Astral Children

I’ve already used the search button to read up on older post but couldn’t find anything that could really answer my question.

I know in many shamanic cultures astral children just happen. Eventually the shaman will start seeing them in visions or dreams and will feel the spirits near them.

But I also know magicians can conciously create astral children with their spirit partners. My question is what is that process like? How do you go about it? And what benefits does having astral children have for the magician? How does it change the practice?

I’m asking because I keep having a series of dreams where my spirit partner is demanding children.

I look at everything through multiple angles. I’ve already interpreted the dreams in a way that makes psychological sense usually that’s enough to get a repetitive dream to stop repeating itself.

But not this time

He’s getting angrier as though there’s some action on my part that I’m missing but he’s not explaining it or talking me through it. He’s just being emotional about it

Even if I have yet to interpret the dreams correctly and thats why they are still going. I’m thinking a tangible ritual might still be able to help me get to the bottom of it


This is something which I am also interested in, because slowly I’m about to have one from Sitri who asked for it long weeks ago, but I don’t know too much about it, just small informations what probably you know, too.

To have a Spirit Child (how I know) you have to sex with your Partner and before that act both of you have to agree that at this time you’ll be pregnant/he’ll make you pregnant - so it is simple, both of you have to be ready.

If you or your partner doesn’t give a permission, it won’t work, and you or he can’t have spirit child.

What I’ve heard before is that the pregnancy period can be very different long. Some people claimed it was one week, and some of them claimed it was way longer.


@Lady_Eva has threads about that.


Thank you Prophet! I didn’t see these in my last search so I really appreciate you linking these! I’m going to start reading through them asap. I saw some of c. kendall’s post and while interesting didn’t really give me a how to idea that tells me what I need to do. I’m sure my experience however far I choose to go in it will be different but I’m trying to do the detective work to figure out what’s missing what is it I’m supposed to be doing? So once again thank you these look like they should help


I personally wouldn’t stay in a relationship with anyone (living or spirit) who wanted to make you have children, but that’s just me.

I have one with one of my spirit partners… we named him Samsael and call him “Sammy” for short. He lives in astral hell and gets protected by several of my patron demons. (Lilith, Bael, Gremory, just to name a few.) One of my former servitors is also there, apparently, on account of going rogue and not wanting to “work” for me anymore.

As far as the “process,” he and I were just doing sex magick and found out on accident that we had conceived while we were investigating a possible pregnancy of someone else. I felt absolutely nothing, which I find odd, but then again on the astral I’m usually in my other form, a sleep-paralysis demonness named Chordeva.

It’s nice to know that I can have astral children despite being “spayed” in real life.


I understand your concern and I would certainly give the same advice to someone else but he’s not forcing me. He just gets emotional. When he’s emotional he can get dark but I geniunely love all of him including his dark side and I’m certainly not jumping into it rewarding him for bad behaviour. Actually he’s been on good behavior he’s just making it clear this is something he wants so I feel the need to take his request seriously do research and figure out if this is something I want and am willing to do as well. Figure out what I’m getting into and IF I want it.

Thank you for sharing your experience. All different angles I can look at this is very helpful. I’m glad you and your spirit family are happy and it’s worked out well for you


I’ve had a few entity children that roam the etheric and what not by means of sexual acts in projection. I’ve carried the children in most cases (my physical anatomy didn’t limit this) idk the benefits given they were conceived by intimate means rather than anything else. So my benefit was being a parent I would say.


What happens if you get a girl pregnant and she has a miscarriage or an abortion? Does that mean the two still have an “astral child” together?

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In real life or the astral?

Real life

Unless the baby was also conceived astrally, then no I don’t think so.

Even though my experience had some terrifying moments, best thing I ever did as far as magick goes, fwiw. :heart:

And a gateway to so much more afterwards, having been linked by blood.



Thank you for sharing so much once again. After reading your posts I decided a good way to proceed from here was some divination and go from there. I don’t know if I can do what you did. That is some intense stuff. But I’m not taking it lightly and just trying to figure out what I am comfortable with. I also understand how it could have been both terrifying and rewarding. I can relate to that a lot actually. So again thank you for sharing so much of your personal experience with us.