine associated sarcoma
Inflammation in the subcutis following vaccination is considered to be a risk factor in the development of VAS, and vaccines containing aluminum were found to produce more inflammation.[7] Furthermore, particles of aluminum adjuvant have been discovered in tumor macrophages.[8] In addition, individual genetic characteristics can also contribute to these injection-site sarcomas.[9] The incidence of VAS is between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000 vaccinated cats and has been found to be dose-dependent.[1] The time from vaccination to tumor formation varies from three months to eleven years.[10] Fibrosarcoma is the most common VAS; other types include rhabdomyosarcoma, myxosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma, and undifferentiated sarcoma.[11]

The wikipedia page takes the least-challenging line and presents the situation as though concerned companies and vets rushed to ID the problem, in reality the experience of pet owners seeking answers was very different and the usual obstruction, denial, and in one case (I can no longer find the forum link) “accidental” cremation of a deceased pet whose owner was about to order tests in order to challenge the veterinary chain who had mandated annual vax in order to remain registered with them.

Vaccines intentionally stimulate inflammation:

Killed virus does not stimulate the immune system as well as modified live virus but there are exceptions to this rule. To facilitate immune stimulation with a killed virus, a substance called an adjuvant is often used. This material holds the virus in the area of the vaccination for a couple of weeks so it can be released slowly, allowing immune stimulation to take place over a longer time period. This kind of stimulation can lead to local inflammation in the area of vaccination and one theory is that this inflammation is what leads to precancerous changes in the local cells. Indeed, some fibrosarcomas have been found to have vaccine adjuvant embedded within them.

Not just in pet vax:

The majority of human vaccines are administered into the muscle. In this brief review, we focus on the initial innate immune events that occur locally at the site of intramuscular vaccine delivery, and how they are influenced by clinically approved vaccine adjuvants. In particular, the effects on cell mobilization, cell activation and vaccine antigen uptake are reviewed. Understanding how distinct adjuvants enhance and tailor vaccine responses would facilitate the selection of the best-suited adjuvant to improve vaccine efficacy to a given pathogen.

I no longer have the midwifery links about ultrasounds but basically they cause something know as cavitation, which effect is used therapeutically in treating some sports injuries but also shows a direct effect on cells.

Add on an intentional barrage of inflammation from the increasing regimen of vax and you have two unrelated things coming together, but which so far have only been studied in isolation.

Show your mum some of these links maybe? There’s a wealth of info online about VAS in cats now, once the dam broke it went pretty comprehensively, thank goodness.

More from that 2nd link showing what a crapshoot it is:

Adjuvants are different between manufacturers and a particular brand of vaccine has not been singled out as the culprit. Any adjuvant can create the necessary stimulation. The critical aspects of tumor development appear to be a chronic, low grade inflammatory process (as might be caused by an adjuvanted vaccine) and a genetic predisposition to form tumors in response to such inflammation. If a cat’s genetics are right for it, the offending injection need not be a vaccination; other injectable products may generate enough inflammation to generate a sarcoma though certainly no injectable medication generates a comparable amount of inflammation to an adjuvanted vaccine.

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There actually are Amish children with autism it’s just an extremely low number. I think one of the articles I read said the number was about 1 in 15000

I will most definitely be showing some of this to my mother. Thank you for quite possibly keeping my cat from getting sick. It’s kind of makes me wonder about my last cat though. He was vaccinated regularly as well for everything that the vet suggested. I know HIV for that one as well plus a few others. He was having stomach problems for a while and we didn’t know why we kept putting him on more sensitive food after Consulting with the vet multiple times. We even had a prescription type cat food for his needs but nothing seemed to help. Well he had to get one of his teeth pulled one day. Granted he’s about 11 human years old by now. Well they pull the tooth out and the bleeding wouldn’t stop for a while. They gave him a transfusion. The vet actually used his own cat to give my cat transfusions three or four times over the next 12 hours before it didn’t work anymore. I hate that she did it because it kind of left things open… But she got the autopsy done after the cat passed instead of just bringing him home first. Turns out he had had lymphoma the entire time and none of us knew.

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That must have been a nightmare, I am so sorry. :heart_decoration:

I did a more general posts about using magick for pets here: Dogs and energies

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