Astrologer; Don't know where to start. do's and dont's.. need guidelines

Hi I’m Abdullah I have been dealing with both Western and Indian astrology for about 10 years now. as well as Occult topics matters me a lot. I found this place. never dealt with magic before.Should have been aware of how do astrology and magic cooperate each other?
like Which spirit can I work with? according to my natal chart. if it’s highly recommended to work with charts?

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Hi there, first, please follow this imp:


After doing an intro, check in this document: Enormous List Of Demons

Use “search” within that PDF, and look for terms like:

  • natural sciences
  • astrology
  • stars
  • skies
  • heavens

… to find demons and other beings which may assist you. :+1:

But please do that intro first ! :smiley: